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    Abby Walters

    Abby was surprised but happily returned Angie's hug. Any friend of her sister's was a friend of hers. Abby and Karen took a seat to chat with Angie until her friends showed up. Both sisters hoped the place would end up having good food. Abby nodded her head in understanding about Angie needing a night off. She loved Nicholas, but once in a while it was nice to hang out with grown ups too. However, once her son had turned two, she had raised him as a single mother. The only time off she really had was when her ex-husband took him for weekend visits.

    "I have one son, he's twelve."

    Abby replied to Angie. Karen added.

    "Abby's ex got her pregnant their senior year of high school. Despite dumb ass being his dad, Nicky's a good kid."

    Abby shook her head at what Karen called Derek. She knew her sister disliked Derek. Especially since he had cheated on her. No one hurt Karen's little sister. And ten years later, she was still angry at her former brother-in-law.

    "Derek is a good dad, Karen."

    "The only thing he's good at."

    Karen replied grumpily and Abby shook her head. Abby had realized years ago that the best thing for Nicholas was for her to be friends with Derek. Nicholas needed both parents in his life, even if his father had broken his mother's heart. She had learned to forgive him and be his friend. Although she'd never be in a romantic relationship with him again. She didn't trust him that much. To this day, Abby knew Karen would have gladly burned him on a stake if she was allowed to. Abby looked over at Angie.

    "Sorry, I'm sure the last thing you want to hear is about my ex-husband. How long have you been married and how old is your kid?"

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    Jake Turner

    Jake was glad that Sally didn't ask him more questions about his life. He might slip up and mention Abby or Nicholas. He didn't want that to happen. His daughter was too innocent to understand what was going on. She'd say something to Angie and then....No, he couldn't have that happen. Knowing Angie, not only would she attack him with sharp objects, she'd figure out who Abby was and tell her too. Then Abby'd go after him. Especially since she told him how her ex had cheated on her.

    No, he'd have to keep his life pretty much a secret. It was much better for his well being this way. Although Jake did hope he hadn't disappointed Sally too much. Other then having a secret life, his life was pretty boring. It wasn't like his job was exciting. It was just very time consuming. He set up the game on their dining room table and laughed.

    "I never cheat, Sally."

    Well, not at games, but his daughter didn't need to know that. Jake shook his head when she said her mother cheated.

    "How dare she! She must do it because she know she'd lose to you, a much superior player."

    Too bad Angie didn't really cheat. Because if she did cheat on him, then he could openly admit what was going on with Abby. That wasn't going to happen, though. Angie was a lot of things, but a cheater wasn't one of them, as far as he knew. Someday he'd have to figure out what to do about the two women in his life, but not tonight. Tonight he'd just play Candyland with his kid.

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    Angela Parker

    Angie was really happy to have someone to talk to. She always got anywhere early, as she prepared to leave sooner than she actually should just in case Sally decided to stall her a little. Angie had to admit that she loved to have her baby girl love and need her so much. It would be less convenient as years passed, but Angie was sure that Sally would become less dependent on her as soon as she started school.

    "You look so young!", Angie exclaimed when Abby said her son was twelve. She would have imagined the other woman would have a kid about Sally's age.

    When Karin explained why Abby had a kid that age being so young, Angie sighed. That was bad. She wished every woman could choose to have a kid when they were more settled in life, like she did. She shook her head at Karin saying the man was a dumbass. Angie could never imagine divorcing Jake, but if she ever did, she made a mental note never to say anything bad about him anywhere near Sally. It was the best for the children that mattered after a divorce, after all.

    With a soft sigh, she turned to Abby. "I think you're doing the right thing", she commented. "After a couple divorces, the children should matter more than the personal feelings adults have towards each other".

