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    Supernatural Roommates OOC Info and discussion

    Supernatural Roommates OOC Info and discussion

    Synopsis from the show at the starting point: A vampire and a werewolf are looking for a place to share, and rent a house. The house is (unbeknownst to them) already occupied by the ghost of someone who died in there and could not cross over, as they have not resolved it - they don't even know they are dead as the story starts. Eventually, they start noticing the ghost, and at some point, even seeing and interacting with it, to the point where they become friends. Later in the story, the ghost becomes visually solid and starts being capable of interacting as though they were a living person, even though they are not very solid to the touch, and are pretty cold.


    Vampire - Optimus Prime
    Werewolf - Shades
    Ghost - Sojourn

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    I got Laura up. I decided she has no idea how much time has actually passed since she died. She, at most, might think a few months have passed since her accident. Not literally years.

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    Sounds like a pretty good idea, and would explain why she didn't move on.

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    I figured she can't move on because she doesn't actually know she is dead. She just thinks her boyfriend is an asshole for leaving her and her family decided to cut her off.

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    Aw, poor girl. I suspect she'll be in for a pretty big shock when she learns the truth.

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    Yeah, she will be. Becca and Blake will be the first people who have actually seen her in a long time.

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    Good thing she'll meet some people who are as odd as she is.

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    Blake is up. Obviously, I had to make quite a few changes to him.

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    He looks great!
    It's added to my list, I'll have the IC up soon!

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    All right, IC is up, sorry if I've kept you folks waiting for long!
    Brought my post from the other one over, with just a few minor changes!

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