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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    If not for how kind Mrs Gerda was, then Dani wouldn't have tried to call Keith. Honestly, he didn't deserve to have such a nice landlady. How he turned out so differently then her, she had no idea. And she knew her parents felt the same. Dani had become a woman parents were proud of. Keith...he was the black sheep. But, he was still her baby brother.

    She sighed when his phone went to voicemail. Of course, it did. She rarely ever got him on the phone. He was probably off with one of his married 'friends'. Knowing him, he wouldn't call her back unless he needed some money. Dani left her message and went to get ready for her part of the kids' tour. Pushing thoughts of Keith out of her mind. Having no idea that her little brother was dead.

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    Rena Andrews

    Rena took a shaky breath on the phone when Tom said he hadn’t killed Keith. She knew the guy was a good for nothing jerk, and that he was probably milking Tom for money since he had accidentally seen them together once. Still, it didn’t justify killing him. But who knew what else Keith had been doing. Rena was pretty sure the guy had plenty of enemies, but it was good to be sure that Tom’s hands were clean before going to the police.

    “Yeah, I’m sure it’s him”, Rena answered Tom’s question, her voice sounding annoyed.

    She took a deep breath to collect herself before answering his next question. “No, I haven’t called the police yet. I just wanted to be sure”.

    The woman sighed deeply. “I’m going to my sister’s now, I’ll call from there. Just… I just wanted to give you a heads up”. The woman’s voice turned a little softer. “When can we meet? I need to talk to you”.

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    Mrs. Blight and Mrs. Rivera

    Mrs. Blight was glad to meet Mrs. Stanton and leading the children to the next part of their tour. After a quick conversation to find out whether or not the other lady had encountered any troubles - and knowing that she hadn’t -, Mrs. Blight thanked Mrs. Stanton and took over from there.

    The visit to the bakery was quick and uneventful. Just like the fire station, the children had a tour and then asked questions, before leaving with a little treat each.

    The next visit would be the Mayor’s office, and the kids were very excited about it.

    After doing a headcount, and seeing that all of the children were accounted for, Mrs. Blight led them to the alley right next to the bakery. It was a shortcut everyone used, and it wasn’t like Clearwater had a high crime rate, so it was pretty safe.

    At least that’s what Mrs. Blight thought, until one of the children asked a question that froze her on her tracks.

    “Mrs. Blight - why is there a man sleeping on the street?”, a little girl with big blue eyes asked, almost timidly.

    Mrs. Blight’s first reaction was to think this should be a homeless person, which was pretty odd for their little town. A quick glance told her the case seemed to be much more serious, though, and the woman turned slightly pale. Still, she felt she shouldn’t alarm the children.

    “He’s just tired”, she replied after gathering herself. “Here, let’s take this other path so we don’t disturb him”, the woman added, leading the children to the meeting point through the longer path.

    Once she met Mrs. Rivera, Mrs. Blight whispered something to her. The woman’s jaw dropped, and she nodded. “All right. I’ll run the visit as usual. Will talk to her after we’re done”. The two women exchanged a brief glance, before Mrs. Blight went off. Her next stop was the police station.

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    Tom Burns

    Tom couldn't believe that Keith was dead. He was feeling a little numb about the news. Did he dislike his brother-in-law with a passion? Of course he did. Hell, most of the town did. Including Keith's own family. But he still hadn't wished the other man to be dead. What the hell was he going to do? How would Dani and Jared handle the news? A part of him was also angry that Rena would even ask him that. He wasn't capable of murder, as far as he knew. And if he wanted to murder someone, she'd honestly be higher on his list. Since she could ruin his life.

    Tom took a deep breath and said.

    "Do that and call them."

    She should have called them before she had called him. When she asked when they could meet, he replied quietly.

    "I don't know...Once you make the call, Dani will know and...I have to be here, for her."

    He wondered how well that would go over. He was sure probably not well. So, he quickly added, in an attempt to sooth her over.

    "It'll look super suspicious if I'm not with Dani, since Keith is....was her brother."

