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Thread: The Affair

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    The Affair

    The Affair

    Jake Turner

    'I love my wife. I love my wife.'

    Jacob 'Jake' Turner said to himself in the mirror as he got ready. He did love his wife but...Apparently that love wasn't strong enough for him anymore. He was doing something he never thought he would do. Something he had sworn he would never do on his wedding day. But he was, he couldn't help himself. There was a spark with her...Something he hadn't felt from Angie in a long time. Probably not since their daughter was born. He grabbed his phone and texted his wife:

    'Hey, I have a late meeting. Not sure when I'll be home. It's ok if you don't wait up. Tell Sally to be good.'

    Who was he kidding? Sally was always good. She was a great kid, because she had a great mother. A mother he was going to-Jake shook his head. If he thought too long, his guilt would eat him up.

    'Love you.'

    He finished and sent the text. He pocketed his phone and left the restroom of his new office. The office that she had helped him pick out. The woman he was going to meet. The office still smelled like a coat of fresh paint. The office....that was how it all began.

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    Abby Walters

    Abigail 'Abby' Walters was so excited. She hadn't been on an actual date in years. Not since she and her ex husband, Derek, had gotten divorced. Derek had been her first boyfriend, first love, her first everything. They had dated in high school and had created one amazing son. While Derek was still a great dad, he just hadn't been a great husband. He had cheated on her and Abby didn't like cheaters.

    Derek had hurt her bad and ruined her trust. It was hard for her to give anyone a chance because she always second guessed their motives. She didn't mean to like that but it was hard. Friends had tried to set her up with people but Abby didn't really give any of the guys a chance. She wasn't one for blind dating and what Derek had done also felt too fresh.

    Instead, she had focused her energy into being a great mother to her son, Nicholas, and being great at her job. She loved her job. It was rewarding and it through her job she met him. The first person in a long time she actually wanted to get to know better. Someone she thought she could trust.

    Not that she was ready to totally let him in her life. No, not yet. Nicky was with his dad and Abby was excited to have a date. The first real one she had went on since high school.
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    Jake Turner

    It was their first date and they agreed to meet at the restaurant. That way if things didn't go well, they could just go their separate ways with no awkwardness. Plus, it wasn't like Jake could just have Abby come to his house. Not with Angie and Sally there. She had no idea he was married. Jake didn't wear a wedding ring. Not because he constantly cheated on his wife, this was the first time he had every done this, but because he had allergies and rings caused his fingers to break out in rashes.

    He tried not to think of the fact that he was going to meet Abby at a restaurant his wife had given a good review to. Angie was a blogger and she had ranked this place pretty high on one of her girls' night outs. Jake had never went there himself, but he thought it would be nice to try. Especially since no one would recognize him here.

    Jake walked inside and was seated at a table. He drank a glass of water as he waited for Abby to come. A part of him wanted her to come and another part, the one feeling shitty for even thinking of cheating on his wife, was hoping she wouldn't be here. As he waited for Abby, Jake thought back on how they met.
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    Abby Walters

    Abby had agreed that meeting at the restaurant was best. She had to drop off Nicky at Derek's house before she left anyway. It was Derek's night with him. Besides, she didn't want her son meeting Jake in case things didn't work out. Just because they got along really well when she was helping him find a new office, didn't mean they would now. She'd rather no one met her son unless she thought things might be serious.

    "Have fun with your friend, Mom."

    Nicky told her when they arrived at Derek's house. He having no idea that his mom was going on a date. The first real date she had went on in years. Abby didn't tell him. She didn't want to get ahead of herself. She'd just take it slow and see what happened. Abby gave Nicholas a hug and said.

    "Thanks, baby. You have fun with your dad."

    "We always do, right, kid?"

    Derek said, messing up their son's hair. Nicky nodded his head. Abby smiled. Derek had been a bad husband but he was a great father to their son.

