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    Thanks for asking. I'm trying.

    After searching more than a little for a group that does social instead of performing dance, I tried a beginning salsa dance class that's held at my church, and a Zumba Gold Chair class that's held at the YMCA. Unfortunately, the Y's membership fees and/or day passes are a bit steep for what I'd be getting from Zumba. I'm trying to get back to the salsa dance class, but between two holidays and one instructor no-show, I haven't succeeded. I doubt that salsa is the best choice for me in the long run -- I'm really not the svelte, sensual, heel-wearing type that Latin dances like their women to be. However, right now it's the dance opportunity that I can get to without too steep a charge, so that's the one I'm working on now.

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    By the way, salsa seems to be out for the summer, tho the church doesn't seem to know about that. However, on my own I'm practicing what steps I learn from the class, online, and in one case, an unofficial step I figure should help me with an official step I'm struggling with. I actually do this nightly, with time off only when I've gotten too much exercises earlier in the day to have the energy for my nightly exercises. {Smile}

    Elsewhere, I hear rumblings, but nothing clear. A square dance class announcement lead me to a caller who doesn't have a class yet, but is trying to get enough together to start. Despite some interested friends, this hasn't panned out. Neither has the Portuguese club, tho they are finally beginning to rumble about once-a-month dance practice. International folkdance and contra dance are also looking like distant possibilities at the moment.

    So the only thing definite is nightly practice on my own, but there are things that could develop in the future. {Smile}

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