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    Sally Parker Turner

    Sally was happy to have dad help her get ready to go to bed and tucking her in. Mom was usually the one who did it, even when she went out, as she usually came home before Sally went to bed. This was nice too, though, and Sally was happy to go to bed and let dad help her get settled.

    Once she was tucked in, Sally nodded and smiled at Jake.

    "I love you too, dad", she replied, closing her eyes. "We need to... do this again", the little girl still added before falling asleep.

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    Abby Walters

    Abby gave her sister a glare. She knew Karen, she was always a little overprotective of her. Having to play the big sister role. And after what Derek had done....Yes, it had sucked and if the situation was reversed, she probably do the same. But she wasn't ready yet to introduce Jake to her. Things were still new and...She kind of liked it that way. She glad to hear Angie's viewpoint on it. Karen sighed.

    "Yeah, I suppose...It's not like she'd ever be able to find a bigger asshole then Derek, anyway."

    "I'd hope not."

    Abby replied, with a small smile. Although she didn't hate Derek as much as Karen did. She couldn't. She didn't love him but she did care about him. He was Nicholas' father and he was a good father to their son. If something terrible happened to Derek, Nicky would be devastated. Abby gave Angie a smile and mouthed 'thank you' to her.

    When Angie said her plans, Abby replied.

    "That sounds like lots of fun. My boyfriend works too much too. He owns part of an accounting business and it keeps him busy all the time. But I suppose it is a good thing. Busy means you're making money."

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    Jake Turner

    It was nice tucking Sally into bed. He should do it more often, he thought. He should do a lot of things. Like decide which woman he really wanted, but he wasn't ready for that yet. He wasn't ready to make a decision or risk the woman he picked deciding she didn't want him anymore.

    "We will, sweetie. We will."

    Jake told her, turning off her light and quietly exiting her room.

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    Angela Parker

    Angie shook her head when Karen said Abby's ex was an asshole. She wasn't really against talking smack about exes. But it was different when this ex was the father of your child. While parents didn't have to like each other past the end of the relationship, in Angie's opinion, you didn't really end a relationship with someone you had a child with.

    Still, she felt saying anything about it to Karen wouldn't do anyone any good, and gave up before she even tried.

    When Abby mentioned that her boyfriend owned part of an accounting business, Angie raised an eyebrow. "Oh", she murmured, looking a bit puzzled. A slight chill ran down the back of her neck, but she forced herself to be rational. "Another thing in common. You know what that means, right?". She shook her head. "As soon as we introduce them, we'll cease to exist and they'll start talking shop", she answered her own question.

    It wasn't possible that they were talking about the same man. She would know if Jake had a girl on the side, Angie tried to convince herself. It was just a freaky coincidence.

    Taking a break, she looked at a wall clock not too far above their heads, placed on a wall behind the other side of their table. "Is that the time? I missed my girl's bedtime", she stated half to herself. "I really loved meeting you girls, though. Tonight ended up being better than I had planned".

    Deciding that she could at least stay for a while longer, Angie looked at her dining buddies. "Will you let me get the check? Please? As a thank you for saving my evening?".

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    Abby Walters

    There was a huge difference between Karen and Abby. Karen was far more blunt about her feelings. If she didn't like something, she'd say it, with very little sugarcoating. Abby was more diplomatic about things. Their parents used to say that Karen would make a horrible politician. While no one in Abby's family had been happy to learn that she was divorcing Derek because he cheated on her, Karen was the most vocal about him. Abby wasn't thrilled with Derek, but because of Nicholas, she'd never hoped he jumped in a fire. Not one of the many ways her older sister came up for him to disappear from her life. She didn't want Derek to disappear. She wanted her son to have both his parents in his life. And she was grateful Angie wasn't up for Karen's bitch out session about Derek. That made the evening more enjoyable.

    When Angie said her husband was also in the account business, she thought that was very ironic.

    "Really? That is ironic. I'm sure we'll never get them apart. They'll just talk about accounting, sports, and overprotective moms."

    She didn't think anything of it, though. Jake told her he was single. She believed him. He hadn't given her any reason not to. She and Karen enjoyed the rest of their night and when Angie offered to pay, the sisters nodded their heads.

    "Well, if you insist."

    Karen said and Abby took a scrap piece of paper and wrote down her number.

    "Tonight's been fun. Here's my number so we can hang out again."

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    Angela Parker

    Angie rolled her eyes when Abby said their men would just talk about accounting, sports and overprotective moms. "I guess so. If my husband wasn't an only child, I would say they could have the same mother", she joked, not having the most remote idea of how right she was. For now, Angie felt it was just a big coincidence they shared, and one that would make a bond even more solid.

    When Karen let she pick up the tab, Angie smiled and gestured for it. "Absolutely", she replied. "If you want, you can treat me next time", she joked. Truth was that Angie didn't mind if neither Karin nor Abby ever decided to treat her. A fun evening was all the return she had been expecting.

    Picking up the paper with Abby's number, Angie pulled a calling card and handed it to her new friend. "There you go, feel free to call me any time", she replied sincerely.

    After putting Abby's number away carefully, Angie waited patiently for the check and paid it, waiting for her friends to be ready to leave, and giving both women hugs and a thank you for the fun dinner before going to her own car.

