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Thread: Let's discuss!

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    It would definitely cause complications, and political maneuvering would be a thing. But it wouldn't be such a big deal as it was with Henry VIII, though.

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    Makes sense. It obviously wouldn't be like the modern world, but I also don't think we're looking to do a direct replay of the Henry Tudor situation with different names.
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    Not at all. There will probably be much more political lobbying than religious discussion. XD

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    Marcellus thinks those can be one and the same.

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    I'm sure Marcellus will be a valuable ally. XD

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    He will! He has the religious pretense on lock, but with no interest in the moral aspects of it.

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    Great, we'll probably need him to help convince the King that this marriage of his will not do. XD

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    I'll bet.

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    All right, initial post is up, and I would like your opinion on how we should go about making sure this doesn't get messy, as we have many characters - either a posting order, or in cycles, with me starting each new cycle once everyone else has posted? Either way works for me!

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