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    Rena Andrews

    Rena took a deep breath, feeling angry with Tom. How dare he use her and treat her like she was some sort of street dog? He would have to pay for it. And he would. Closing her eyes for a moment, Rena pondered for a while. She had to get moving with her phone call for the police. What should she say? Should she say simply that she had seen a dead body, and who he was?

    Smiling, Rena picked up the phone and made a call.

    "Police? Good morning. I have something to report".

    She hesitated just a little, before speaking quickly. "I saw a dead body this morning. It's... it was Mr. Keith Allerton, the younger brother of the Mayor". After some hesitation, she added, deciding to throw caution to the wind. "Mr. Burns, the Fire Chief, probably knows more about this... event than he would like police to know".

    Without giving her name or any more information, Rena hung up. Well, there he had it. That would teach Tom to play with fire.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    With thoughts of Keith pushed out of her mind, Dani put on a happy face as the children were brought into her office. She was a little nervous, she had the fear the children would find her job boring. It wasn't as exciting as running into a burning building or stopping a criminal. But being the Mayor was a very vital job of the community. She noticed that Mrs Rivera seemed a little nervous as well. She had no idea the reason and thought that perhaps the children were a little wild.

    "Hello, children."

    Dani started and gave them a brief rundown of what her job was for Clearwater. Wondering in the back of her mind if she was boring them. After all, being the leader of their community, she spent a lot of time in meetings.

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    Mrs. Rivera and the Children

    The children seemed really curious about everything about them as they walked into Dani's office. Little whispers and giggles were heard, but the kids soon quieted down when Mrs. Rivera shushed them gently. She was still nervous, but having something to worry about made her feel a little less stressed. Things would probably be different once she had to talk to Dani, but, for now, all she had to worry about was keeping the children well-behaved and pay attention to what their Mayor had to say.

    Once Dani finished her brief rundown of her job, one of the kids raised her hand and waited to be allowed to speak. "Mrs. Allerton-Burns, do you have to study a lot to be Mayor?", she asked curiously. The little girl's father was always telling her she needed to study a lot if she ever wanted to be anything important in life, so, in the girl's mind, the Mayor should probably have had to study harder than anyone else. Of course she wouldn't explain all that unless asked to, but it made sense in her young mind.

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    The local P.D.

    At the local Police Department, the operator who had picked up the phone was still stunned by what she had heard. Was it true? She supposed someone might have been interested in killing Mr. Allerton. He wasn't exactly the best citizen in town, was he? But he was still their mayor's brother, so it would take a lot of guts - or anger - for someone to have the guts to simply kill him. And just like that, in broad daylight? What on earth was this person thinking?

    The operator had just gotten up to go share what she had heard with others, when Mrs. Blight, as nervous as it was to be expected when someone had to come into the PD to report something, stormed in. "There's... a dead man on the street, right in the old alley!", she blurted out, not even able to think clearly. This kind of thing didn't happen in their small and safe town. People died, sure, but they died of natural causes or accidents. They weren't murdered and left out on the street to be found just like that.

    As soon as she finished speaking, the operator decided to step in. "Was this man Mr. Allerton?", she asked, ignoring propriety or politeness for now.

    Mrs. Blight's eyes widened, and she nodded. "Yes, exactly. Did Mrs. Rivera...?". The operator shrugged. "We just got an anonymous caller", she explained. An officer who was in the room sighed. "I'll check it out. Will report back soon", the man stated, leaving the room through a back door. He'd better take his car and make this official. Unless people in town were collectively hallucinating, something serious was going on.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Kids always made Dani smile. She loved kids. She had wanted more then just one, but Tom had only wanted one child. Saying their hands full as it was. Especially given their jobs, she supposed he was right. Although, as Jared was getting older, she sometimes wished they had had another child.

    Dani hoped she hadn't bored them too much with her job, she tried to make it sound interesting. Even if there were times it really wasn't. The kids seemed to be interested, which was nice. She smiled at the girl.

    "Studying is important, but I didn't have to stay in school as long as a doctor or a lawyer. One of the most important parts of my job is listening and that can't be taught in a school. I have to listen to what the people in our town want and need. Helping people with different viewpoints and desires come to a compromise that is best for everyone. School is important for any job, the more you know, the better. In fact, you should never stop learning. However, what I've learned since I have become Mayor, is that passion is one of the most important things to have. If you aren't passionate about you do, then you won't do the best job you can. And that applies for any profession, not just politics."

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    Mrs Rivera and the Kids

    The girl who had asked the question about studying paid attention to every word Dani had to say. The other kids were paying attention too, and once she finished speaking, the girl nodded. "Thank you," she murmured somewhat timidly. Mrs. Rivera waited for a moment or two to see if any other child had other questions before turning her attention to Dani.

