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    Post's up!
    If everyone agrees, I think we can have a time skip, maybe to the ladies' next meeting? I'm open to suggestions!

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    Time skip sounds good. Did we want to assume that Abby and Angie kept in touch? Perhaps, another girl's night or should we should just go right for them supposed to be meeting at the game?

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    I'd think they would, and at least one or two nights out would be nice, to solidify their friendship.

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    Time skip sounds good to me. Jake is skipping the first meeting.

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    Why should he? What could go wrong? Oh, wait...

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    "Sorry, Abby, my mom needs me."

    "Sorry, Angie, I gotta work late."

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    He can't hide forever.

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    He's going to try. And try, and try, and ultimately fail.

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    I feel so ​bad for him.

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