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    Murder in a small town - the IC thread

    Murder in a small town - the IC thread

    The Parkinson family home

    "Hmmm... do you really have to go away?", a woman's voice, sounding lazy and content, asked softly.

    "I do, baby", a man's voice sounded back. "Before daylight, otherwise someone might see me leaving".

    The woman groaned softly in a protest, then yawned. "Fine. But just because nobody can see you", she finally conceded, kissing the man's lips and nibbling on his neck.

    "Ouch. Maggie!", the young man complained. "You're gonna leave a mark!".

    The woman laughed softly and kissed the mark on the young man's neck."I'm sorry, Keith. I won't do it again".

    Keith Allerton sat up on the bed and stretched for a moment, sighing softly.
    "All right. But I really have to go. And you need to get some sleep, mommy".

    Mrs. Parkinson laughed softly and sat up as well, resting her chin on Keith's shoulder. "I know. I have to be up bright and early to go to church like a good girl", she murmured, kissing the bite mark on Keith's neck before resuming her previous position and falling asleep. He was right, she did need some rest after all.

    Keith chuckled softly when he saw his lover fall asleep.
    "Lazy girl", he muttered before getting dressed and leaving. While he walked the quiet streets, Keith decided he had better ask his sister for a place to crash. It was better than going home to find a nosy neighbor wanting to know where he had been. He would go home in the morning.

    Making up his mind on that, he took the shorter path to Dani's house and knocked on the door, hoping he would have to face his sister, and not his brother-in-law. It was almost 3 in the morning, after all, and he was sure Tom wouldn't be too happy to see him.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    It was the middle of the night and only one person in the whole town of Clearwater would be knocking on her door at three in the morning. Keith, her little brother...Dani groaned, trying to ignore him at first. Hoping he'd go away. Thankfully the master bedroom was closer to the front of the house then her son's was. Of course, Keith was persistent and wouldn't give up and try to crash somewhere else. Dani shook her husband's shoulder.

    "Can you see what he wants? I don't want him to wake up Jared and I got a meeting in the morning."

    Dani was the mayor of the city and she had a meeting with some businessmen who were thinking about building a new restaurant in their little city. It would be good for the community. Give the residents somewhere else to eat and provide some more jobs. She didn't have time to worry about Keith tonight.


    She asked Tom. She knew he had to work too but maybe Keith would leave if Tom answered the door anyway.
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    Tom Burns

    Tom groaned when he heard the knocking at his front door. There was only person in this town, maybe the whole world, that would show to his and Dani's house in the middle of the night. Keith, his loser brother-in-law.

    "His girl of the night must have kicked him out before her husband got home."

    Tom grumbled, trying at first to go back to sleep, like his wife had attempted to do. He didn't care for Keith very much. Even before Keith had found out some stuff about him that Tom had wanted to keep private, he had not liked his wife's little brother. He was a trouble maker and a moocher. Tom would have loved it if his family had very little to do with Keith Allerton. Of course, Keith never could take no for an answer and wasn't going to leave until someone answered the door. His insistent knocking could wake up Jared and Tom didn't want that.

    "Yeah, I can."

    Tom grumbled getting out of bed and putting a shirt on. He did have to work tomorrow. He was the fire chief and his job was as important as his wife's, but he also knew that Dani had a business meeting in the morning. He squeezed her shoulder and said.

    "Try to get back to sleep."

    He quietly headed to the front door, hoping Jared had not been woke up from this. Tom gave Keith a look that was a mixture of annoyance and tiredness.

    "What do you want?"

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    Keith Allerton

    Keith sighed when he saw his brother-in-law. He had not expected to see Tom come to the door. His best bet would have been Dani, but he knew there was a pretty interesting way of getting Tom to let him crash into his house and not really say much.

    "Sorry to bother you, Tom", Keith started with a wide grin.

    The young man's hair was messy, he smelled of woman's perfume, and there was a pretty visible bite mark on his neck, but he didn't seem to be bothered.

    "I just need a little place to crash on your couch, you know... just up until later in the morning".

    Before Tom could say what he was thinking, Keith added, with a slightly different grin.

    "If you don't want to speak to me, I can understand, of course. I will happily ask Dani if she doesn't mind...".

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    Tom Burns

    "Yeah, sure you are."

    Tom replied grumpily to Keith, not believing him at all. His belief in Keith was that he was very selfish and only thought of his own wants and needs at any given point in time. His eyes narrowed at his brother-in-law. The younger man smelled of perfume, confirming his thought that Keith couldn't spend the night with the lady he was sharing a bed with. Keith was trouble, how Tom wished he would just drop off the face of the Earth. It would do the world a huge favor if he would.

    When Keith brought up Dani, anger flashed in Tom's eyes.

    "No, let her sleep. She has an important meeting in the morning. Just....Just don't wake her or Jared up. He has to get sleep for school."