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Dani was blissfully unaware of what was going on. She had no idea about the other woman in her husband's life and that Keith knew it. She also didn't know that her brother was dead and that Tom already knew. Dani was getting ready to greet the group of kids that would be coming to her office. She was excited for that. She hoped they would find her job interesting. She was sure for some kids that a mayor wasn't as interesting as firefighter or police officer. But she hoped she could help them understand what her job was and why it was important to their little town. She had no idea how soon her entire life would turned upside down.

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    Rena Andrews

    Rena was still nervous, but she had at least stopped shaking. Seeing Keith dead, like that, had been nerve-wracking. She had never been one of those women who had fallen madly in love with him, but they had spent a fun night or two together. He was good for nothing at a relationship, but a fun drinking buddy. Now, though, he was dead, and someone had done it.

    “Okay, I will”, she replied when Tom told her to call the police. Knowing Clearwater as she did, Rena was sure the word would spread like wildfire in no time. So it made sense that Tom would want to be there for his wife.

    That didn’t mean Rena had liked his answer at all.

    “Very well”, she replied, in an intonation she only used when she was pissed off.

    “Have a nice day”, the woman added, before hanging up. Fine. He wanted to be like that, then she could play this petty game too.

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    Mrs. Blight, Mrs. Rivera and Andrea

    Mrs. Rivera took a deep breath to stop shaking, and then led the kids to the mayor’s office. They had a schedule to stick to, after all, dead man on the street or not. And getting late to the office might make the mayor suspicious. So, she’d better get this done and over with.

    While Mrs. Blight took the short walk to the police station, Mrs. Rivera checked that all of the kids were following, and led them carefully, the wheels in her mind turning. What would she say to Dani?

    Taking another deep breath, the woman walked into the City Hall and greeted Dani’s secretary. Her smile was a bit tense, but she tried to act casual, and waited for Andrea to go tell Dani the kids were there for the visit.

    After greeting Mrs. Rivera, Andrea knocked twice on the door and peeked inside. “Dani? The kids are here with Mrs. Rivera. Can I send them in?”, she asked, adding with a smile. “They look excited”.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Dani had no idea what going on in her little town or how soon, her life would never be the same. She sighed as she tried one more time to call Keith's phone, having it go straight to voicemail once again. This time, she didn't leave a message. Knowing him, he was probably sleeping off a drunken night spent in a married woman's arms. How they turned out so differently, she would never know.

    She stood up when Andrea knocked on her door. She silenced her phone and put in the top drawer of her desk.

    "Yes, send them in, Andrea."

    Dani told her with a nod of her head. She smoothed her hands down the front of her shirt and pushed thoughts of her brother out of her mind.

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    Tom Burns

    Tom didn't know what was worse. That Keith was dead or that Rena, of all people, had found him. Tom had to be careful. Everyone and their brother would have a reason to want to Keith dead. Tom knew for a fact he wasn't the only person that Keith blackmailed in Clearwater. Shit would hit the fan soon and he needed to be at Dani's side. Being the loving husband, no matter how much his mistress hated the idea.

    "It is for the best."

    He told her, telling from her tone of voice. She didn't like what he had told her. He cursed when she hung up on him. If she wanted to play that game, then she'd regret it. He was the Fire Chief and the husband of the Mayor. Those were his duties, he'd be damned if Rena Andrews screwed that up for him. He hadn't let Keith do it, and he wouldn't let her either. If she played with fire, she was going to get burned.

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    Mrs. Rivera

    Mrs. River and the children walked into Dani's room, the children standing to the left of the Mayor's desk as they were instructed by the lady who had taken them there. Mrs. Rivera seemed to be a little nervous, but it was clear she was trying to control herself.

    Showing Dani a somewhat nervous smile, she nodded to the other woman, before speaking gently.

    "Good morning, Dani. The kids are really curious about what you do for our lovely town", she began, trying to keep a cheerful intonation. "Would you care to share with them some information about the work you do?", the woman asked, stepping to the back of the group to allow the children to listen while she watched them carefully.

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