Edward Moore

Edward smiled very confidently at Victoria.

"Your Grace, I am sure that he will as well. In due time he will see that it is what is best for all of the realm."

Oh, he was definitely sure of that. All he had to do was make sure the Cardinal didn't jump the gun and try to force Lady Drake into King Theodore's arms. A plan like this, it needed careful planning. The seeds were being planted for his Majesty, but it also took time. One had to be careful, especially with their beloved monarch being very fond of his Queen. Edward was sure it would pain King Theodore to bed one of the Queen's ladies, even if it was a necessary evil. The kingdom needed an heir. The blood line had to be continued. If not, it would spark civil war. With various families proclaiming their bloodlines were the true link to their kingdom's past.

A good king ruled justly and ensured his legacy would carry on with a child. A child that Queen Esther could not provide. Lady Drake was a young woman, surely a fertile woman. If she became with child then that would prove the king was not to blame. And then a suitable new queen would be presented for his Majesty. Such as Emma Montgomery. A young woman with noble blood. But one thing at a time. First, Agnes needed to become a lady in waiting. Then the rest of would fall into place.

Edward was glad that Victoria had the same ideas he had. They always communicated well with each other. They could say so much to each other with so few words. They were perfect for each other. Such a shame their parents had not seen that. Perhaps, in due time, they could truly be together. Once a new Queen was crowned and Henry and Katherine were out of the picture.