    "Alright, I think we're done here." She announced with a smile. "Thank you so much for having us, Mrs. Allerton-Burns. Have a great day!" She gave the kids time to wave and say goodbye, before leading them out of the office with a sigh of relief. The kids had behaved well, but it was still a relief to end her part of the visit.

    The Police Officer

    Officer Blake wasn't happy with this situation at all. What the hell was going on? Were the citizens about to start killing each other, or had this been a one-time thing? Hopefully, it was the latter. And, if he had to be honest, Mr. Allerton wasn't a big loss for the town. It might be for his sister, but he wasn't sure someone else would cry for Keith Allerton. Between Officer Blake and his conscience, he didn't care that much, but whatever the case was, he should check out the scene and get the crime scene unit there to see what they could find out.

    Mrs. Blight

    After making her report, Mrs. Blight just couldn't be quiet. Poor Dani needed to know what had happened, right away. And not from a cop, either. She needed to hear it from someone friendly. That meant herself, of course. She couldn't leave this task to anyone else. Of course, to be honest, the older woman just wanted to see Dani's reaction, but she would never admit that.

    Preparing herself for the sort-of-unpleasant task, Mrs. Blight turned her steps to the city hall. She practically demanded an audience with Dani, and didn't really wait for the secretary to announce her, instead moving with the woman on her heels.

    "Mrs. Blight, you can't just..."

    "This is important, it's a family matter." The woman interrupted, turning to look at Dani and ignoring her secretary. "Oh, my dear!" She exclaimed, her face taking on a tragic expression. "Did you hear about what happened...?"

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Dani gave the girl a kind smile.

    "You're welcome."

    She told her and was happy that the kids seemed to enjoy their visit with her. It was fun and made her wish she and Tom hadn't stopped with just one kid. Although she knew that the reason they did was because they were both in far too demanding of careers to take care of more then one child. Dani loved her son dearly, but sometimes she wished they had another kid. Jared was growing so fast and these kids reminded her how much fun it had been when he was their age.

    "Thank you, I hope you all have a nice day."

    Dani told Mrs Rivera and saw them all out. After the kids left, she went back to her work. She had no idea what was going on in town. She looked up in surprise when she heard her secretary arguing with someone and that someone came in her office.

    "Hear what? What happened?"

    Dani asked Mrs Blight, very confused. She had no idea what the other woman was talking about.

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    Officer Blake

    Officer Blake left the station quickly, and went to check out this possible murder. Once again he felt like he was wasting his time. Nobody cared that much about Keith Allerton, he was just a jerk. Still, as a police officer, it was his job to get to the scene and investigate. Getting to the alley, the officer noticed that this time the local gossip was true. Letting out a sigh, he got down on one knee and checked the man. Yes, he was definitely dead. Letting out a sigh, the officer called the station and asked for the crime scene unit. It was better to just get this done and over with.

    Mrs. Blight

    Mrs. Blight was almost out of breath, as she usually was when she had some juicy gossip to share. Still, she had a tragic expression and her eyes were even tearing up a little. Taking a deep breath, she held Dani's hand. Despite her being a major gossip-mongerer, Mrs. Blight did actually feel for Dani. Keith wasn't a nice person, but he was her brother, after all.

    "Oh, my dear." The older woman sighed and patted Dani's hand. "It's your brother, dear. Someone has... hmm... hurt him," she finally said, trying to be as nice as possible about the situation, and unable to bring herself to actually tell Dani her brother was dead.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Mrs Blight was acting odd. Dani knew she was a town gossip, this was almost out of character for her to be so reserved. People usually had to be careful what the said around the woman, unless they wanted the whole town to know their business. Dani frowned at Mrs Blight.

    "Hurt him? How? Is he in the hospital?"

    Dani asked, very confused. Surely someone would have called her, right? She knew many people didn't like Keith. Hell, she didn't like him that much either. But still...He was her brother. Surely if he was badly hurt someone would call her. She was his next of kin. What the hell was going on?

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    Tom Burns

    In a small town, everyone knew everyone. It could be a good thing at times, or a bad thing. Right now, it seemed to be a bad thing. Everyone knew Keith and most people didn't like him. Not that Tom blamed them, he didn't like his brother-in-law either. Hell, he was certain his wife didn't always care for him. But, Keith had been her brother. People were already talking about it, he had a few people already offering him condolences and he was angry. Did Dani know? Despite what he doing with Rena, he did love Dani. He didn't want her to find out through the grapevine. Which was going to happen because he was pretty sure no one from the police department had properly notified her.

    He stormed over to the crime scene and found Officer Blake. Well, shit, Rena wasn't lying, Keith was dead. He wasn't sure how to process that. He ducked under the police tape and said.

    "What the hell, Blake? Are you so incompetent in your job, that you didn't think that perhaps you should tell me and my wife about this-"

    He said waving his hand at Keith's dead body.

    "-Before you start investigating? I'm sure Dani won't appreciate finding this out from the town gossipers."

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