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Thread: Let's discuss!

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    Let's discuss!

    Let's discuss!

    So, I don't have an outline for the character sheet yet, but I thought I'd open this up anyway.

    I'm planning, as I mentioned briefly in the recruiting thread, on taking a young girl, either a daughter, niece or goddaughter to the people who would actually sit on the throne should the king die without heirs. I'm still not sure what kind of a person she will be - either as ambitious as her relatives or a somewhat innocent pawn in their plans. I think I'll withhold this decision for when I know what everyone else is planning regarding their characters.
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    I'd like to go with Victoria. Have her be an aunt or distant cousin (more leaning to this one), mostly likely through marriage, to the King and would very content with this girl being on the throne. Hoping by controlling the girl, she could control the kingdom.

    I kinda like the idea of the would be heir being a pawn, but that's up to you.
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    I like idea of the girl being a pawn. And I'll probably go with my character being the ambitious lover of Victoria, but married to someone else.

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    I like this idea too. I'll post up a template for the character sheet in a few minutes. I'll make mine after yours are done. As for the girl, I'm thinking one of two options - if we go with the angle of the barren queen, she could be used as a pawn to give the king an heir (either as a mistress or after he is pressured into leaving the queen - at least according to their plans), or be a member of a closer family to the throne, though I don't really see how she would be useful on that second angle, as she wouldn't be able to take the throne without a king. Unless Victoria has a plan to marry her to someone equally under her orders.

    Waiting on input there!
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    I like option one personally. It seems to make more sense and that Victoria would push the girl into the king's arms, instead of just killing him and being crowned queen herself.

    How about the girl is her daughter, only child to survive to young adulthood? The girl's father is a very distant cousin to the king. The current queen is barren and people in the court want her replaced. Victoria campaigns for her daughter. She is young and has the royal bloodline (distantly). Perhaps the father is a grandson of a former king.
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    That works perfectly for me. And I can see the girl going along with it pretty easily, as well... it's her mother's idea, and she wants to live a nice life and please Victoria to boot!
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    Good girl, she should totally want to please her mother.

    And to throw in some scandal, hubby and I think the girl's real father is Victoria's lover (his character). Once the girl gets crowned, they plan to eliminate their own spouses and marry.
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    Stop reading my mind, you two!

    I had considered that! I'll put up a CS when I get home!

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    Never going to happen.
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    Damn, I was prepared for ONE person invading my brain, do I have to handle TWO now?
    Also, stay out of the Dirty Secrets files. >.>
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