Blake Doakes

Blake gave Becca a look that said 'trust me'. It wasn't like Laura could go around spilling their secrets. In a way, she was like them. She wasn't normal either. Not anymore. There were people just as terrified of ghosts as they were of vampires and werewolves. Over the last few decades, Blake had become a better judge of character. He might have looked like he was still in his twenties, but he was actually in his nineties. He had the wisdom that came with getting older, just not the wrinkles or grey hair. Laura's reaction made him happy. He had been right they should just tell her. It was easier this way. No secret between the three. He nodded his head to Laura.

"You're right. Supernatural beings tend to seek each other out. Whether they realize it or not."

He had been drawn to Becca and now they had Laura.