    "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

    She told them and got back into her car. She had never been to the restaurant Jake had suggested but heard things about it. She hoped tonight would be a good night. Maybe the start of something very good for them both. She had been lonely for a long time and he said he had been too.
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    Jake Turner

    It was Daniel Webster's fault he had met Abby. After all, Daniel Webster was the real estate agent he was supposed to meet that day. Jake's accounting firm needed a bigger office. They were expanding, which was a good thing, except they needed a bigger office space to do it. Daniel was supposed to be showing him different options. But Daniel had apparently ate some bad tacos and had terrible food poisoning....

    'I'm sorry, Mister Turner, but Daniel is going to be out all week.'

    The receptionist told him. Which did make Jake a little upset. And he felt like an ass for being upset. After all, people couldn't help getting sick. It happened. It was just that he was very busy man. His accounting firm was very demanding, especially this time of year, and he had a family. He didn't have a lot of free time. He had specifically rearranged things to get time off today. Time he wouldn't have for another two weeks. They couldn't wait that long.

    Jake sighed at the lady.

    'I know and it's not your fault. It's just I don't have a lot of free time. Especially to look at offices. Is there anyone else available that could show me the properties?'

    Jake asked, trying to sound friendly. The woman replied as she looked through a planner in front of her.

    'Well....let me see if Abby Walters has some time.'

    'Thank you.'

    Jake replied as the woman got on the phone and he took a seat.
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    Abby Walters

    It was indeed Daniel Webster's fault that Abby and Jake even knew each other existed. If he hadn't had those bad tacos that day, he would have taken Jake to see different offices spaces that were available, instead of her. However, she was certainly glad that Daniel had gotten sick. It had been a long time since any guy had made her feel the way that Jake did....

    It had been a pretty quiet day for Abby when the receptionist called her. Once Abby was explained the situation, she had agreed to take Jake to see the properties that were available in town that might suit his growing business' needs. Daniel was good at his job and had a list of places he thought might interest Jake in his office. Abby grabbed that folder and went into the lobby to greet Jake.

    'Hi, Mister Turner, I'm Abby. I'd be more then happy to show you some offices that Daniel thinks might work out well for you.'

    The first thing she had noticed about Jake was that he was very good looking. But that was just a natural reaction. Most people noticed if someone they were meeting, especially for the first time, was good looking. She was a professional and she wouldn't let that get in the way of doing her job, though.

    'Would you like to take your car or mine?'

    Sometimes clients preferred to drive themselves and Abby always let them make the choice.
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    Jake Turner

    Jake had debated giving Daniel Webster a gift card for being sick. If the man had not been sick, he never would have met Abby. However, he decided against doing that. After all, he was a married man and it seemed in bad taste to give someone a gift for introducing him to his mistress. Mistress....That's what Abby was to him. Although she didn't know that. She thought she was his one and only. Just like Angie did...

    Jake took a sip of his drink as he waited for Abby to arrive. He didn't want to think about Angie right now. If he did, then he'd feel like a real asshole. After all, his wife trusted him. And here he was, meeting another woman.

    Jake had been happy when the receptionist got a hold of Abby and she agreed to show him the properties. He was glad that he hadn't wasted his day after all. Jake was taken a little aback at how pretty Abby was. But he was married and pushed that thought to be the back of his mind. At least, he had tried to. It didn't end up working.

    'It's nice to meet you, Abby. And please, call me, Jake. All my friends do.'

    Jake told her with a smile and shook her hand. When she asked which car they should take, he replied.

    'Let's take yours.'

    And he left with Abby to check out the office properties.

    It had been a decision that had changed his life forever. Not since he had met his wife, did Jake ever feel like he just clicked with someone. But he and Abby did click. Exploring the office properties had been fun. Too much fun, actually. He felt like he had always known Abby after just talking with her a few hours. He had wanted to know everything about her. Although, when she asked about him, he lied.

    Jake was married but he never wore a wedding ring. He had a metal allergy. He couldn't wear any type of jewelry very long without breaking out in a rash. If he hadn't had such a phobia of needles, he might have gotten a tattoo for a wedding band. But Jake was the type of man who winced seeing his daughter get shots at the doctor's office, he certainly could not sit through a tattoo.

