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    Edward Moore

    Edward had known the king long enough to know the rumors about him not be able to produce an heir was bothering him. It insulted a man's very manhood if he could not create a child. And King Theodore was a proud man, he reminded Edward a lot of his father in that respect.

    Edward nodded his head.

    "Of course, your Majesty."

    He replied, already having the perfect woman in mind. Lady Drake, the lovely young woman he had just met. She seemed perfect for the task. They would just need Queen Esther to appoint her to a lady in waiting.

    "I will find the perfect young lady for the task before the new year."

    If Lady Drake became with child, then Edward could convince King Theodore that the queen was clearly the problem. And possibly be able to convince him it was time for a new wife. A wife that could provide him healthy children. Especially since English society would not approve a bastard child becoming an heir. Especially not one born that had a Cardinal for a grandfather. No, Lady Drake would just prove to the king he could produce children. Then Edward could put a more appropriate woman in front of his Majesty. A woman of noble blood. Such as Emma Montgomery. The daughter of his dear 'friend', the Duchess of Norfolk.

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    Agnes Drake

    "Thank you, your grace," Agnes said, and gave the duchess another small curtsey. "I shall endeavor to be as patient as I can, though it is difficult when I am so eager to be of service to her majesty. I bid you a happy Christmas, your grace."

    When Agnes slipped back into the crowd, her heart was pounding. A whirl of people surrounded her, but she felt oddly alone, as if time had frozen around her.

    This was really happening. She was going to do this. And she was terrified. A foolish, childish part of her insisted, This isn't the life I wanted! What did it matter, though? What other choice did she have? The thought of sleeping with the king frightened her. The thought of being pregnant scared her even more. What did she know about children? About being a mother? She'd never even had a mother of her own...

    Agnes pressed her fingernails sharply into her palms, using the pain to distract herself from her racing thoughts. She forced herself to breathe slowly and evenly.

    She could do this. She would do this. She had to.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Cardinal Marcellus Drake

    "Of course, your majesty!" Marcellus said, his face the very picture of sympathetic concern. "I consider my king and queen second only to God in my allegiance. I would be happy to allow you to unburden yourself in the sanctity of the confessional, whenever you need to do so. I am at your command, your majesty."

    Every word, every gesture was kind and pious. Inwardly, though, the cardinal was thrilled.

    I've got her!

    This was the perfect opportunity to sow a few more seeds of the queen's inevitable downfall - and his own planned advancement.

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    Victoria Montgomery

    "You're welcome, Lady Drake."

    Victoria replied to Agnes with a smile. It seemed to look kind but the kindness didn't reach her eyes. Her mind was thinking of all the possibilities. She nodded her head to Agnes.

    "I have no doubt you will soon get what you desire. A happy Christmas to you as well."

    She told the young woman and let her slip back into the crowd. Victoria searched the crowd for Edward and saw that the king was not done speaking to him. Knowing his Majesty it was no doubt concerns he had about not having an heir to celebrate the new year with. It was a popular topic of gossip in the kingdom. Things could be looking up soon for his Majesty, though. After all, Lady Drake appeared to be an eager woman. The Duchess was sure that Agnes' father was pleased.

    Victoria saw her daughter, Emma, talking to other ladies of similar station in life. It wouldn't like that forever, though. Victoria was determined that Emma would be a queen. One way or another.

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    King Theodore III

    "Very well, my lord", the King replied to Edward's words about finding the perfect young lady before the new year. He was not happy with the idea, but it had to be done. He had to prove he was capable of producing a child. After that... he would have to see what he would do. First things first.

    "Let us return to the Great Hall", the King carried on. It wasn't a request, this time not even in appearance.

    Without waiting for an answer or action from Edward, the King left the room and made his way back, anxious and displeased, but trying to push these thoughts aside and enjoy the festivities.

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    Queen Esther

    "Thank you, Cardinal", the Queen replied when Marcellus said he considered the king and queen second only to God in his allegiance. While she was not very sure about it, the queem had a heavy heart, and needed to empty it. Sadly, she was about to share her troubles with the worst possible person.

    "I would like, if at all possible, Your Eminence, to have a few moments of your attention in the chapel. I believe it is private enough and appropriate enough for such a conversation", she requested, humbly.

    After a pause, the queen looked to see the king walking back in. Lowering her head, she made a curtsy and smiled sadly at her husband.

    "May we go, my lord? I shall be brief".

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    Edward Moore

    "Of course, your Majesty."

    Edward replied to his King. He could see that his Majesty was not pleased about the idea of bedding another woman but it was necessary. Too much had passed since the marriage for the Queen to have not bore him a child. Whispers would eventually get louder. The time was no to silence them. Especially if Queen Esther was the one with the 'problem'. If she was, well, one thing at a time. First, they had find out if King Theodore could create a child.

    Edward followed the king out of the room. He saw that Cardinal Drake was speaking with the Queen and he saw his wife had found the Duke of Norfolk. She was quite fond of him. He knew Katherine considered Henry a good friend. It did not bother him at all. Let her have her dear friend. Especially, since he was even more fond of the Duke's wife.

    He smiled when he saw Victoria and walked over to her.

    "Happy Christmas, your Grace."

    He told her, taking her hand and kissing the back of it. He was excited but he was old enough to know how to control it. He couldn't wait until they could sneak away from the Court and he could tell her all his plans.

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    Victoria Montgomery

    It didn't escape Victoria that her husband had eventually found Katherine Moore. Any time they came to Court, he always ended up spending time with the Duchess of Suffolk. Victoria honestly didn't care. She wouldn't even have cared if he had been carrying on an affair with the woman. But she doubted he was. Henry took their wedding vows more seriously then she ever had.

    When Edward found her, Victoria smiled. A happy smile. He was one of the few people that got her and she believed was on her level. They wanted the same things in life, after all.

    "And a happy Christmas to you as well, your Grace."

    She replied. She could see in his eyes had something to tell her. Something that would be very exciting.

    "I trust your sons are doing well?"

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    Cardinal Marcellus Drake

    "Certainly," the Cardinal replied. "Your majesty's wish is my command."

    When they entered the chapel, he genuflected to the altar, crossed himself, and then took a seat in a pew. Marcellus glanced around to see if they would be overheard, but the chapel appeared to be empty. Good. This would be easier away from prying eyes.

    "Now, my queen," Marcellus said, folding his hands piously and meeting her gaze with sympathetic eyes. "How may I ease your troubled mind?"
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    Queen Esther

    The Queen nodded when the Cardinal replied that her wish was her command. Sad as she was, Queen Esther cared very little for formality right now. Still, she knew she had a role to play, and that she was to appear calm, collected and dignified at all times when in public.

    Still, the chapel being empty, she was not in the public eye.

    Crossing herself after the Cardinal, her knees on the cold floor she had felt them on many times in the middle of the night, the Queen stood up and too a seat close to Marcellus. She was silent for a long moment, the inner struggle clear on her face, before speaking.

    "I...", the Queen paused, tears dropping freely from her eyes. "I feel so miserable, Eminence", she finally confessed. "I love the King dearly, I really, truly do... God has put us under the sweet bond of marriage, and I... I wish I could be a better wife... I have never denied myself to my husband, I have prayed and prayed, these floors have known my knees and my tears, but... nothing, Eminence. I know not what I am being punished for. I must be patient and trust God, but it is so, so difficult", the Queen murmured, hiding her face in her hands and sobbing quietly.

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