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    Ivy and Michaela Allerton

    "I'm going to tell them," Michaela said.

    "Tell who what?" Ivy replied, half tuning her sister out.

    "What I just told you! Weren't you listening?"

    "Yes," Ivy said with a sigh. Though she was only a few minutes older than her twin, it sometimes seemed like Michaela was a lot younger. "You think the house is haunted. What are they going to do about it? Call the Ghost Busters?"

    She had only been trying to lighten the mood, but Michaela was clearly offended by her sister's levity.

    "It's not funny!" Michaela insisted. "Ghosts can be really dangerous!"

    "Ghosts aren't really anything." Ivy was losing patience. "You know why? Because they aren't real. You need to stop watching so many scary movies and reading ghost story books. And don't you dare tell them this place is haunted!"

    "Why shouldn't I?"

    "Because they'll think you're crazy." Ivy suddenly felt tears rising, and was ashamed of it. "They'll think you're hallucinating and they'll send us away again, to somewhere a lot worse. Just keep your mouth shut and don't worry them!"

    "Fine," Michaela said. "Fine. For now. But if it gets worse, I'm telling them."

    Ivy shrugged and turned to face the wall.
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    Margareth Blake

    Margareth couldn't help but smile when she saw how excited her nephew was. "Really", she replied to the boy's question. "Santa chooses some people to be spies, because he can't be everywhere all the time", the woman explained.

    "You can only tell mom and dad, but nobody else", she completed, since she didn't want to encourage the little boy to keep secrets from his parents. She then nodded. "I will tell him, don't worry", Maggie replied to the boy's question, giving him a hug and a kiss. Of all the things that had happened, Maggie had to admit that she felt very blessed to have her sister, brother in law and nephews there.

    Ruffling her nephew's hair, Maggie smiled at Randal. "Do you want to go to the kitchen for a snack?", she offered, intent on spoiling the boys a little - as she was sure she would have to deal with her sister doing the same with her own son.

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    Jonah Allerton

    Jonah had just gotten upstairs to go to his bedroom for a quick rest, when he once again had that strange feeling. It wasn't anything physical. It was something like a chill down his spine and the feeling that someone was watching him.

    Feeling a bit uneasy, the man decided to check on the grandkids before he went to his room for a break. First, he checked the smaller ones. The babies were sleeping soundly, and he breathed in relief. The little ones needed some rest so they wouldn't be too grumpy. The move was probably already hard enough on then to be running on not enough sleep.

    Once he was sure the little ones were fine, Jonah decided to check on the older kids, as he wasn't sure the move would be a lot easier on them. Stopping by the bedroom where both girls were, the man looked at the girls. "How are you two getting settled?", he asked, hoping they weren't having too much of a problem with the new home.

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    Marissa Sanders

    Marissa let Randal have his private talk with his aunt about Santa and his spies. She was happy to see her older son excited about being here. It made the move a little easier. She whispered to her husband.

    "You know Maggie's going to spoil them both rotten."

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    Justin Sanders

    Randal nodded his head to Maggie, her explanation about Santa spies made perfect sense to the little boy. After all, his aunt was right, Santa couldn't be everyone at once. It would be too difficult. He told her.

    "Okay, I'll only tell them. But later. When I know no one else is listening."

    He said with a wink and grinned when she said she'd tell Santa he was being a good boy. He tried to be a good boy. It wasn't always easy, though. He nodded his head about a snack and took her hand.

    "Yes, please."

    Randal said to Maggie. Justin, meanwhile, nodded his head to Marissa.

    "Oh, she will. Which means we'll just spoil Nicholas rotten as payback."

    He told her with a wink.

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    Ivy and Michaela Allerton

    Ivy and Michaela exchanged a look.

    "Please..." Ivy whispered.

    Michaela knew exactly what her twin was asking of her. Not to say anything about the house being haunted. She knew Ivy didn't believe her - and that Ivy was afraid bad things would happen if Michaela started talking about it.

    Ultimately, Michaela's loyalty to her sister won out.

    "Everything is great, Grandpa," Michaela said. "We got everything unpacked. I think we're going to like it here."

    Ivy gave her sister a surprised but grateful smile.

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    Margareth Blake

    Maggie nodded when Randal told her he would tell his parents later, when he knew no one else was listening. "Good, that's a smart choice", she replied with a wink back at her nephew. She had always loved children, and when Randal had come into the world, she couldn't help but be delighted at having this little boy in the family. She had always doted on the boys, and that was definitely not about to change now that they were living under the same roof.

    Hearing Randal say he would like to go to the kitchen for a snack, Maggie smiled. "All right, let's go", she replied, leading the boy into the kitchen and sitting him on the table while she went to the fridge. "What do you prefer, honey? A PBJ - we have grape and strawberry - or a grilled cheese?", she asked, happy to make whatever her nephew wanted. She suspected he might be hungry after the drive to the farm.

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    Jonah Allerton

    Jonah was happy to hear that the twins were happy to be there. He had worried so much that they would be miserable. A farm wasn't really a fun place for two young girls, after all. Which was why he was planning on taking them to the nearest town, and getting them a car so they could go out whenever they felt like it. He'd have to check if they could drive, but he was sure he could teach her, or maybe Justin or one of the girls, if they preferred someone younger.

    "Good. Don't worry, you're not getting stuck in the farm all the time. There's school, of course, and the nearby town is a little less dull", he offered with a smile. "And of course, it will only be temporary. Your dad will soon be back on his feet, I'm sure", he continued, hoping his optimistic predictions would be right.

    While this conversation happened, outside the twin's room, the doors to the bedrooms where the little boys were asleep opened slowly, as though someone was taking a quick peek inside, and stayed open just a crack.

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    Marissa Sanders

    Marissa laughed with her husband.

    "You're absolutely right."

    Turnabout was fair play when it came to spoiling. She took Justin's hand.

    "Let's go check on Ross."

    She trusted her son to be with his aunt and she thought she should see how Ross was doing. He had fallen asleep in the car. It might be scary to wake up in a place he wasn't used to. Unlike Randal, he wasn't old enough to remember spending holidays here.

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    Justin Sanders

    "That's a good idea."

    Justin replied to Marissa. They should check on Ross. He was in a strange place and might get scared.


    Randal, meanwhile, happily followed his aunt into the kitchen. He remembered going to Grandpa's house in past and understood they'd be living there for a while. He liked the idea because he got to see more of his mother's family. He thought it would be fun.

    Once in the kitchen, Randal jumped up onto a chair. He thought of Maggie's options and replied.

    "Can I have grilled cheese, please?"

    Using the word please, just like his parents had taught him. They had ate before the drive to the farm but the little boy was getting hungry again.

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