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    Not a new player, but an old one. Any slow games looking for players? Unfortunately, I have moved to a time zone that is 8-12 hours ahead of North America, making fast reactionary posting all but impossible. I also work 12 hr days, so I only have a tiny window in which to post. A nice, slow, narrative based game would be fun. Any suggestions?
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    That depends on how slow you want. I don't think any game here expects you to post more often than every couple to a few days. You may post faster in the party thread if you want, but you don't have to. I'm in Tsunami, Fractured Fairy Tales, and Underworld: Aftermath: Hiding Out, and I think we're posting 1-3 times a week. (Spread out timezones help keep things from going faster; I'm in Hawai'i, aka UTC -10, otherwise known as almost half-way between you and the East Coast of the US. So do jobs, which most of the other players have.)

    If that's still too fast, look for Games the player Shades is playing in. She's currently apologizing for not getting around to posting more than once a month or so. I know she's in the four games in the Role Playing Guild Crime and Mystery Wing. That's "A Murder in a Small Town," "Court Case," "Hell Hath No Fury," and "House Escape." I'm not sure about the others, but I think Sojourn and Optimus Prime know what else she's in.

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    P.S. Welcome back, gurglingooze! I hope you find something worth returning again and again for.
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    Yo Ooze, Long time not see.
    Seeing you reminds me of RPZ.
    How are things with you dude?
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    Well GO, basically all the stories were on Q & Q are slower paced. Everyone is spread out with different time zones and have work and family commitments. The place is definitely a lot slower paced then the last time you were here.

    Anne is right, Shades' stories do move slower paced. I'm in them (with OP) and they move about a post a month. Shades (a friend of mine I brought over from another forum) has a job that keeps her pretty busy. It's a pace she is comfortable with and it's fine with me. Since it also keeps me from being overwhelmed with having lots of stories to reply to every day.

    Underworld and Crossgen stories move a little faster, with about a post from everyone involved happening every few days. But not so fast that people have posted pages upon pages of post in a span of 8 hours. We also have the 1x1 forum, which is for you creating a story with one other poster. And that just moves at the pace you and your friend are comfortable with.

    What kind of stories are you looking for? I'd more then happy to help you find a story or two and get settled back in.

    Also, there is the Summer Block Party in the old Crossgen forum going on. It's literally just random fun.
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    Hey Jacen. I'm good. Working in the UAE. It's best not to think of it as being in the desert, but just a gigantic beach. How are things with you?

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    Thanks Sojourn,

    I'll read a few of the story lines and pick something that appeals to me.

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    You're welcome, drop me a line if you need anything.

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    Is there some way to mark a thread here or something? Right now, I'm mostly trying to respond when I first read a thread, because once it's "marked as read," I have trouble remembering to go back to it. I'd like more time to read, think, and then reply, but I need some kind of mark or something to remind me to go back to it later, so I don't forget I haven't responded. I'm sure others have had the same problem... {Hopeful Smile}

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    Hey, Anne, I know it's not the same, but whenever I'm around, I use the "What's new" button on top. It gives me quick access to all recent posts in the forum. I don't have to respond right away, but when I go back, I know where are the most recent posts and find those I wanted to respond in the first place.

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