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    Cursed family RP

    Cursed family RP

    ((I totally know I shouldn't be having any more ideas XD))

    So, this idea is inspired (not based, just loosely inspired) in The Hound of the Baskervilles. Basically, we would have a family plagued by a curse in the form of an unknown beast. This beast often chooses one member of each generation of the family as its favored victim, even though it can - and will - also torment others.


    Your character can get injured and even killed by the creature, keep that in mind. One of the characters - randomly selected via dice roll - will be killed unless they manage to kill the creature somehow. The beast will only take as the chosen victim someone within the family's bloodline, so spouses are free from it unless they interfere with its desires.

    Posting frequency for this would ideally be of a post a week, but as we all have lives, it doesn't really matter that much as long as people communicate in case they want to be skipped. Posting will happen in cycles, with me starting every new one and people posting in any order they see fit within the cycle.

    Available characters:

    The family's patriarch (free)
    The eldest son (free) and his wife (free)
    A daughter (taken, Shades) and her husband (free)

    More characters can be opened in case someone else has any ideas. NPCs, such as servants and friends, are welcome. As long as I get the three bloodline characters, this is gonna be a thing.

    Thanks for reading, and please, don't feel like you (general you) need to join this, just wanted to get the idea out of my system. XD

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    I'm trying not to get into new games until I'm fully back in both the Game Hall and Tsunami. However, I just posted about this on our Facebook page, complete with description. So if anyone there would like to come back, but doesn't want to have to read too many posts to catch up, they know about this new game.

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    Thanks, Anne, that's really cool, and I really appreciate!
    Also, I think I need to dig around and find our Fb page so I can follow it. XD

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    You're most welcome! I'll try to do that as new games come up. Hiatuses may get in the way, but I will try.

    I'm glad you found it. I'm trying to revitalize it. So far, I think that's with mixed success, but that's what happens when you end up taking a hiatus because you're sick. {rueful smile}I am hoping that if I can keep folks there "in the loop" more, they'll be more likely to wander back sooner or later.

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