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    Eden: Legacy of the Four Guardians

    Eden: Legacy of the Four Guardians

    Name: Eden

    Location: In the Pamoja Galaxy, five galaxies away from Elysian galaxy.

    Surface Conditions: 90% Earth-like surface while 10% is actually a grey gaseous state. Several invisible wells of energy flows through the planet such as universal, magic, nanite, and negation. Eden has five visible small moons: yellow, red, blue, green and grey as well as a few invisible moons. The Grey moon is the only one that doesnt orbit around Eden. It stays hovered high above in one place and shines only over the gaseous part of Eden.

    Ruling & Governing Bodies: The Empress is the ruling position over all of Eden. Under the Empress are a few established kingdoms scattered throughout the land such as the Kingdom of Thames. Other kingdoms have yet to return from the colonies out in space.

    Primary inhabitants: Gods, humans, necroans and various fairies.

    Places of Interest:

    Edens Gate: This is the land touched by the gods where beauty is everywhere. At the center is the Grand Palace where the Empress houses her family. The current Empress is Honors Angel.

    Town of Tchets: This is the largest town in Edens Gate. The Empress palace is several hills to its east. The town is where the first colonials from Tchetna have touched down and made their home at. The towns spiritual leader and governor is Emissary Ellysand.

    Other Places of Interest: Almasi Desert, Tembea Forest, Weupe Expanse, Shanjari Waters, Baramot Plains, SFuri Caves.

    Brief History: Not much has been uncovered about Edens history. Very few know of the times when Eden was originally a peaceful planet ruled by an Empress, a female First chosen by her predecessors who was to follow the Established Order. Few know of the day an Empress went rogue and strayed far away from the Established Order. Her actions following this act caused many tumultuous events to happen which through the glory of the planet far off its intended path. It is said that it took the combined might of former empresses overthrow the rogue and lock her away. They turned to the people to grant them a better replacement, but when all was said and done the people didnt trust the gods anymore and never accepted another Empress.

    With the land without an Empress, the turmoil inflicted on it remained and it was left to the people to forge their own way. Through hard work and overcoming many wars with each other, a new way was found and for a time peace reigned. They even renamed the planet Tchetna as a symbol of setting themselves apart from the old ways. But the land could not survive without an empress.

    Centuries passed when the damage to the planet could no longer be ignored. What made the matter worse was many of the Tchets mining and selling off the planets precious resources for monetary gain. A possible solution was found in two travelers known as Odysseus and a young Millennium who set out to try and save Tchetna. However instead of saving the planet, a nefarious turn of events doomed it further. An evacuation order was sent all over as hundreds of thousands made it off the planet before it died. They were scattered among the stars to live as colonials.

    One day, Millennium returned to the dead planet to face an old enemy. When the battle had ended, Mil found a way to finally restore the planet to its former beauty and glory. Soon, word got out to the many remaining colonials that their planet has been revitalized and have started making their way back to their restored home. The Tchets, led by Emissary Ellysand, were the first to arrive, soon followed by the Queen of Thames.
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    Previously on Eden...

    Honor's Angel, Kat, Maul and the twins Danae and Pixie were in the main Town of Tchets looking for an artist named Pedro. Just before they found him a crowd gathered around them to admire the Empress walking among them. Though it was only a small bother, Maul blew fire in the air to scare them away. He was rightfully scolded for his actions...

    Millennium was off in another galaxy fighting in the Negation War already in progress...

    The Queen of Thames and Emissary Ellysand were in the Tembea Forest trying to get to the Land of Thames. The forest didn't take too kindly to Ellysand's presence and immediately attacked him while leaving the Queen unharmed. The forest then presented the Queen with the Tembea Egg which unlocked two mysteries: a hidden power and a new yellow moon in the skies...

    Kamikaze Felix had already uncovered the Negation Egg within the S'Furi Caves after fighting off the S'Furities which unlocked another hidden power and a green moon...

    Kevin and Exu had a small duel which lead to a mysterious arrangement of sorts...

    And now, the story continues...
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    Kamikaze Felix moved slowly over Eden, drifting back and forth with the wind as he continued his search.

    The appearance of the Negation moon was playing on his mind. How could a moon just appear like that? And how was it immediately linked to him? It must have something to do with the egg......

    I came to this planet seeking energy to help initiate the Apocalypse, and I have found something a lot more mysterious.......

    Felix settled down on the planets surface for a moment to think. After all, he didn't really have to search himself. That was a task that he had sent his new slaves, the S'Furities, to do.....

    "Master! Master!!"

    A little cry reached his ears. One of the S'Furities was rocketing straight towards him as fast as its little wings could carry it.

    Could they have found another egg.....?

    "Master! Master!!"

    "Have your people found another egg, slave?"

    "No, Master..."

    Felix scowled. His arm shot out and snatched the terrified S'Furity from mid-air.

    "I told you to only return when another has been found. Why are you here?" Felix tightened his grip.

    "I bring important news! Another moon has appeared in the sky! This new one is yellow! ......Master.....please....I cant breathe...."

