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    Justin Sanders

    "Okay, Aunt Maggie."

    Randal replied back to his aunt when she told him to wait in the kitchen.He wasn't sure what was going on. He could hear yelling and it sounded like his father. He sat on the chair, patiently, like he had been told. His parents had taught him to respect what his elders to him to do. He looked over to the hallway and thought he saw someone.


    He said, speaking to someone that the living members of his family would say was not there.

    "I'm Randal. What your name?"

    He asked the shadow. Justin was taken aback when the closet shut on him. He hadn't touched the door. His mind was immediately wondering if Ross had seen something. No...Ghosts weren't real. Just things for movies and fake YouTube videos. Ross was little, he didn't know what he saw. He confused a dream with reality. He turned to his son and nodded his head.

    "Mommy's right, I got rid of it."

    He told his son, sitting next to Marissa on the bed.

    "It won't bother you again."

    Hoping he was telling Ross the truth. That whatever scared him was gone.

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    Margareth Allerton Blake/The Shadow

    Margareth felt uneasy seeing how unsettled everyone seemed. She had noticed strange things in the house, and come to the conclusion that it was just her mind playing tricks on her. She was still dealing with Keith's passing, having to take care of a small child, and maybe even hormones were messing with her head, right? At least that was what Margareth was telling herself.

    But now... No, Ross was just a little child, barely older than a baby. He was obviously just scared of the new house. Her gaze moved to Michaela for a moment, but she preferred not to talk now. She would try and get her cousin alone later.

    Focusing on Ross, she smiled at the little boy, trying to help calm him down. "Oh, honey. Scary thing won't get you. Mommy and daddy are here, and so am I. Grandpa is here too. Nobody will let the scary thing come near you, okay?", she asked, trying to push the ideas that this might not be that simple off her mind.

    Downstairs, a shadow was watching Randal curiously. He didn't belong to the house, after all. Not that he had never been there, but he didn't live there. At least that was the shadow's reasoning to be curious abut the boy.

    When he asked for its name, the shadow didn't reply, but it did come closer, bringing in a gust of cold air with it. If the boy stayed where he was, he would feel a cold hand-like shape touch his face.

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    Marissa Sanders

    Marissa didn't think anything strange was happening in her grandfather's home. She just assumed that Ross had woke up afraid. He was in a new place, he hadn't been here since last Christmas and he was scared. The move was a lot for a young child to take in. It was just natural fears, taking the form of something scary in his young mind. He seemed a little more at ease when his father told him the scary thing was gone.


    Ross said, wanting to still be held by his mother, but not crying now.

    "Aunt Maggie's right, sweetie. You're safe here. Everyone loves you and won't let anything bad happen to you."

    Marissa added to her sister's comments. Ross nodded his head.


    He just hoped it wouldn't come back.

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    Justin Sanders

    Justin was glad to see that Ross was calming down. Like his wife, he figured his son just had a bad dream. Not unreasonable to happen given the sudden changes in his young life. He sat down next to Marissa on the bed.

    "Everything will be okay."

    He told his son and then asked his sister-in-law.

    "Where's Randal?"

    Curious where his older son was at. Randal, unaware of anything going on, looked at the Shadow. He was young enough to be curious about it. He wasn't sure if it was a friend or foe.

    "You're cold."

    He said, shivering a little from the cold air that the shadow moved with it. He touched his face when he felt a cold hand on it.

    "Why are you so cold?"

    He asked. Curious but not scared enough to call for his family. Not yet.

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