    Tom said, moving back to allow Keith to enter the house.

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    Keith Allerton

    Tom was perfectly right in his beliefs about his brother-in-law. Keith was still in that age where he didn't care much about anything but his own pleasure and happiness. Or maybe - and that was very likely - he was just a selfish jerk, and would be one for the rest of his days. Who knew, right?

    The flash of anger in Tom's eyes amused Keith, instead of scaring him. He had more on Tom than Tom had on him, after all. Keith loved knowing other people's secrets, and it never really occurred to him that some secrets could be very dangerous.

    "Fine, I'll let her sleep", Keith agreed when Tom told him to let his sister sleep. "I just want a place to crash on the couch, and a blanket, and I'll be gone as soon as daylight hits", he promised.

    Despite the fact that he loved to see his brother-in-law fuming, Keith was true to his word, at least this time. As soon as he got the blanket, the young man took off his shirt so he would look presentable in the morning and laid on the couch, after setting his phone to vibrate at around six.

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    Tom Burns

    Tom wanted to deck Keith right in his arrogant face. He was so tempted to do so. He would have done it, if it wasn't for the fact Keith had seen him at the motel a few weeks ago. Tom knew Keith well enough to know he'd yell loud enough to wake up Dani. Tell her what happened and...No, Tom wasn't going to let Keith ruin his life. Keith Allerton made a habit of knowing people secrets. Someday, someone would make him pay for that. Tom was sure of it, but tonight was not going to be that day.

    "You had better."

    Tom replied to Keith when he said he'd let Dani sleep. She was probably going to be pissed that Keith was even here.

    "I want you gone before sunrise."

    Tom said throwing the blanket that had been in the linen closet in Keith's face.

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    Keith Allerton

    Keith kept on smiling as Tom spoke to him. He wasn't really scared of Tom, not now that he had some dirt on his brother-in-law. He wasn't interested in any mischief now, though. All he wanted was a place to sleep, and for Tom to go back to bed as well and let him rest.

    When Tom threw the blanket on his face, Keith picked it up before it could fall. Something shone in his eyes, but it was too quick for someone else to be able to figure out what it was.

    "Yes, sir", Keith replied to Tom's demand that he'd be gone before sunrise. He seemed to have resumed his usual carefree demeanor.

    As soon as Tom turned his back, Keith would flip him and then lay down on the couch, falling asleep practically right away.

    Despite his promise, he would still be there early next morning, having slept right through his alarm, or maybe simply not caring all that much about waking up and leaving quietly.

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    Tom Burns

    Tom would have loved to wipe that smile off of Keith's damn face. He hated his brother-in-law's smile. God, he was such an asshole! If Tom didn't know as sure as the sun would rise tomorrow morning that Keith would run to Dani and tell her things Tom didn't want her to ever know, then Tom would have punched him. Instead, he just glared at Keith. Hoping the idiot would keep his word and be gone before Dani or Jared saw him. Although he knew Keith Allerton's word wasn't worth much.

    "Yeah, night."

    'I had better not see your face in the morning,' Tom thought to himself and headed back to his bedroom. He rejoined his wife in bed and told her quietly.

    "He's gone, try to get some more sleep."

    At least he hoped that Keith would be gone before Dani had to wake up. Tom settled into bed and tried to go back to sleep. It wasn't that easy since Keith had woke him up.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Dani was grateful that Tom told her he'd take care of whoever was at the door. She was ninety nine percent sure it was her younger brother. And she didn't feel like dealing with him tonight. He only came over when he needed something, like a couch to sleep on. Or money. Probably whatever woman he chose to spend the night with had a husband or boyfriend coming home and he had needed to get lost. She was just falling back asleep when Tom rejoined her in bed.


    She muttered, she definitely didn't want to deal with Keith or any of his drama tonight. Not when she had an important meeting in the morning. However, still, being woke up in the middle of the night, made it harder to sleep. Dani was already stressed about the meeting. Any time a big business was thinking of coming to your city was a big deal. It could create more jobs and she should have had been very rested, but she wasn't. Dani woke up a little past six feeling very tired. She'd got of bed to make a pot of coffee and then she'd start breakfast for Jared. Dani was sure she'd need to have lots of caffeine today.

    The way to the kitchen was through the living room and Dani got angry when she saw someone sleeping on her couch. Dammit! She thought, angry that Keith was here and that Tom had lied and said he was gone. She'd bitch at Tom about it later. Right now, she wanted Keith gone. She had things to do and she didn't need him here. He always had a way of making everything about him. She stormed over to her couch and pulled the blanket off of Keith.

    "Keith, what are you doing here?"

    She asked, quietly but angrily. Her son was still sleeping and she didn't want to yell and wake him up. At least he could get some more sleep.

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