    Driving home, Angie felt happy and light, glad to have met an old friend and made a new one. She still stopped to buy a little treat for Sally - even though she would have to wait for the morning to give it to her little girl - and got home about half an hour after she had left the restaurant.

    Feeling happy to be home after a fun dinner, Angie walked in and locked the door, before going to the living room and plopping down on the couch. "Hey, baby", she greeted Jake, not bothering to ask how things had gone. She was sure everything had gone just fine, and didn't want Jake to think she didn't trust him enough to take care of Sally.

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    Abby Walters

    "Maybe their long lost twins."

    Abby joked, although she doubted that was true. She knew Jake knew his mother. He visited every week. He was visiting right now. That's why he could never spend time with her on this day of the week. It was his weekly tradition. Which she thought was sweet. She hoped Nicholas would want to spend time with her when he was grown. At least he wouldn't have to tell stories how his mother was super overprotective, though. She didn't want to be that type of mom.

    And like Angie, she just assumed it was all a huge coincidence. Nothing more then that. Karen nodded her head to Angie.

    "You got it. Next time, it'll be our treat"

    "Yeah, we should definitely do this again sometime."

    Abby agreed, she had enjoyed the evening out with her sister and making a new friend. Next time, it would be their treat to Angie, though. She took Angie's card and put in her purse.


    She said, planning to call her sometime to make plans to get together with their respective partners and kids. She thought it would be fun. Surely, she and Jake were getting to the point that they could hang out with friends too. After all, that's what normal couples did. Karen and Abby hugged Angie back and wished her a good night.

    Karen drove and Abby texted Jake.

    Hey, I hope you and your mom had a good night. My sister and I did. Even made a new friend. Sometime we'll have to get together with her husband and all hang out.

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    Jake Turner

    After Sally was in bed, Jake went back to watching his game. He smiled when he got a text from Abby. He always liked hearing from her.

    I'm glad you had fun. Mom and I had a nice time.

    He always told Abby that Angie's girls' night was the day of the week he saw his mother. In reality, he only saw his mom around the holidays and for a week in the summer when she came to visit them. But Abby didn't know that. Just like she didn't know he was a father or someone's husband.

    When she brought up a new friend, he sighed. He really couldn't afford to meet friends, especially if it might be someone who knew him or Angie. He had to be careful. Until he finally decided what he wanted to do. Although he didn't want to discourage Abby either and replied.

    Yeah, we should.

    Was all he texted back. Already knowing he'd make up excuses about work to not meet her new friend. He heard Angie come in and pocketed his phone.

    "Hey, babe. Did you have fun?"

    He asked her, getting up from the couch and giving Angie a kiss as a welcome home.

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    Angela Parker

    Angie laughed. "I'll ask my mother-in-law next time I call her", she joked. "I wouldn't put her above giving up one of her children for adoption so she could be over protective while raising the other one". Sure, Angie didn't think her mother-in-law would be that crazy. But she wouldn't be too surprised if she heard that the woman would have done it either.

    When Abby said it would be their treat, Angie smiled. "All right, it's a deal", she replied, happy to have reconnected with Karen and met her sister.

    Once at home, Angie smiled at Jake and nodded, kissing his lips.

    "Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Met an old college friend and her sister at the restaurant. It was nice having adult time", she confessed with a bright smile, before kissing Jake's neck.

    "I can see everything went well here. Wanna come to bed for a back rub?", Angie invited, happy to see that Sally was safely in bed and Jake seemed calm and relaxed. It seemed like everything had gone just fine without her at home.

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    Abby Walters

    "You might want to."

    Abby agreed with a laugh. It did sound like Angie's husband and her boyfriend were long lost twins. They seemed to have so much in common, it was almost scary. But she wasn't suspicious either. Jake had never given her a reason to be. She and Karen wished Angie a good night and Abby smiled when she got Jake's reply.

    I'm glad you did too.

    She was sure that sometimes it was trying to be with his mother. Over-protectiveness like that didn't end when you turned 18. But she was proud of Jake for still making an effort to have a relationship with his mother. After all, some people only saw their mothers on holidays, if that. She thought he was a good man and that she felt very blessed to him have him in her life.

    When he agreed they should hang out with Angie and her family, she replied.

    Awesome, I'll set it up and let you know the details later.

    She was looking forward to spending time with Angie again and meeting her family. She thought they could all be good friends. Karen commented as they drove back home.

    "Crazy isn't it how much your Jake and Angie's J have in common?"

    Karen had only ever called Angie's husband J. She didn't know much about him or even what his full name was. Angie had met him after college. Karen had went to their wedding and she figured that was the only time she met him but she didn't remember what he looked like. She didn't live in this city anymore. Her husband had gotten a promotion around the time Angie married and they had moved six hours away for it. They only came to city a few times a year to spend time with family.

    Abby nodded her head.

    "Yeah, it is. I'd almost think they were the same person. But I know Jake wouldn't do that. He's not like Derek."

    Karen nodded her head.

    "That's true and I know if J tried that type of shit, Angie would have his head. Both of them."

    Karen said with a smirk and the two sisters laughed. It was all just a crazy coincidence.

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