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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    It wasn't that Dani hated Margareth, she just didn't agree with the relationship the woman carried on with Keith. Keith was never one to be very discreet and Dani thought it was so disrespectful to Mr Parkinson. Dani didn't like cheaters. There were plenty of single people Keith could have dated, but that probably wasn't drama filled enough for her little brother. She bad for the man to kept in the dark.

    Dani nodded her head and said.

    "Then I'll see you tomorrow. Have a good day."

    Dani said and went about her business. Not looking too forward to two o'clock tomorrow. Although that was tomorrow's problem and Dani learned long ago to take one day at a time. Her meeting went well with the business investors and they were in the beginning stages of bringing a new restaurant to their little town. Which would bring new jobs and keep more money in Clearwater. People would have another place to eat instead of going out of town. She considered that a win for the town.

    The next day

    Dani didn't look forward to her meeting with Mrs Parkinson, but she had said she'd meet the woman and Dani always tried to keep her word. She hoped it would be a short meeting, though.

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    Tom Burns

    Thankfully by the time Jared came home from school, he forgot all about his uncle Keith. He had homework and a school project to start working on. Those things occupied his time. Tom was glad, he didn't want to talk about Keith anymore then they needed to. He'd love it if Keith moved far away but Tom doubted that would ever happen. It moving would take more motivation then Tom thought Keith had. He was glad to hear his wife's meeting went well. It sounded like good things would be coming in in Clearwater's future.

    The next day

    Tom knew he should end things with his fling. He did love his wife but...Sometimes he felt neglected. His wife was a very busy woman and she was a great mom. He often felt at the bottom of her to do list. That's how it all started. He had felt neglected and Rena gave him attention. But he knew he was playing a dangerous game. If the wrong person found out....Things would go bad. He knew how Dani felt about cheaters. She vented to him constantly what she thought of brother's actions. He needed to end things with Rena but he had to make sure she didn't tell anyone about them. How to do that? He wasn't sure yet, which why he was still seeing Rena when Dani thought he was heading out to the local bowling alley on Thursday night with his fellow firefighters.

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    Margareth Parkinson

    After saying goodbye to Dani, Margareth went into the house of the mayor's neighbor and spent most of the day there. She cooked breakfast, cleaned up a little around the house and stayed to heat lunch for her neighbor, to allow her to rest and bond with her baby. It wasn't too much work for Margareth, and something she hoped someone would do for her in the future, since she didn't have any female relative living close by.

    After the day with her neighbor, Margareth went home and called Keith to spend some more time with her. She needed company while her husband was out of town, after all.

    Keith Allerton

    Keith spent most of the morning sleeping, that day. It wasn't like he had anything else to do other than sleep, eat and spend time with his female friends, who usually helped him with bills. When even that failed, he could always hit up his sister or brother-in-law for money. If even that didn't work out, he could always blackmail someone - which included Tom - for a nice sum and live off it for a while.

    For now, though, he was managing to get some cash from Margareth, and would only bring up what he knew about his brother-in-law to push his buttons every now and then. Knowing not only that he had a mistress, but also who it was - Clearwater was pretty small, after all - made Keith feel like Tom couldn't touch him. If Tom did the smallest thing do displease him, after all, all Keith had to do was have a quick chat with his sister.

    This morning, though, he didn't have any plans other than to enjoy himself. After receiving Margareth's call, he went to her house and stayed with her for a few hours. They spend the morning together, had lunch together, and finally parted ways, Keith walking back home whistling happily, and stopping only to collect the latest of the local gossip by charming one or two of the older ladies in town. They were pretty nice allies when needed, which was pretty often.

    Keith loved knowing people's secrets. Maybe, he thought, he should pay his brother in law a visit. Now he only had to go to the station and figure out whether or not Tom could be found there...

    Margareth Parkinson

    After having lunch with Keith - and handing him some money for his expenses -, Margareth had told Keith to go back home, or to do whatever he wanted, as she had to meet with his sister. While she wasn't looking forward to this meeting, Margareth knew she really needed to talk to Dani about the project the Elementary School kids were working on for a fund raising. They needed permission to use the Town Square for an afternoon, and that needed to be secured through Dani's office. Margareth didn't see why the mayor would say no to that, but since they would probably need to secure the area for the day, including setting up before and cleaning up after, Margareth wanted to work with Dani to make sure everything went without a hitch for the kids.

    Therefore, when she finally went in to meet with Dani, Margareth had her planner with her, with some notes, and a pen handy to make new ones during the conversation.

    As soon as she was led into Dani's office, Margareth greeted her with a smile and a hand shake. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Burns. I promise I will not take too much of your time", she said as a greeting, waiting for Dani to say something so they could approach the topic and be done with this as soon as possible.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    The morning was pretty uneventful. Which was nice for Dani. She wasn't looking forward to talking to Margareth, one of her brother's flings. Although her parents had raised her to be nice to people. Even people she might not really care for. Which made her a good politician. Her secretary told her that Mrs Parkinson was here.

    "Send her in, Andrea."

    Dani told the older woman and stood up when Andrea returned with Margareth. Dani gave Margareth a smile. It was a polite smile, but not an overly friendly smile.

    "Good afternoon, Mrs. Parkinson. Please, take a seat."

    Dani said as she shook the other woman's hand and gestured for Margareth to sit in one of the chairs in front of Dani's desk. Dani retook her seat and said.

