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    Oh, yes. Of course.

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    I'm going to hold off posting Dani for a little bit. Although if Keith insists, she'll grumpily wake up.

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    Keith decided to behave... for now. XD

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    I'm sure that won't last long.

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    Have we met before? lol
    Of course it won't. XD

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    Feel free to post Keith before I post. I'm going to have Dani wake up and get pissed seeing him on the couch.

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    Cool, will do!

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    All right, post's up, and Keith is being a lazy ass and still asleep in the morning, because why not?

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    And Keith really needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut!

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    Posted, with both Keith and his... ahem... friend.
    And my intentions are completely innocent, lol

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