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Thread: Modern royals

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    Modern royals

    Modern royals

    (Make me stop!)

    So, I decided to throw it out here just to get it off my system.
    My idea - very vague - would be to follow a set of young royals (siblings or cousins) and their training to take their places in the future, while they just want to be young and have fun - and end up causing all kinds of problems, damage and scandals the older members of the family need to cover up.

    I would like to have some NPCs used by people, such as parents and people who work for them, we could all have them linked to our characters and controlled by them.

    If this gathers interest, I'll work on developing this further.
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    Hmmm...what time period you thinking of for these royal brats?

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    Either nowadays, or at the earliest the 50s. I actually got the idea reading about the time when Elizabeth II was still a princess.

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    Okay, that sounds fun. Especially since modern technology and social media can make it even harder for scandals to be covered up.

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    Yup. And I don't think those royal brats are too worried about covering anything up.

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