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    Star Wars Rpg..(OCC)

    Star Wars Rpg..(OCC)

    I wanna start a Star Wars rpg..any interest??Anyone?Bueller?
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    Before I say more then a maybe, late Republic, Imperial time, post Imperial, or New Jedi Order time?

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Depending on what the majority wants,we will decide which era we want to play in.I'm familiar with SW up to about 5 years after Ep VI(Return of the Jedi).My knowledge is pretty low after that point.I figure that all,if not most, of us are current with EP 1 thru 6,so anywhere between those times would work.Any favorite era(s) that you'd prefer,Mattson?

    Everyone is welcome,of course.Post here if you want to be included or pm me.
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    I already said but it but i'll say it again lol, i'll play!

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    Go to your PMs Jason! *
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    I'm interested. When does this SL plan on starting? I'll be away for 2 weeks at the end of May, so I'd like a teeny time frame, if possible.

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    Bard had pointed something out to me.There are some fans who'd like to do an older SL (Old Republic.)We can do that or keep it to the Elysia thread,and also one for "Current"(Ep1-6 and beyond)fans.I'm for anything.

    We can start the SLs when everyone is ready,or we can start them pretty soon and those who may be on vacation/busy can also jump in later.

    Let me know what everyone wants.This will be alot of fun!!!
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    As I said elsewhere, I'd like the first crack at Mara . . . Palpatine's number one assassin!
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    So everyone knows,it's cool to use characters that you like,as long as it fits with what's going on.(for ex:No Han Solo if we are talking about changing Anakin's diapers,unless Han somehow is only a little boy and knows Schmi Skywalker.
    But it's okay for Chewie to do it 'cause he's like 200 years old and he might've possibly dealt with Watto for parts therefore knowing Schmi...and so on.)

    You can also BE the characters from the books/movies if you want. As soon as we know what era we will play in,Bard or I will post threads for all of us to put our Character bios in.
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    Well save for the Timothy Zahn books and those Tales compolations, I haven't read much stuff on the blossomed Star Wars Universe, though I'd be willing to play something. New character probably, unless somone wants Lando, Boba Fett, or Grand Admiral Thrawn.
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