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    Mrs Blight

    Mrs. Blight really didn’t want to have to do this. For once in her life, she had juicy news she didn’t really feel happy to share. Still, she knew someone needed to. The woman took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, before opening them.

    “I’m afraid it’s a bit more serious than that, dear,” she finally murmured, paying attention to Dani’s expression. God knew the boy wasn’t a nice person, but he had been her brother, after all, and that couldn’t be easy.

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    Officer Blake

    The officer was busy with the crime scene investigation, trying to figure out what had happened and how Keith had been killed. The situation was so disconcerting - he was a jerk, but he was the Mayor’s brother, after all - that everyone was too focused on figuring out what was going on before notifying anyone. He had his own ideas that made it make sense as well, but of course he wasn’t about to share those with anyone yet.

    When someone ducked under the tape closing off the scene, Blake stopped taking notes and turned around, ready to tell the person off. Seeing who it was, he didn’t protest, even though he wasn’t happy with the interruption.

    “Mr. Burns.” He took a deep breath. “We’re trying to figure out what exactly happened before we send out official word,” the officer replied somewhat dryly. “Since you are here, though… where were you between last night at midnight and well… now?”

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