((Okay, I promise this is the last one XD))

I'll keep this short and sweet, as more details will be given in the OOC thread if this takes off.

Basically, this roleplay will take place in an island. The island is the home of an elemental wizarding academy. We're having one headmistress (my character), four Elemental Guides (males or females), one for each element, and students can be either PC's or NPC's, if nobody takes any.

Students will be between 13 and 23 , and Guides 26+, as 10 years is the time it takes for full formation and then one would go 3 extra years to become a Guide (teacher).

We are having antagonists, and after setting the mood they are going to make their presence known. These can be PC's if someone really wishes to take them, otherwise I'll just NPC them. I will require, though, that every interested roleplayer has at least one character in the Academy, as it will be the focus of the story.

This is just the very basic, but anyway... if this gathers enough interest, I will apply to writing down the details. Feel free to ask any questions.

Required characters:

Headmistress: I'm taking this one, and creating her in detail if this takes off

Water Guide: Free
Fire Guide: Free
Earth Guide: Free
Wind Guide: Free

There is no limitation for how many students we can have, and anyone is welcome to create more than one character, but I'll need the guides in order to get this show on the road.