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    Marissa Sanders

    Although she did feel like failure for what happened, Marissa had to admit it was nice to be home and to be surrounded by family. Soon, she and Justin would get things back on track. What happened was just a small bump in the road. Marissa shifted Ross in her arms, so he could sleep comfortably against her shoulder. She smiled at her grandfather.

    "I got it trimmed a little."

    She replied and hoped her sister was doing okay. She hadn't gotten to see Maggie as much as she wanted lately. Both had been so busy with their families. She smiled when Randal showed off his Pooh bear and followed everyone inside. She nodded her head in agreement at what Justin said. She was sure as well that the rooms would be fine.

    "I should take Ross upstairs so he can sleep."

    He was tired and it was his nap time. She didn't need to showed where the rooms would be and headed up stairs.

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    Jonah Allerton & Margareth Allerton Blake

    Margareth sighed and went into the room she was sharing with her son Nick. The room she had shared with Keith and Nick just the previous Christmas. Feeling her throat hurt as it did every time she was about to cry, Maggie took a deep breath. She needed to keep herself together now. Nick needed a strong mother to get through this. Taking a deep breath, Margareth set her son down to take a nap. Good thing he wasn't having trouble sleeping, at least. It would probably drive her up the wall if he had.

    Sitting on the bed, Margareth hummed softly to her son, watching him until he fell asleep.

    Downstairs, Jonah smiled and nodded when Justin said Marissa always looked great. "You have a point", the man replied. "We have nothing but pretty ladies in this family", he completed, trying to cheer everyone up. When Randal said hi for the stuffed bear, Jonah smiled. "Well, hello right back at you, Pooh", the man replied, using his free hand to give the toy a handshake. It was clear Jonah loved interacting with the children in the family.

    Once inside, Jonah noticed the twins. "Everything all right, girls?", the man asked, concerned that the girls might need something they hadn't found.

    Back upstairs, Margareth had finally gotten Nick to sleep, and was just stepping outside the room when she saw her sister and nephew. With a huge sigh of relief, she walked up to Marissa and gave her a half hug, whispering so she wouldn't disturb the little boy. "Oh, my God, Mari, it's so good to see you", she murmured, giving her sister a kiss on the cheek before stepping back. "Welcome home, dear. Do you need any help with the boys?", she finally asked, trying to shift her mind away from her own problems.

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    Ivy and Michaela Allerton

    "Yeah, we're fine," Ivy said. "We just wanted to come see everybody. It's been awhile."

    The Allertons had always been a close family, but between Pete's work and the girls' school, the lack of money the three of them had been experiencing for awhile, and Pete's struggles with his addiction, it hadn't been possible to visit anyone on a very regular basis. In a sense, they were making up for lost time - getting to know the people they were going to be living with for the near future. They just wished it was going to be under better circumstances. It would be a lot easier moving here, Ivy thought, if their dad was with them too.

    "We can help carry their stuff in," Michaela suggested. It would give them something to do, and ease the awkwardness of reconnecting. "And um... when you get a second... there was something I wanted to ask you."
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    Marissa Sanders

    Marissa smiled when she saw her sister. She loved her sister very much, although they hadn't seen each other as much once they had got married and started families of their own. What terrible year it had been for both of them. Although, Marissa was lucky, she still had Justin. She realized with all her financial problems going on, she hadn't been there was much as Margareth needed her after Keith's death. She was a terrible sister, she thought. Worried about a stupid house and money when her sister lost her husband.

    "Hey, sis."

    Marissa said, adjusting Ross so she could give her sister a hug but not crush her son in the process. Or wake him up. He could be quite grumpy when he didn't get enough sleep.

    "You mind getting the door for me?"

    Marissa asked Maggie quietly, it was a little hard to open it with Ross sleeping.

    "Is Nicky sleeping?"

    Marissa asked, noticing her nephew not with Maggie.

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    Justin Sanders

    "That we do."

    Justin said with a smile to Jonah. Although to him, the prettiest girl in the Allerton family was his wife. Randal headed inside, happily carrying his Pooh bear. He was pretty excited about the new living situation. Getting to see lots of family members sounded fun to him and Grandpa's house was much bigger then the motel he and his parents had been staying in. When the little boy say Ivy and Michaela. he said.

    "Hi! This is Pooh."

    Randal was very attached to his stuff bear and wanted to make sure everyone greeted Pooh as well. Justin smiled at the twins and said.

    "It's good to see you again, girls. You can help me carry the bags up, but you don't have to."

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    Jonah Allerton & Margareth Allerton Blake

    Jonah nodded when Ivy said the girls were fine. He was concerned about them, and hoped they would adapt easily to the new home. Hopefully, it would be a matter of time and patience on everyone's part. And they would be home soon, as soon as their father got released. And Jonah planned on talking to the boy and helping him get his life on track.