    "So tell me what you have planned for the school?"

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    Tom Burns

    What to do about Rena was a problem for Tom. He wanted to end things, but he couldn't. It wasn't that easy. Especially not when Rena could ruin everything for him. He was the Fire Chief, married to the Mayor of their fine little town. If it came out he had an affair....He'd lose everything. Not just his wife, but his son. He was certain of that. Dani would divorce him and she'd take everything. And while he might be able to handle losing material things, she'd take Jared from him. He couldn't stand the idea of that happening. His best option would be for the breakup to be Rena's idea. Which how would he get her to decide to break things up....He had no idea.

    Tom was working on paperwork when his phone rang.


    "Hey, Chief, your brother-in-law is here to see you."

    Tom cursed in his head. What the hell did Keith want?

    "Send him in."

    Tom replied and hung up the phone in anger. Keith Allerton was one the last people in the world he ever wanted to see.

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    Margareth Parkinson

    Margareth was slightly tense while she waited for Dani to have her called in. She knew the other woman probably didn’t like her too much. She couldn’t blame her, of course. Who would like her brother’s married ‘special friend’, after all?

    When she was called in, Margareth pushed these thoughts aside and thanked the secretary, before greeting Mrs. Burns with a polite smile. “Good afternoon, Mrs. Burns, and thank you”, she replied to the woman, carefully taking a seat, timing herself to do so at nearly the same time Dani did.

    Once both women were seated and Dani asked what she had planned, Margareth relaxed a little and smiled. “Nothing too… complicated, actually, Mrs. Burns. We are working with the school children to do career week, but instead of people going in the school, we are trying to take the children in the locations - you know, the library, bakery, and so on - for a quick visit just so they can see people working. It would not take too long, maybe ten or twenty minutes? Of course, that would run a lot more smoothly if we could work with your office, though, as we would like the kids to be able to visit buildings were public service is provided, such as yours, the police station, the fire station…”. Margareth paused for breath and carried on. “The plan is to provide each kid with some written information, to make things quicker, and one designated adult will be with each group to make sure everything runs smoothly”, she explained before pausing again.

    “I know it sounds like I have it all planned out, but I just didn’t want to take too much of your time, and will definitely work with the PTA to adjust according to anything you wish to suggest”, the woman completed, finally resting her case, so to speak.

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    Keith Allerton

    Keith didn’t really have anything to say to Tom right now. He didn’t need anything either. His pockets were lined since his latest meeting with Margareth. He just wanted two things, if he were to be honest. One, to push his brother in law’s buttons. That was something Keith was always very interested in.

    The second thing he wanted was to push his brother-in-law to confirm who his mistress was. Not that he couldn’t figure out by talking to one of his several female ‘friends’. Having this many, one of them might even be the same as Tom’s - Keith wasn’t a selfish guy, and he would be happy to share.

    But digging the information out of this brother in law would be more entertaining, and that was why Keith was here right now. He was a bit bored, since his current main ‘friend’ was busy doing something uninteresting, and decided to go have some fun with Tom.

    As soon as he saw his brother-in-law, Keith showed his biggest smile, as though seeing Tom was the highlight of his day.

    “Hello, brother!”, the young man greeted cheerfully. “Happy to see me?”.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Dani had learned long ago to keep her personal feelings out of the public eye. As mayor of their fine little town, it was unavoidable that how she acted would be under scrutiny. Rarely did Dani ever lose her cool and let someone know how much she didn't like them. While she didn't care for how 'close' Margareth was to her brother, she did know the younger woman was heavily involved with the local school. And as a mother herself, that was a community involvement that interested the mayor a lot.

    "You're welcome."

    Dani replied pleasantly to Margareth and gave her full attention for the pitch. She nodded her head as Margareth explained her idea.

    "I think that is a good idea. It would be good for the children to know how different places in our town work and help each other. They might see something that will inspire a future career. Make a list of places you'd like for them to visit and we'll see what will work for the different public offices."

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    Tom Burns

    Tom didn't like talking to Keith. He didn't even like being around him. If not for Dani, Tom would have surely broken Keith's nose by now. Of course, that was before Keith had found out his little secret. A secret that Tom needed to discreetly take care.

    He wondered if Keith wanted money. It wasn't like the other man worked. Tom didn't return Keith's happy smile.

    "Oh, yes, of course I am."

    Tom replied sarcastically as he looked up from his paperwork. He set his reading glasses down and leaned back on his chair.

    "What are you up to today, Keith?"

    'Other then bothering me?' Tom thought. Didn't Keith have someone's wife to bang while her husband was at work?

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    Margareth Parkinson

    Margareth smiled when Dani seemed to agree with her plan. Despite everything she often did wrong, Margareth really cared about the local children, and wanted to help fine tune their school system into the best it could be. That would be helpful to her unborn child, and the other children already in the system, after all.

    Once Dani asked her about the places she planned on visiting with the children, Margareth pulled a small notebook from her purse.

    "Well, we would like to visit your office, the public library, the fire department and the police station, if all of these can be arranged", she stated with a polite smile.

    "I know some of those don't have too much free time, therefore the idea of the pamphlets, so the children can get the main information to read at home and maybe someone could speak to them for half an hour and take a few questions?", Margareth suggested, hoping that could be arranged.

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