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    Jake Turner

    Jake already knew that he probably would not show up to whatever plans Abby and her new friend had. He had to be careful meeting Abby's friends. After all, she might share some with him or Angie. And he couldn't have that.

    His wife was home and his attention was focused on her. He had to play the part of the good husband. He'd be a good boyfriend on his guy's night to Abby. He returned Angie's kiss and smiled.

    "That's great. I'm glad you had fun. Sally and I had fun too. Although she kicked my butt at Candy Land."

    He said with a wink. He was glad that Angie trusted him enough to not have to check on Sally. He was more then capable of taking care of his own child. He nodded his head and said.

    "Sounds good to me. I just need to put my phone on its charger for the night."

    He told Angie and gave it one last look for the night. He quickly texted Abby back.

    Yeah, definitely let me know, babe.

    Even though he'd surely be coming up with a work excuse for it. He quickly added.

    I have an early start tomorrow. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Good night, sweet dreams. Don't forget that I love you.

    He texted her and shut his phone off for the night. That way any more texts Abby sent him, wouldn't set his phone off. He'd check them in the morning. He headed to his bedroom to find Angie

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    Angela Parker

    Angie was still blissfully unaware of the fact that her husband had another woman - and worse, that she knew and had started to befriend this other woman. For now, she, too, believed it was just a coincidence that her husband and Abby's boyfriend were so similar. And for now, she really wanted Jake to meet her new friend and her son. It would be nice to be friends with another couple, even if their own child was much younger than Abby's son.

    When Jake mentioned that Sally had kicked his butt at Candy Land, Angie laughed. "Good", she replied in a joking intonation. It was clear getting out of the house and having some adult interaction had done wornders for Angie's mood. Not that she was usually in a bad mood, but the girls nights were usually the highlight of her week.

    "All right, I'll be waiting for you", she replied when Jake said he would put his phone on the charger for the night. She had no reason not to trust him, after all. As far as Angie knew, Jake didn't have time for anything other than work and his family, with the guys night being his only time away from both of these responsibilites.

    Deciding that he deserved some pampering for being such a hard-working man, Angie went in their bedroom, changed into one of her night gowns she knew Jake liked - not without a slightly critical look in the mirror - and prepared some lotion to rub his back. While they would both need to be up early tomorrow, that didn't mean they couldn't spend some time bonding or even having some fun before falling asleep, after all.

    When Jake came into the bedroom, Angie walked up to her husband and kissed him. "Shirt off, big boy", she whispered them, her lips still close to his. "This one is a courtesy", she joked, stepping back so Jake could prepare for the massage.

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    Abby Walters

    I will.

    Abby texted Jake back. She hoped that hanging out with Angie wouldn't just be a one time thing. Abby didn't have a ton of friends. Her job and Nicholas took up a lot of her time. Most of the adults she hung out were either her co-workers or friends of her son's friends. It would be nice to have friend outside of her son's social circle or work. Plus, it would seem like she and Jake were a real couple. Couples hung out with other couples. It could be lots of fun.

    Sweet dreams and I love you too.

    Abby replied to Jake and was glad that when she and Karen returned home, their kids hadn't burned the place down. They were watching 'Ghostbusters' and seemed to have had a good night.

    "I'm glad you and Angie like each other. She's a good person."

    Karen said and Abby nodded her head.

    "Yeah, she seems like one. I can't believe she'd be friends with such a bitch, like you."

    Abby said, sticking her tongue out at her sister. She meant it in jest. She didn't think her sister was a bitch. A strong, opinionated woman, yes, but a bitch, no. Only Derek thought of her as one. And Karen was proud to be one to him. Karen smirked at her.

    "Who wouldn't want to be friends with a beautiful, intelligent, talented, charming, hell of a woman?"

    Abby laughed and said.

    "Only a fool."

    "Damn right."

    Karen said, giving her a sister a bear hug. She had fun tonight but it was a shame she lived so far away. She should really keep in touch with Angie more often, she thought. She hadn't realized how much she had missed Angie until they had hung out tonight.

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    Jake Turner

    Jake tried to be careful living his double life. He wasn't ready to give up either woman but neither would be happy to know what he was doing. In the back of his mind, Jake knew he couldn't keep this up forever. Abby was okay with taking it slow but she'd surely want more someday from him. And...Well, he wasn't ready to figure out what he would do when it came to that point. He did still feel some love for his wife, even if he was cheating on her.

    "Yeah, yeah. You women are always ganging up on me."

    Jake replied in jest when Angie thought it was good that Sally kicked his butt at their game. He knew she was joking and he was too. He nodded his head when she said she'd wait for him. He never gave her a reason not to trust him, he was too careful to do that. Whatever else Abby had wrote to him would have to wait until tomorrow. He was excited for his own guy's night, then he could spend a few hours with Abby. But he didn't tell Angie that.