    While Abby had been totally honest about herself, he hadn't been. He never mentioned Angie or Sally to her. Even as she told him about her son and her ex. He was living a lie with the two women in his life and Jake wasn't sure how to get out of the mess he had created for himself. Or if he even wanted to.
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    Abby Walters

    If things got pretty serious between them, Abby would definitely send Daniel a gift. He was the reason they had ever met. And she was quite happy about it. Although, she wouldn't be as happy about their relationship if she knew the truth. Abby didn't like cheaters. Her ex husband, Derek, had cheated on her. If she knew she was the 'other woman' in someone's marriage...Oh, it'd make her see red. But she didn't know. While she had been entirely truthful to Jake about her life, he didn't return the favor. She just didn't know that yet.

    Abby returned Jake's smile and nodded her head.

    'Okay, Jake.'

    She told him and took him out to see the properties.

    That had been the first day they met, but it hadn't been the last. Abby felt like she had always known Jake. It was so easy to talk to him. To fall for him...He seemed like everything she had been looking for. Hadn't realized she had been looking for.

    What she had with Jake, was different then what she and Derek shared. She and Derek would always have a bond. He was her first boyfriend, her first love. The father of her only child. That couldn't be erased. But sometimes Abby wondered if she and Derek would have gotten married even if Nicky didn't exist. She didn't think so. They had dated in school and she had gotten pregnant. Derek had done the 'right thing' and married her. Maybe if Nicholas hadn't come when he had, they would have just went their separate ways eventually.

    Well, it didn't matter. Even if she knew then what she knew now, she'd still do it all over again. Derek had broken her heart but he had given her the best thing in her life. Her son. She wouldn't trade Nicholas for anything. But, maybe, she had time in her life now for more then just her son. It would be nice to share her life with someone again.

    Not that she thought she and Jake were going to go off and get married tomorrow. It was far too soon for that. She had just helped him find the perfect new office. Their business relationship had ended once he signed the new deed. However, a personal one might now begin. This was their first date. Hopefully one of many more to come.

    Abby walked into the restaurant and the hostess took her to where Jake was sitting. He looked very handsome. Abby smiled to him as she took a seat.

    "Hi, I hope I didn't keep you waiting long."
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    Jake Turner

    A part of Jake hoped that Abby was going to stand him up. If she did that, then he could just go home to his wife. Pretend this never happened. Although, he didn't see her doing it. Even before the hostess brought her to his table. She was too honest for that. If she told someone she was going to do something, Abby did it. It was one of things he liked about her.

    Just like he liked her smile. Jake got up and pulled out her chair, like a gentleman.

    "Not long."

    Jake replied with a smile of his own as he retook his seat.

    "You look very pretty tonight."

    She truly did. Her beauty was distracting him from feeling guilty about what he was doing to Angie. Angie, who thought he was having dinner with his business partner to go over their business expansion plans.
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    Abby Walters

    "I'm glad and thank you."

    Abby replied to Jake, still smiling. Thanking him for pulling out her chair. It was such a simple act, but very sweet. She was also glad she hadn't kept him waiting long. She would have been there sooner, but she had hit just about every red light on the way here.

    "And you don't look too bad yourself."

    She said with a wink when he complimented her. Actually, she thought he lookeed very good. Dinner was wonderful. Good food, with good service. Of course, she had very good company. Abby was sure she would have still enjoyed tonight even if the food had been cold and the service had been terrible. She'd probably enjoy being caught in a rainstorm as long as she had Jake with her.

    After dinner, they decided to go exploring some little artists shops that were on the same strip. Everything was in walking distance from where they had parked their cars and it was a nice night to go for a walk. In one shop, she found a framed artwork of her and her son's favorite football team. She picked it up.

    "This would look great in the living room."

    She said to Jake. Already thinking where she'd hang it and the price was pretty reasonable for it too.
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