    "Another moon...... so another egg must have been found and activated! Who did it?! Who knows about the eggs! TELL ME!!!!"

    "I'm sorry Master.." wept the little S'Furity "but we don't know! We haven't found a single one yet, none of us could have done it! We are all loyal to you!"

    "Are you really?"

    "Yes! Master....please..... you're hurting me.... please let me go, have mercy...."

    Felix grinned.

    "Thank you for your news, little one. I will reward you for this."

    "Oh thank you Master!! Thank you so much!!"

    "The end of the universe will come about soon. On the day that Apocalypse occurs, all creation will be bathed in agony. There will be no escape. Your reward is that you do not have to live through it."

    Felix squeezed harder. He felt one of the creatures little bones break in two.

    "No Master!! No! Please!!"


    "You're welcome."

    Felix dropped the dead S'Furity to the floor.

    Rising into the air again, Felix's mind joined the collective in order to think about the situation.

    "Another egg has been activated, and a new moon has appeared."

    "This cannot be a coincidence. It is too precise."

    "We agree. But what purpose do they serve?

    "We do not know. That is something We must discover for ourselves."


    "We have a thought?"

    ".......yes...... more a theory really. We believe we can assume that each egg releases a well of energy into this planet. That means another energy has begun to flow and another moon has been born....

    "The point being?"

    "......we are beginning to wonder if each egg and each moon are totally independant......"

    "Ahhh. Perhaps they are linked in some way?"


    In the back of his mind, something pulsed.

    ....I can feel the Negation Moon......what.......can this be?

    Can it be trying to communicate?

    Reacting to the moon's power, Felix turned and stared into the horizon.

    Another cloaked moon?

    But that would mean another egg.......

    Where is it?

    Kicking off from the ground, Felix summoned his army of S'Furities. As they gathered round him once more, he flew forward.

    Together, they headed in the direction of the Baramot Plains....
    The Forces of Felix: Since the death of the Original Felix, his clones have begun to develop characters of their own.

    Still evil though...

    (Multiple character account: Most likely to be Kamikaze, Feral Felix or Ferocious Felix)

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    ::As Honor's Angel, Kat, the twins, and Maul headed towards Maul's friend's studio. Angel asked him.::

    Maul what kind of art does he do?
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    The Queen tucked the egg into her pocket, being very careful of it, babying it almost.
    The vine throne lowered her to the ground and she smiled. She always had like the Tembea forest.
    She stood before the mound of vines that surrounded the Emissary and smirked. She cleared her throat a little and the vines around him fell away as if they were merely water.

    "Are you alright?" she asked feiging concern. "The vines seem to have calmed down... I do so wonder what got into them..."
    She approached the Emissary and offered him her hand. "Now that they're calm, there should be no trouble for us in travelling. Though, if a vine does happen to start harrassing you again, I would certainly not react in the same way if I were you."
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    He had dropped to his knees and gasped heavily for each sweet breath that found its way in his lungs. The suffocation was not pleasant, not at all. The indignity of it all just got him upset. Then as he looked at the Queen it seemed like she was virtually untouched by the mischievous vines. Why was that, he wondered to himself. Why won't this woman just die already so he could move on with his plans? She was proving to be every bit as annoying as the former Queen was. Still he dusted himself off and faked a smile...

    "I am quite alright. No need for bother. I never did understand this place. It was like it wanted to pick a fight with me, the blasted greenery!"

    He further got himself together again and made vocal his hidden question...

    "Are you unharmed? You look no worse for wear. How did you remain untouched?"
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    The Queen smiled gently. "I told you before we entered that the forest has never really tried to harm me. I find it odd myself."
    "not anymore, I don't... but... he need not know..."
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    The Queen looked around, suddenly very aware that Mekaar hadn't come out when the threat of the vines surfaced. She glanced at her shadow and tapped it with her foot (expertly hidden by the hem of her dress). This was usually summon enough for a creature as tame as Mekaar, but he did not surface and give her a reassuring nudge like he usually did. She knew that he was absent and although she no longer felt any danger (what with her newfound power) this made her feel uneasy.
    "Calm though the forest may be right now, we ought to move on. Who knows when it will be roused again," she said with a grave nod made coinvincing by her worry over Mekaar's absense.
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    The Baramot Plains

    As Felix and a small horde of S'Furities stood from a high moutaintop, they gazed out across the land that they had found that became known as the Baramot Plains. From this vantage point, the land looked desolate and devoid any life. All that could be seen was a barren wasteland that looked "steamy". A single S'Furity flew to it's master and asked...

    "May I scout ahead sir?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honor's Angel
    ::As Honor's Angel, Kat, the twins, and Maul headed towards Maul's friend's studio. Angel asked him.::

    Maul what kind of art does he do?

    (I've seen da fool do family portraits. The funky thing about them is that when he finishes them, the pictures move around like they're alive or some mess like dat. He's pretty good. You should get one done, Mrs. Angel-lady.)
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