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    Sarah was glad Adam agreed with her decisions on disciplining their son. She really wanted to make sure that they worked together as a team, even with Adam being gone from the house for long hours. "I think he will remember it. We have talked a lot about his courses of action. I also talked to him about never putting his hands on anyone unless someone puts their hands on him first. I think he'll react better next time". Sarah wished there wouldn't be a next time, but she was pretty sure there would. Children liked picking at other children, and, once they learned where it hurt, they would use that point to bother the others.

    "I'm pretty sure there will be", Sarah commented softly. "I wish I could say there won't, but we both know how kids are", she completed with a soft sight.

    While they talked, Sarah rubbed some tension off her husband's back, feeling happy to be able to help him relax. She knew how tired he was every time he got home, and thus tried to do something to help him feel rested.

    Smiling again when Adam said going to the zoo would be fun, Sarah stopped the back rubbing and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, resting her head against his. "Great, I'm sure they're gonna have a blast. They have been good lately, so I think they have earned it", Sarah commented. It was true, the kids had been pretty good. Ben's troubles had been a bump on the road, but she was sure that he wouldn't do it again.

    When Adam said she should get some sleep, Sarah nodded and nibbled on his neck. "I know, but I don't want to right now", she replied quietly. Sarah was pretty used to Adam's routine when he got home. She knew he would often watch something on TV and then go to bed. "I promise I'll be quiet, just want to cuddle a little, hm?", Sarah whispered near Adam's ear, softly.

    She would wait for his reply, though, as she would be happy to spend more time with Adam, but would simply go to bed if he preferred to have some alone time.

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    Optimus Prime

    There were many times that Adam felt like he wasn't doing a good enough job as a husband and father. He worked long hours to provide for his family, but he didn't get to spend as much time with them as he would like. That left a lot on Sarah's plate, especially with the actual upbringing of their kids. He didn't like that but he didn't see what other choice they had. He had to work full time to make sure their bills were paid and they had food on the table.

    Adam nodded his head that what Sarah had done about Ben was a good idea.

    "I'm sure he will. He's a good kid."

    Not a perfect kid, no child was. But Ben was a good kid and Adam was sure that Ben would remember what they talked about if the situation ever happened again. He truly hoped it did not. Adam turned his head to kiss her temple. Going to the zoo did sounds like lots of fun. Not just for the kids, but for the whole family.

    "I think it will be fun."

    Adam gave Sarah a smile when she said that she didn't want to go to bed right now. He loved spending time with her but he also knew she needed to get some sleep. Still, he had been away all day and it would nice to spend some time with his wife. He nodded his head.

    "All right, let's watch a show and then we'll go to bed together."

    Adam suggested to her. He didn't even care what show they watched. It would be nice to just spend a little bit of time together. With the kids in bed, it would be a rare time for them to be alone.

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    Sarah did miss Adam a lot while he was away. She could handle the home front quite well, but it was still hard to have to make most of the decisions on her own. It was harder when the kids had a serious problem or got injured or sick. Other than that, it wasn't too bad. She still missed having Adam's company for most of the day. She never complained, though, and made sure the children knew that dad worked for a long time every day to take care of them, so they wouldn't complain either.

    Now, though, they would have an entire weekend together as a family. Sarah was really excited to think of it. She would have to go into her drawer, where she kept some money for activities, but it would be worth it. She had been saving for a while, so they would be able to go to the zoo and then eat at some nice restaurant with the children.

    "It will, we need to remember to take lots of pictures. I need to show off how beautiful our kids are", Sarah suggested. "Because they take after me, of course", she completed in a light-hearted intonation.

    After this comment, Sarah kissed Adam's neck and got up from the bed, stretching for a moment. "It's a date", she replied to his suggestion of watching a show and then going to bed together. She would wait for him to get up as well and hold his hand so they could go to the living room.

    Since she didn't really watch TV most of the time, Sarah didn't care what show they would watch, and allowed Adam to pick while she moved to sit comfortably next to him, her head resting on his shoulder and her hand caressing his neck gently. Once they were both in position, she would let out one of those sighs she only did when she was happy, and keep quiet, lazily watching whatever was on TV and just enjoying that moment.

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    Optimus Prime

    Sarah and the kids never complained too much about the long hours he worked to take care of their family. He was grateful for that. He felt guilty enough at times having to work so much. It would be even worse if he had that to hear as well. It would be nice to spend a rare weekend all together. No school and no work. It would be fun. He'd probably be as much of a kid as his own kids at the zoo. He had always enjoying going there when he was a kid himself with his own parents.

