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    They always are, lol
    Also, sorry for taking super long lately, I'm slooooowly catching up. XD

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    No worries at all. It's been a very busy week at work with inventory going on. All the numbers have been messing with my creativity this week. lol

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    Poor twin.
    Good luck with the evil numbers.

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    Got mine up. Didn't do anything with Keith, because at this moment he's probably drooling on his pillow and having less than decent dreams, lol.
    I'll probably get his antics on the table on my next post.

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    Feel free to skip me this round. I have nothing to add right now for Tom.

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    Yes, sir. Will do.

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    Post's up! Feel free to move forward to the next day! I'm planning on some shenanigans for Keith with his beloved brother-in-law, because...
    ...well, because Keith's an asshat and his pockets need lining, lol

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    Keith is such an jackass. He's lucky he's the mayor's brother. Off the next day I'll move us.

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    Tom thinks Keith needs to end up in ditch.

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