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  2. The following user laughed at Optimus Prime's post:

    Shades (09-06-2017)

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    Also, I can be skipped this round. Not much for Jake to do while the ladies night finishes up.

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    All right, I figured Karen didn't know J very well. Or she'd totally realize from any picture Abby shared with her that J and Jake were the same person.

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    That sounds good to me. The longer it takes for them to figure out that J and Jake are the same person, the better.

    You know, for his health.

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    For his life expectancy, you mean.

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    Don't worry, Angie can donate his body to science, or something like that...

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    Lol, Abby will gladly help with that.

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    They can use the profits for a shopping spree lol

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    That sounds like a grand plan. The least they could do after all Jake has put them through.

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