Angela Parker

“You look so pretty, mama”, a soft voice sounded behind Angela as she finished getting ready to leave the house.

The woman who was standing in front of the mirror turned around and smiled at her daughter. Stopping what she was doing - getting her make-up just right -, Angela Parker picked the little girl up and kissed her cheek. “Thanks, baby”, she replied with a big smile.

After a few seconds of kisses and a tight hug, Angela placed her daughter down gently and walked back to the mirror. Her make-up was pretty basic, and it didn’t take too long before she was done.

“Where are you going today, mama?”, her daughter asked again. Angie sat down on the bet to get her shoes on. “This place where they serve Japanese food. You know, gonna eat raw fish and like it”, she joked, laughing at her daughter’s disgusted expression. “I wish I could come too”, the little girl muttered softly. Angie shook her head and looked back at her daughter once she was done with the shoes. “Don’t say that, Sally, you know how much fun you and dad will have while I’m gone. You guys can do all kinds of fun things and I won’t be here to yell at anyone”. It was obviously a joke, as Angie wasn’t the yelling type.

After this short conversation, Angie checked herself on the mirror again - the dark blue dress matching the shoes and purse - and then picked little Sally up. “Come on, I’ll say bye to dad, and you keep an eye on him while I’m out there, and tell me everything he does”.

Angie was still speaking as she walked down to the living room with her daughter clinging on to her. It was pretty routine for every night out, so Angie didn’t really mind, as Sally had never caused trouble when the time came for her to walk out the door. Once down, she would set Sally down and walk to her husband for a kiss. “I’m about to go out, honey, do you need anything before I go?”, she asked, since even though Jake was able to keep everything under control, Angie always worried that they might need something while she was out.