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    I'm sure she'll have a lot to say if she's questioned by police.

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    No doubt...She'll ruin everything.

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    Feel free to skip me, I can't think of much to add for Tom yet. It would seem too soon for the police to question him. Since they have to find Keith's body first. Although, Rena...You are stone cold.

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    Rena puts the itch in bitch, that's all I have to say for her

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    Nothing for Tom yet, I figure I'll post as him again once the official news of Keith's death reach Dani.

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    ​Soon. Very soon. Prepare you alibis.

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    Still nothing for Tom. I'll wait until Mrs Blight tells Dani the bad news.

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    She tried to make it sound nice (as nice as you can make a murder sound), but the cat's out of the bag.

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    It hasn't crossed Dani's mind that he's dead.

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