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    Finally posted, just reused my other one.

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    Posted but, obviously, I couldn't just do a copy and paste.

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    Awesome! Added to my list!

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    Another one, sorry about all of the delays! Trying to play catch up during this weekend and see what I can get out of the way.

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    Feel free to skip me. I won't have anything to add until Becca and Blake meet with the landlady. Who will be thrilled to rent the house.

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    All right, won't be long, I'll point in that direction on the next post
    Can't wait for them all to meet.

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    Me neither. Laura will be very interested in them. Of course, she'll try to scare them out. But it's not easy to scare other monsters.

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    She can try, but it will be a pretty interesting battle to fight.
    I bet she'll be entertained for a while

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    If everyone is all right with this, I think we can jump to when they move in on the next round?

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    Sounds good to me.

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