    After this comment, Angie smiled at the question about her own marriage situation and child. "Oh, we've been together for five, soon to be six, years. Our Sally is three". Angie smiled and pulled a picture on her phone of Sally playing on the floor by the couch. Jake's legs and feet could be seen too, but nothing more. "This is my baby", she stated with her best proud mom smile as she showed the picture to both women. "I'm so heartbroken at her getting older, I confess I'm considering giving her a sibling", she admitted.

    Back home, Sally was still very curious about details about Dad’s life when he was away from home. Mom was rarely gone, so Sally knew exactly what she did for work, and what she did when she was away. But since Dad didn’t want to tell her, Sally would have to ask Mom later, and enjoy their date night.

    As Jake set up the game on the dinner table, Sally picked a chair and got on her knees so she could reach the table better, watching him set everything up.

    “Good, I wanna see if I can beat then”, she replied when Jake said Angie cheated because she knew she wouldn’t win. Sally didn’t really mind whether or not she would win, she was going to have fun playing anyway.

    Once the game was set, she looked around to see if everything was right before speaking. “Can I start, Dad?” the girl asked, nibbling on her lower lip and giving him her best puppy eyes.

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    Jake Turner

    Jake made sure his phone was on silent before he got the game out of the box. He didn't want an unexpected phone call or text to come from Abby. While he normally loved to hear from her, tonight he didn't want to. Not when it was just him and Sally. She was young and curious. She'd want to know who he was talking to and he couldn't have her innocently telling her mother something. Plus, Abby might overhear Sally's voice on the phone and Jake had never told his girlfriend he had a child.

    So, it was best to just give his full attention to his daughter tonight. He set up the game and sat across from Sally. He gave her a smile and told her.

    "Of course you can."

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    Abby Walters

    Abby giggled at Abby's comment about her youth.

    "Thanks, although Nicholas makes me feel old."

    She loved her son was very proud of him. Although as he got through more milestones, the older Abby felt. It didn't feel so long ago that she was just out of high school and had a newborn with her. Now he he was twelve. And to think there were lots of ladies her age that were just having their first baby. Although her sister could never resist telling anyone exactly what she thought about Derek. Abby replied to Angie.

    "Nicholas is the most important thing. Regardless of how I feel about Derek, which I have thought and called him far worse to his face, I want him to have a good relationship with him. For Nicky's sake. Plus, without Derek, I wouldn't have Nicky and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world."

    It was clear how devoted Abby was to her son. Abby looked at the picture of Sally with a smile on her face.

    "She's adorable and happy early anniversary."

    Karen agreed with her sister that Sally was cute. Although Abby's own marriage had not worked out, Abby wasn't bitter. It had better for her and Nicholas in the long run. Although she was still happy for anyone who could make marriage work. Perhaps, someday, she'd get another try at it. But she and Jake weren't at the stage to talk about life long commitments. They were just enjoying spending time together. She pulled up a picture of her son on her phone. It was him in his football uniform with a few of his teammates, Jake was not in the picture.

    "Number #14 is my son."

    Abby said, pointing him out. Karen then pulled out her phone and showed Angie a recent picture of Brenda. Taken before a school dance with her friends.

    "Trust, girl, before long your little Sally would be like my Brenda. All grown up and ready to take on the world. Time sure flies by fast."

    Karen said wistfully and Abby nodded her head. She said to Angie.

    "I bet your daughter might like a sibling. Have you and husband talked about having more?"

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    Angela Parker

    Sally smiled at her dad when he said she could start the game. Taking a look at the board, she finally started playing. Deciding that she would try and engage in a conversation, she started poking Jake with more questions. "Daddy, what do you do when you go out?", the little girl asked. Before he could answer, she completed, explaining her curiosity, and at the same time offering her father an answer should he want to take it. "Mom always tells me where she was and what she was doing", the little girl explained. Sally seemed to be really talkative right now. "Do you play sports with your friends, or something like that?", the girl asked, finally shutting up for a moment to give Jake a chance to reply.

    Angela smiled when Abby said her son made her feel old. "I think we'll all get there one day, when our children get older", she commented with a kind smile.