    When he met Angie in their bedroom, Jake smiled seeing the night gown she was wearing. He did like that one a lot. He found her very attractive in it.

    "Yes, ma'am."

    He told her, returning her kiss, and quickly taking his shirt off. Tonight, he was all Angie's.

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    Angela Parker

    Angela had no idea that her husband wasn't faithful. She had always done her very best to be a good wife, and had never even looked at another man with interest since she had started dating Jake. Why would she? He was the only man who interested her.

    They had gotten married, he had been by her side during her pregnancy, which hadn't been very easy, and, despite the fact that he was so busy, he was a good father for Sally. For Angie, he was the perfect husband and dad. Sure, she would love for him to have more time at home. But she knew he worked that hard for their family.

    Pushing any thoughts other than spending time with her husband and pampering him a little aside, Angie waited for Jake to get on the bed and started giving him a long back rub, hoping she would be able to relax him enough to give her husband the good night's sleep she thought he deserved.

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    Abby Walters

    Abby had had a fun night. She and her sister had always been close. Once she and Karen had grown up, they really had only fought about Derek. Karen still hated him too much to understand why Abby couldn't. Abby could never hate Derek, it was because him Nicholas existed. She'd do it all over again for Nicky. Although, it was nice to be moving in. Abby hadn't been looking for love again. But meeting Jake, well, she was ready to give it another try. She had no idea how similar he was to her ex, though. If she did...She'd feel awful. She had been the wife who had been married to a cheater. She remembered all too well how that felt. To know she was the other woman...Lord, that would be something she would not be able to handle very well.

    But Abby didn't know. Like Angie, she was in great denial. Jake was good enough of liar to keep both the women in his life from knowing each other.


    Abby kept in touch with Angie since they night they met, she had meant it when she had told the other woman she wanted to keep in touch.

    Will you and J be able to make it?

    Abby asked her. She was looking forward to hanging out with Angie again and to meet her family.

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    Jake Turner

    If Jake was a better or stronger man, then he never would have gotten himself into this situation. But he was neither of those things. He was a weak man. And a selfish man. He thought he could have both his wife and girlfriend. Live a double life and never get caught. Logic would tell him that wouldn't work out but Jake's mind wasn't working like that. He just figured that eventually he'd make a choice. Decide which woman he truly wanted. Angie or Abby. He knew he couldn't have both forever, but he wasn't ready to make that decision yet. Because one would be hurt and he didn't want to hurt either one. So, he'd just continue on with his life like this, until later.

    He enjoyed Angie's pampering of him, just like he would enjoy whatever date he and Abby went on later. He enjoyed having the attentions of two women. Two women he had no idea were becoming friends behind his back.

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    Angela Parker

    Angie was really happy to pamper her husband tonight. She always enjoyed giving Jake some attention after spending some time out with her girlfriends, as she never wanted him to feel neglected or second to her friends and her work. The only thing that mattered more to Angie than Jake was being a mother to their daughter. Her work came after her family, and her friends also came after them.

    Of course, that was the case now, that Angie had no idea her husband was living a double life.

    After pampering her husband and sleeping next to him in bed, Angie went on with her life. She worked, took care of Sally, and kept in touch with Abby. Abby was such a nice lady, Angie thought, and they seemed to have a lot in common. Angie was looking forward to spending more time with her new friend.

    When Abby texted her, Angie was sitting on the couch by Jake's side. She looked at her husband and gave him a quick kiss before speaking. "What do I have to do to convince you to come to a friend's son's sporting thing?", she asked with a smile, after texting Abby back letting her know she would twist her husband's arm a little.

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    Abby Walters

    Abby was enjoying her new friendship with Angie. She was a nice person and Abby could see why Karen was friends with her.

    Hope he says yes. I'd love for you all to meet my boys.

    Abby replied to Angie in a text. She thought it would be fun and something real couples did. Having friends with other couples. It was time she expanded her social circle. For so long it had just been her and Nicholas and she realized she didn't want it to just be the two of them.

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    Jake Turner

    Jake truly had enjoyed Angie's pampering of him. It was almost enough to make him feel guilty about what he was doing with Abby. Almost, but not enough. Jake was foolish enough to still believe he could have his cake and eat it too. He had no idea how dangerously he was living or the new friend Angie had made was his mistress.

    Jake was ironically texting Abby at the same time Angie was on the couch. He was glad that Angie had made another friend but he knew he couldn't go to whatever Angie and her friend were planning. He already promised Abby he'd go to one of Nicky's games.

    "I'm sorry, Angie. You know I would but I have a big meeting with a hotel developer who is not only looking to build a new hotel right outside the city but for my company to help manage the books for it. Mister Nakamura is a very busy man and he has a tight schedule, if I blow him off, I won't get another chance at him. I'm sorry, babe."

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