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    Laura Rhoades

    Laura felt like she was waking up from a dream. She had been stuck here, not realizing what had happened to her. It didn't seem that long ago she had been hit by the car. She remembered fighting with David. He had been flirting, again, with some girl. She remembered storming out of her. The car coming and...She had woke up in the hospital. Her mother had been crying. It had confused her. She had walked home and...This place didn't look like home. Gone were the things she had been used to seeing. It was just bare walls. A different color then what she and David had painted them.

    Blake and Becca apologizing to her brought Laura back to the present.

    "I...Thank you."

    She said. She was suddenly afraid. Where did people go after they died? She didn't know and wasn't sure if wanted to know. She had only been 24 when she died. She had been so focused on what her future would be, she had never stopped to think about what happened when you died. She assumed she'd die an old woman. After getting married and having lots of kids and grandkids. Well, that had hadn't happened.

    "Yeah and I'm sorry I was rude to you. I just...I thought Mrs Miller was trying to kick me out...I didn't realize she didn't know I was here."

    It was a lot to process for the ghost. She thought back at how many times Mrs Miller had tried to rent out the place and asked.

    "What year is it?"

    How long had she been dead? She wondered.

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    Blake Doakes

    Once Laura stopped going at them so angry, Blake could see that she hadn't realized she was dead. And he did feel bad for her. It had to be quite a shock. She looked like she was in her early to mid twenties. She had had so much of her life ahead of her. And it was gone, in an instant. It was amazing how fast life could be taken away. He had been young when he had been forever changed. When you were that young, you never thought about dying. He hadn't even seriously thought about death when he had enlisted in the military after the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Even though he had went off to war, he had assumed he'd come back alive. He had never considered any other alternative. He was alive...But not in the way he could be with his family. He was dead to them. Had been for decades.

    "It's 2017."

    He told Laura the year, wondering when she had died.

    "And it's okay. Finding out you're not what you thought you were is a huge shock."

    He hadn't taken finding out he was vampire very well either.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Becca let out a long sigh when Laura calmed down. She was sure finding out you were dead wasn't easy at all. Hell, she had nearly gone mad when she had learned about her own changes, and she was still alive. For Laura, it was much worse.

    Becca looked at Blake for a moment, wondering how it should have been for him. Well, she could ask him later, now that they had their own space.

    "It's okay, honey. I would have been lashing out at people too in your place", she replied in a peaceful intonation. There was no need to make this more stressful than it needed to be.

    Once Blake finished speaking, Becca turned her attention to Laura. "You're welcome to stay around, and just... honestly, this place is your home too, but we really need it too. Blake and I just want a safe and peaceful home. Let's say we have our own issues as well".

    She walked up to a box and sat on it. "Just stay out of my room at all times. Promise", she asked, not unkindly, her expression making it clear this was really important.

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    Laura Rhoades


    Laura asked, in shock. No, that couldn't be...Could it?

    "Shit...I've been dead for about ten years."

    And she didn't even know it. Suddenly, she felt bad. All the terrible things she had thought about her boyfriend and her family. How now one visited her. The fact that Mrs Miller hadn't been able to rent the place out for ten years because of her. It made her feel guilty. She was stuck and she was preventing Mrs Miller for being able to do anything with this place. And the landlady had been pretty nice to her when she was alive.

    She was curious of her new roommates now. How could they see her, when Mrs Miller and the others that had came and gone here couldn't?

    "Yeah, sure. I'll stay out of it."

    She said to Becca and then asked.

    "So, what's the deal with you two? How can you see me if others can't?"

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    Blake Doakes

    Blake was glad that Laura was calming down. He definitely understood her anger. He had been very angry that he had been turned against his will. Because his creator wanted to build a coven and had thought that soldiers would be a great start to it. He imagined Becca had been pretty angry she had been turned into a werewolf as well.

    He gave Becca and look and said to his werewolf friend.

    "She might as well know. We did get this place so I didn't need to hide my dietary needs."

    Nor did he want to here. The point of this place was so he and Becca could be themselves. Their true selves, away from the human world. And then he turned back to Laura.

    "Do you promise not tell any mediums, ghost hunters, or dumb kids playing with an Ouija board our secrets?"

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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca nodded when Laura asked for confirmation that it was 2017. She wondered how long she had been dead for, but felt it was not the time to ask. Laura had just learned that she was deceased, though, so maybe it was for the best to give her some time.

    When Laura said she had been dead for about ten years, Rebecca sighed. Poor girl, now it made sense that she wasn’t sure about the date. “I’m sorry, honey”, she murmured quietly.

    Hearing Laura ask them why they could see her, Rebecca turned her gaze to Blake. She wasn’t really sure that she wanted to tell Laura about their true natures, to be honest.

    Still, Becca trusted Blake, and if he trusted the ghost, she might as well try herself. “All right. If you think so”, she conceded, still a bit unsure.

    When Blake asked Laura if she planned not to tell their secrets, Becca folded her arms and waited patiently, despite the fact that she was nervous about this whole thing. She had never really told anyone about her nature, and doing so now was pretty stressful.

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    Laura Rhoades


    Laura said to Becca when she expressed her condolences that Laura had missed out in the last ten years. It hadn't felt that long. It felt like she had just left the hospital. She gave the two living people a look. Clearly they had some big secret. Well, she was dead. It wasn't like she could tell the whole world. She nodded her head.

    "Sure, I won't tell anyone. What is it?"

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    Blake Doakes

    Blake had been an immortal a lot longer then Becca had been. He could tell she didn't like the idea, but he didn't see the point of keeping it a secret from Laura. After all, the whole point of the new place was to be what they were truly were. To have one place in the world they didn't have to pretend to be something they weren't. Plus, their extra roommate was a ghost. They were the first people to talk to in a decade. Surely, she won't be able to spread their secret that much.

    He turned to Laura and told her.

    "I'm a vampire."

    He said and flashed his fangs at her.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca was still a bit unsure about telling Laura the truth. Sure, she was a ghost, and couldn't really go around telling people her roommates were supernatural creatures too. But still, Becca had been so used to hiding her true nature it wasn't easy to be open about it now. Still, she trusted Blake. He had been a good friend so far, and Becca didn't think he'd lead her to make a bad decision now.

    Since she couldn't simply change in front of Laura - as she didn't have control over it -, Becca sighed and lifted her shirt, exposing the bite mark on her rib cage. She had never shown it to anyone, and it felt really awkward to do so.

    "Werewolf bite", she stated, laconically. "That's why I asked you to stay away from my room. I have a cage and sleeping pills there, to make sure I won't cause any trouble".

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    Laura Rhoades

    Laura could tell that Rebecca seemed pretty unsure about letting her in on the secret. Although, Blake was right, it wasn't like Laura could go tell a lot of people what was going on. They were the first two people in a decade to see and talk to her. A decade...Wow, she had been dead that long. It seemed so unreal to her. She wondered how her family was and David. Did they miss her or did they just forget she existed?

    If she was still alive and a human, Laura would have run out of the street screaming. After all, vampires and werewolves weren't supposed to be real. Just stuff in horror movies and for kids to dress up as for Halloween. Well, ghosts weren't supposed to be real either and yet she was here. Her eyes widened seeing Blake's fangs. Those were definitely not the costume ones people wore at Halloween. And she felt sympathy for Rebecca seeing the bite.

    "I'll stay out of it. I promise."

    She said to Becca and then told them.

    "I guess you being a vampire and a werewolf is why you can see me. Since you're supernatural beings, like me."

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