    Paying attention to what Abby had to say, Angela nodded. "You are right, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise", she advised. "I don't have first hand experience with divorce, but I think you are doing what's best for your boy".

    Angie smiled again when Abby said Sally was adorable and wished her a happy early anniversary. "Thanks, both for the compliment and the kind wishes", she replied, putting her phone on the seat next to her again.

    When Abby showed her the picture of the team, Angie checked out the boy. "He has your eyes", she commented with a smile. "He's a really handsome young man", the woman completed. Looking at the picture of Brenda, Abby couldn't help but smile. "Oh, my God, she's so big! Time does indeed fly by", she admitted, thinking that she didn't want her baby to grow up so fast.

    Turning back to Abby, Angie shook her head o a negative. "Oh, not yet, but I feel he wouldn't object. I feel that he would love if we had a boy he could bond with. Sally is mom's little girl, no matter how much I try to encourage her to bond with her dad".

    Angie was about to say something more when her phone beeped. "I'm sorry, will you excuse me?", she required, before stepping away from the table. It wouldn't take too long for her to come back. "My girl friend won't be able to come meet me, her son isn't feeling well", she explained. "Would you girls want to endure my company for a meal?", Angie asked with a smile. "I will understand if you have other plans, though".

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    Abby Walters

    "Sadly, yes. They don't stay babies forever."

    Abby replied wistfully to Angie. Sometimes it was so hard to believe how old her son was. Or that in six short years he'd be an adult. She just hope he didn't start out adulthood the way she and Derek did. While she never regretted having Nicholas, she hoped that he was a little more stable in his life before he became a father. Abby smiled at Angie when she said she thought she was doing the right thing by her son.

    "Thank you and you're very welcome. A successful marriage is a great thing."

    While Abby was divorced she wasn't so jaded that she was against the whole idea of marrying again. She thought that anyone who had a successful marriage was a great thing. Someday, she'd like to get married again. She was older and wiser now. Maybe someday she and Jake would get married. Although they weren't anywhere near that stage yet. They were just enjoying each other's company and that was enough for her. Nothing wrong with taking things slow.

    Both sisters thanked Angie for complimenting their kids. It was clear that both Karen and Abby were very proud mothers. Abby nodded her head in understanding at what Angie said about more kids and that Sally was closer to her then her father. It did make sense, Angie worked from home and spent more time with her. The same had happened to her with Nicholas when he that age.

    "I have primary custody of Nicholas and when he was Sally's age, he was closer to me then Derek. Although, once he got older and into sports, he had more to share with his dad."

    Derek had a love of sports that Nicky inherited. Before Nicholas, Abby had never been into sports that much but once her son had expressed interest, she had supported it full heartedly. The sisters told Angie it was okay that she had to take a call and when she told them what happened, both smiled.

    "Of course you can join us."

    Abby said and Karen nodded her head.

    "Absolutely. Maybe you can help me convince my little sister here that I need to meet her boyfriend. They had been dating for over six months and the only family she introduced him to is Nicholas."

    Abby blushed.

    "We're taking things slow."

    "Go any slower and you'll be moving into a covenant."

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    Jake Turner

    Jake had hoped that Sally would be content to just play the game and not ask a million and one questions about his life outside their home, but tonight was not going to be the night. He did love his daughter but he did miss the days when she wasn't so curious. He knew he'd have to answer questions. One, he knew she'd wouldn't give up on asking and two...She'd be upset he didn't and he didn't want her telling her mother. He'd just have to careful how he worded things. As they took their turns and played, Jake said.

    "When I get a chance to go out, which isn't often because you know I work a lot, my friends and I go to the bar and we watch a game or might play some pool. Once in a while we go bowling too."

    Although, he hadn't done that with his buddies in a few months. Usually if he wanted to watch a game, he headed to Abby's place. She and Nicholas watched the games with him and they ordered pizza or he made them hamburgers. Again, not something to tell Sally. And if he went bowling it was with Abby and her son

    "Sometimes, I'll go to the gym and play some games with the guys there. Or I'll watch my friend's son's games. The boy plays football right now and I wished I could have got to play that when I was younger but your grandma wouldn't let me."

