Name: Henry Montgomery

Age: 49
Physical description (it can be very basic if a picture is provided): Short hair that has gone grey with age and a trimmed bread. Henry has blue eyes and is about 6' tall.
Current residence: Montgomery Manor in Norfolk

Relationship status: Married
Significant other, if applicable: Victoria, Duchess of Norfolk
Parents: Nicholas and Amelia Montgomery (both deceased)
Siblings: None that are living. One sister, Elizabeth, died in childbirth.
Children: One that is living, a daughter named Emma (18 )

Personality: Henry is a kind hearted person with relative intelligence. Although he is not as quick witted as his wife nor does he scheme like her. He is a very happy with where he ended up in life and desires to be people's friends, not take advantage of them. He is more then willing to open his home and pocket book to those less fortunate then him, although Victoria hates when he does it.

Talents and skills: Henry is a good hunter and loves does. He also is a good with his hands and would have been a blacksmith if not born into a noble family.

Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: Henry is a distant cousin to the king. His marriage to Victoria was arranged. He married when her when he was nineteen. He has one child Emma, who survived to young adulthood. Although Emma is much closer to Victoria then him, Henry loves her dearly. While Victoria desires for Emma to be betrothed to a prince, he'd just wants her to marry a man that will treat her well. Not that his opinion has ever much in his family.

Additional Information (any relevant information not covered before): Henry knows people feel sorry for him being married to Victoria. Sometimes he feels sorry for himself. If he had his choice, he would be happily married to Katherine Moore instead. He has a great deal of affection for her but will not act on his feelings. Despite how Victoria treats him, he honors his wedding vows and thinks of Katherine as just a dear friend.