Angela Parker

Angie was really looking forward to seeing Abby again, and meeting her son. From what she had heard from her new friend, it sounded like he was a really nice boy. And hopefully she could introduce their men to each other, and they could schedule a double date at some point.

I hope so too, she replied to her friend, before turning her attention to Jake and waiting for his reply.

When Jake said he was sorry, but he wouldn’t be able to come to the game, Angie sighed. “You work way too much”, she replied, not in an unkind intonation. “But fine, I know you have important stuff to do”.

With another sigh, she leaned close to Jake and kissed his neck gently. “You’re gonna make it up to me when you get back”, Angie stated, resting her head on Jake’s shoulder and picking up her phone again.

He’s got some stupid work thing again..., she sent to Abby.