Laura Rhoades

Laura felt like she was waking up from a dream. She had been stuck here, not realizing what had happened to her. It didn't seem that long ago she had been hit by the car. She remembered fighting with David. He had been flirting, again, with some girl. She remembered storming out of her. The car coming and...She had woke up in the hospital. Her mother had been crying. It had confused her. She had walked home and...This place didn't look like home. Gone were the things she had been used to seeing. It was just bare walls. A different color then what she and David had painted them.

Blake and Becca apologizing to her brought Laura back to the present.

"I...Thank you."

She said. She was suddenly afraid. Where did people go after they died? She didn't know and wasn't sure if wanted to know. She had only been 24 when she died. She had been so focused on what her future would be, she had never stopped to think about what happened when you died. She assumed she'd die an old woman. After getting married and having lots of kids and grandkids. Well, that had hadn't happened.

"Yeah and I'm sorry I was rude to you. I just...I thought Mrs Miller was trying to kick me out...I didn't realize she didn't know I was here."

It was a lot to process for the ghost. She thought back at how many times Mrs Miller had tried to rent out the place and asked.

"What year is it?"

How long had she been dead? She wondered.