    Yes, Abby was a friend. That's all Sally needed to know about that. Maybe mentioning his mother, her grandmother, would make her ask about why Grandma didn't let him play sports.

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    Angela Parker

    Angela was really enjoying her time with Karen and Abby. She hadn't seen her friend in a while, and her sister was pretty nice too. And they could all talk about their kids, something hard to do with child free friends. Sure, she loved adult interaction, but it was still nice to talk about their kids every once in a while.

    Angie nodded when Abby explained she had primary custody, and that her son was closer to her than her father when he was her daughter's age. That did make sense, and maybe Sally would become less attached as she got older.

    "I understand, and I really hope that's the case with Sally. I feel it hurts J's feelings, and I feel bad that I can't do anything about it and fix it, you know?". Due to her sometimes mentioning bits of her personal life in her blog, Angie had gotten used to referring to her husband by his initial, as she wanted to protect his privacy as much as possible, so it just slipped out of her lips without any thoughts. She would share Jake's name, though, if asked.

    As she came back from her call, Angie thanked both Karen and Abby for accepting her company, and shook her head at her friend's words.

    "Stop being so curious, Karen", she joked. "I can understand her being cautious. Heck, it took me a year to introduce J to my family, we wanted to make sure the relationship was going to last".

    Angie tried to change the subject to something else. "Would you let me know when your son's next big game is? I'm really curious about how it all works, as I don't really have a son to know first hand. Only if you're okay with it, of course. It's mostly curiosity", Angie requested, thinking it might be fun, and would give her more time to chat with Abby, whom she was really feeling she had a lot in common with.

    Back home, Sally was listening curiously to her dad as they played. Since she had him for herself and he wasn't watching a game, Sally decided she would talk and ask questions.

    The girl listened to what her dad used to do when he went out, and nodded. It sounded boring for her, but the little girl had enough sense not to tell her father that now.

    As Jake expected, his comment on his mother made Sally wonder, and she turned her questioning to her grandmother's reasoning.

    "Why didn't Grandma let you play, Dad? Was she afraid you'd get hurt?", the girl asked, her big curious eyes fixed on Jake's.

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    Abby Walters

    Abby and Karen were having a good time too. It was nice to not only spend time together, and not worry about their respective children for a little while, but to also catch up with a friend. Karen had always enjoyed Angela's company and Abby always like making new friends. She felt her older sister had good judgment and any friend of Karen's was a friend of hers.

    Abby certainly did not feel she had all the answers for Angie about Sally, but she didn't mind trying to offer some advice. After all, she did remember Nicholas going through that stage as well. Sometimes it was natural for a kid to just be closer to the parent they spent more time with.

    "Yeah, I understand. Maybe if they find something they both enjoy, that would help."

    Abby suggested, sports had helped Derek and Nicholas bond more. She thought nothing of Angie calling her husband "J". She just assumed he went by a nickname or that his name was spelled 'Jay'. Abby smiled that Angie had her back that she had introduced Jake to Karen.

    "See, I'm not crazy."

    Abby told her sister, who rolled her eyes.

    "You're always crazy, Sis. But I love you anyway."

    Karen said, pulling Abby into a half hug and then messing up her hair. Abby pretended to be mad and slapped her sister's arm. As she fixed her hair, she said.

    "Yeah, yea. Love you too."

    It should be clear to Angela that the two sisters were close. Abby returned her attention to Angie. When she asked about Nicky's next game, she smiled and replied.

    "The next home game is in two weeks. You are more then welcome to come. Invite your husband and daughter too, if you'd like."

    Abby had a feeling that she and Angie would become good friends and the rest of Angie's family was more then welcome to come along too. Plus, her boyfriend should be there. He never missed one of Nicholas' games yet.

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