    "Thanks, dear", Jonah replied to Michaela when she offered to help carry the bags inside. When the girl said she wanted to ask him something, the man nodded. "Sure, kid. As soon as we get everyone settled, I'll be down in the living room fixing a window, but we can talk while I do it", the man replied, ruffling the girl's hair in his usual loving manner. "Deal?".

    Turning back to Justin, Jonah smiled when he agreed that they had pretty ladies in the family. "You should know, you got one of them for yourself", he joked before going inside with everyone.

    Upstairs, Maggie immediately nodded when Marissa asked her to get the door.

    "Not at all", she replied equally quietly, opening the door and allowing her sister to step in. She then nodded when Marissa asked if Nicky was sleeping. "Yes, I just set him down for a nap. He's finally going back to his normal sleeping schedule now. Right when... you know, it all happened, it was so hard to get him to sleep".

    Maggie pressed her lips together, trying not to cry. "Sorry, dear. How are you all coping?", she asked, still speaking quietly.

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    Ivy and Michaela Allerton

    Michaela and Ivy both greeted Pooh with a smile. It was hard not to be caught up in a small child's enthusiasm, and just for a moment to forget your own worries.

    "Sure!" Michaela said when Justin asked if the twins would help carry the bags. She maybe sounded too eager to take on such a menial task, but the truth was that both girls still felt like fish out of water here. It would be a lot easier to have something to do - clear, physical work like carrying luggage - rather than just standing awkwardly and trying to figure out what to talk about.

    "Hey um... we were sorry to hear about what happened to you guys," Ivy told him quietly. "We know what it's like, being down on your luck. Not having any money stinks. I hope things get better for you here. And for us, too."

    It was hard to imagine how things could get better with their dad locked up in jail, but they could at least wish.

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    Marissa Sanders


    Marissa replied quietly to her sister and followed her into the room. She set Ross down on the bed, he barely noticed. He turned over on his side and went back to sleep. Marissa nodded about what Maggie said about her son.

    "That's good...."

    Marissa was talking quietly to not wake up her son. Of course, it would be hard for her nephew to sleep, he surely missed his daddy.

    "Oh, Maggie...Come here."

    Marissa offering a hug to her sister. It broke her heart that her Magareth looked like she was going to cry.

    "We're okay...I don't think Randal understands we can't go back to the house...He just thinks that we're staying here for a long visit. Which he's excited about. He loves visiting Grandpa."

    Randal adored Jonah, which made the move a little easier. Ross didn't understand at all what happened but Randal also thought they were just going to be visiting family for a long time. She truly didn't think he understood that they couldn't go back to their own house. Marissa sighed.

    "And Justin....he....He thinks it's his fault for what happened and...I'm sorry. My problems aren't as important."

    Marissa truly believed her own issues weren't as big as her sister's. Yes, she was in financial hell but she still had her husband. Her sister was now a widow.

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    Justin Sanders

    Justin smiled at Jonah.

    "That I do."

    He thought Marissa was the most beautiful girl in the world. He just wished he could have provided her and their sons a better life. The life he had promised her he would. Now they were back to square one. Actually, no, it was worse. After all, he now he had a whole bunch of debt to pay off too. He looked at the twins with a smile.

    "Thanks, girls."

    Justin told them, their help and Jonah's did make it easier. Randal carried what he felt was the most important thing, his Pooh bear inside. To Ivy, he said.

    "Thanks, it's...an adjustment."

    That was to say the least. He looked at her sadly.

    "I'm sorry about your dad."

    Hopefully jail would help the girls' father straighten his life out and realize that the most important thing should be his daughters. Maybe jail would give the other man awake up call.

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    Jonah Allerton

    Jonah was happy to see that the girls were finding something to do. It would be good for them to find a way to integrate themselves into the family. They would all be around for a while, so it was good that they started getting along.

    Not for the first time, Jonah thought that the family was going through a hard time, and it seemed like everyone was struggling with some problem at the same time.

    Poor kids. He was glad he could help, though, as it would have been much worse if they didn't have his home as a safe haven to go to.

    With a sigh, Jonah smiled at Justin. He was such a good kid. He had adopted the 'boy' as his grandson shortly after his relationship with Marissa became serious, and he never doubted how much he loved his granddaughter. He had also been a good friend of Keith's - another fine young man - and he was sure he would be there for Maggie if she needed anything. That made him feel better about everything. And he knew Justin and Marissa were hard workers. They would soon be back on their feet. Making a mental note to talk to him later and see what he could do to help, Jonah closed the door once everyone was in and resume his work on fixing the window.

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