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    Character Information

    Character Information

    Template for the Character Sheets:

    Play by (if famous):
    Born in the town or moved in?
    Relationship to Keith:
    Brief background story:
    Misc (anything else you feel that you need to add and hasn't been covered above):
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    Play by: Zooey Deschanel

    Name: Margareth Parkinson

    Age: 23 years old

    Born in the town or moved in? Born in the town.

    Relationship to the Keith: Her husband is a close friend of Keith's, and Mrs. Parkinson often entertains the man in her home - with or without her husband in the house. Some rumors have it that they are much more than friends, and some even go as far as questioning the paternity of Mrs. Parkinson's unborn child.

    Brief background story: Margareth was born in Clearwater to a single mother, and raised modestly. Despite her family not being wealthy, Margareth went well at school and never really caused any trouble. She was that kid nobody paid too much attention to, not popular, but not bullied either. She had met her husband, Benjamin, during high school, as he worked at a snack bar she used to go to after school to help pay for his expenses while in college, and they had hit it off pretty quickly. Shortly after Maggie's graduation, they had gotten engaged, but had decided to wait until Ben finished his own studies and had a better job to support a house, as he didn't want his wife to have to work to make ends meet. Once Benjamin had gotten a few cases - he had gone to Law school - and established his reputation, the couple had finally tied the knot and moved to a house at the nicest part of the town. The couple is now expecting their first child, and keep a friendly relationship with their neighbors, even though they arepretty quiet and kept to themselves, only eventually having a few friends over for dinner.

    Misc: Since she has a lot of free time on her hands, Mrs. Parkinson loves to cook and bake, and will often bake something special for a neighbor who is sick or going through a hard time in life.
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    Play by: Chris Evans

    Name: Keith Allerton

    Age: 25 years old

    Born in the town or moved in? Born in the town.

    Brief background story: Keith has had a pretty uneventful childhood. Being the second child of a regular and loving family, the boy had everything a child could ask for. He had a loving set of parents and a great and responsible big sister he could look up to. Despite nothing justifying it, Keith was always the one stepping over the line. He kept good grades, but apart from that, the boy kept getting in trouble often and breaking all kinds of rules, especially the ones that would cause the most trouble. Despite being a troublemaker, he did manage to graduate high school and get a job that paid enough to move out of his mother's home and make some good friends he could rely on. For now, he has been a very constant presence in the Parkinson household, and these friends have been helping him keep afloat.

    Misc: Keith has had a string of meaningless flings, and a few of those have been with married women. It is rumored that his latest conquest is Mrs. Parkinson, the wife of his close friend.

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    Play by (if famous): Stephanie McMahon
    Name: Danielle "Dani" Allerton-Burns
    Age: 33
    Born in the town or moved in? Born in the town
    Relationship to Keith: Older sister
    Brief background story: Dani is the current Mayor of Clearwater. Being the first born child, she's always been an overachiever. Doing well in school and being the perfect child. Dani was the valedictorian at her high school and graduated it and college with top honors. When she was ten, she started doing community work and married her college sweetheart. She has one son, who is eleven, named Jared.
    Misc (anything else you feel that you need to add and hasn't been covered above): Dani's life isn't as perfect as she pretends it is. While she and her husband are devoted to their son, they haven't been happy with each other for a few years but stayed married to keep up appearances.

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    Play by (if famous): Michael Raymond-James
    Name: Thomas "Tom" Burns
    Age: 35
    Born in the town or moved in? Born in the town
    Relationship to Keith: Brother-in-law
    Brief background story: Tom is the current fire chief of Clearwater and is married to the town's mayor. He grew up in the town but being two years older then Dani, he didn't get to truly know her until they went to college. Part of what drew them to each other was being public servants. He and Dani have one son, Jared.
    Misc (anything else you feel that you need to add and hasn't been covered above): Dani's perfection ways have gotten to Tom over the years. While in public, they appear happy, privately they aren't. In fact, Tom has secretly been carrying on an affair.

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