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    Blake Doakes

    Blake gave Becca a look that said 'trust me'. It wasn't like Laura could go around spilling their secrets. In a way, she was like them. She wasn't normal either. Not anymore. There were people just as terrified of ghosts as they were of vampires and werewolves. Over the last few decades, Blake had become a better judge of character. He might have looked like he was still in his twenties, but he was actually in his nineties. He had the wisdom that came with getting older, just not the wrinkles or grey hair. Laura's reaction made him happy. He had been right they should just tell her. It was easier this way. No secret between the three. He nodded his head to Laura.

    "You're right. Supernatural beings tend to seek each other out. Whether they realize it or not."

    He had been drawn to Becca and now they had Laura.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Becca sighed, somewhat relieved, when Laura's reaction was better than she had anticipated. She had kept her secret locked so tightly - except for Blake - that her expectations were always in the worst case scenario mode. It was liberating to know that someone wouldn't think she was crazy, a liar, or was about to eat them.

    "Thanks. I think it doesn't matter now that you know, and I can't hurt you anyway, so feel free to come and go as you wish", she replied to Laura's promise to stay out of her room.

    She shot a grateful look at Blake after these words. It felt good to be able to trust someone, and have a new friend. "I'd say so". She then agreed to Laura's words. "I guess that means you've just gotten yourself two new friends", she added, with a half smile.

    "Since it's not like you can spook us away, Casper".

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    Laura Rhoades

    Laura was surprised a little at herself for her calm attitude about everything. She would think she'd be terrified, but she wasn't. She supposed it was because she was dead. It wasn't like Becca or Blake could hurt her. You couldn't hurt something that was already dead. She gave Becca a smile.

    "You're welcome and I'll keep that in mind."

    Although she would also respect Becca's privacy. She imagined a secret like that made it hard to trust anyone. She joked.

    "Damn...It looks like my reputation is ruined."

    Since she had been scaring away people from the house for a good part of a decade. It felt like a weight was being lifted off her shoulders. Yes, it was upsetting to know she was dead, but it was also freeing. She didn't feel as angry anymore either.

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    Blake Doakes

    Blake smiled, glad to see that Becca was willing to trust Laura. He knew that was a big step for his werewolf friend. But he also knew from experience it was better to let a few people in. It was hard to go through this type of life alone. No one, supernatural or not, liked to be alone. Having a friend or two made it easier. It always made it easier for Blake to forget about what he had lost. The life he had left behind. Even after all these years, he still missed his wife and kids. Even though they had all moved on with their lives. And he never blamed them. That's what he had wanted them to do. But it didn't mean he still missed them or mourned the life he didn't have with them.

    "Well, your reputation will probably still keep people away from this place."

    Blake told Laura with a wink. People might just think Becca and Blake were crazy for living in haunted house. Good, let them. Just because he was willing to let Laura in, that didn't mean he wanted the whole world to know his secret. He wouldn't have survived as long as he had if that happened.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Becca smiled back at Laura, feeling better now that they were all acquainted, and in good peace. At least enough to make sure that Becca and Blake would be able to live in this house. This was, after all, the perfect place for them. It was in the middle of a street, but the house itself was secluded enough to secure their privacy.

    Shaking her head when Laura said her reputation was running, Becca smiled again. "Well, you can still spook other people if you really need to, Casper", she replied, before turning her attention to Blake.

    "On a bit of a more serious note", she started, taking a deep breath and collecting her thoughts for a moment. "Well, you already know Blake and I are... different. We're just friends, but people sometimes think we're more than that. I personally don't mind, it shields me from well... you know. People getting too close", she explained, trying to think of what else to say.

    "What I mean is, we all do things we need to do for our comfort and safety. I'd like to know if there's something we can do to make you more comfortable here too", she finally explained. "Sorry, I'm getting unused to talking to people. Even dead ones".

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