    Adam nodded his head to his wife.

    "We'll bring lots of extra batteries. You know Maggie will probably want to pictures of every animal we see."

    He laughed when she joked that the kids were beautiful because of her. Playing along, he said.

    "Well, of course. I mean, I'm an ogre over here."

    Adam smiled when Sarah said she wanted to watch a show with him. He didn't watch too much tv himself, just about an hour or a night. Sometimes it was nice to just watch something to relax. It's not like he had time to really read books. As they got settled onto their couch, Adam wrapped his arm around Sarah's shoulders. Squeezing her shoulders when she let out her happy sigh. Their dates were never too fancy, they had two young kids and not a lot of money. Adam wondered when they got so old that date was watching television when the kids were asleep. Not that he minded, it was still nice.

    Adam was watching a crime show, when a commercial came on. It was about auditions for cooking contest that would be filming in a city about an hour away from the town he and Sarah lived in. The winner of the contest would win a million dollars and a year contract with the Food Network.

    "Wow, all that money would nice."

    Adam commented to Sarah, think of all things they could do with a million dollars. For one, they could get a new couch and not sit on the same one they had had since Ben was born.

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    Sarah smiled when Adam said they would bring lots of extra batteries with them to the zoo. She would make sure of that, as she was usually the one in charge of packing up for any family outing. "I know she will, and it'll be really fun for us all. We can pick the best ones and make them a small mural", she commented. Sarah loved making small things for the children, so they had good memories from the occasions when the family could do something special.

    When Adam laughed and said he was an ogre, Sarah chuckled and kissed him before speaking.

    "You are, but you're still my ogre, and I love you", she replied in a light-hearted intonation.

    Once on the couch with Adam, Sarah snuggled closer to him, satisfied with just beiing there and relaxing with her husband while the kids were in bed. Sure, they were not rich. But they were in their home, the bills were paid, and the kids were clothed and fed. That was enough to make Sarah content.

    While the show ran on TV, Sarah thought about their past. She had been terribly scared when she had gotten pregnant with Ben. Both she and Adam were young, and she was terrified that he would either break up with her or ask her to get rid of the baby. That was something she would never have done. Luckily, she had chosen a good man to be with, and he had taken care of everything. Maggie had come at a better place in their lives, and Sarah would love to have more children, but she was prudent enough to know that they simply couldn't afford another one.

    When Adam commented on the commercial, Sarah turned her attention to it. She read the text on the screen and nodded. "I know, we could do so much for the kids and us", she replied.

    After reflecting for a moment or two, she looked at Adam. "Try out for it", she requested softly. She knew her husband well enough to know the expression on his face. "We'll all support you".

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    Optimus Prime

    Adam nodded his head at Sarah's suggestion about making mural.

    "That's a great idea. We could hang it on the wall."

    He had the feeling that everyone was going to have lots of fun at the zoo. Actually, he'd probably be as excited as his kids were about seeing all the animals. He smiled and gave Sarah a kiss.

    "I love you too, princess."

    The princess and the ogre, that was his joke about them. While life hadn't exactly worked out the way Adam had planned it to be, he was okay with it. He had a good life. He had a wonderful wife and two great kids. He wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Not even to be running his own restaurant. That had been his dream before they had kids. He had planned to be properly trained as a chef and someday run his own place. But Sarah had gotten pregnant with Ben and Ben and Sarah came first. There had never been in any other thought in Adam's mind when Sarah told him she was pregnant. He would marry her and be a good father to his child. A few years later they were blessed with Maggie.

    Adam hadn't gave much thought when he commented about the reality show ad. All that money would be nice, but it wasn't something he'd seriously consider doing. He looked at Sarah in surprise.

    "What? Are you serious? No, I...."

    He shook his head. He knew his family would support him, he had no doubt about that.

    "I'd have to be on tv and what about my job? I'm sure those shows don't work around real job schedules."

    What if he had to quit his job? Then what would they do? It wasn't the best money in the world but his job paid their bills and made sure they had food and the kids had clothes and toys. It seemed like a lot of risk. Adam wasn't sure he was willing to do that. He liked knowing how much money was coming in every week.

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    Sarah smiled when Adam said making a mural was a great idea. She agreed that they could hang it on the wall. Sarah was sure the kids would love to help making it and would treasure it for a long time. "Awesome, I'll be sure to take a picture of us all to go on it as well", she replied to Adam's comment.

    Sarah's smile grew a bit wider when Adam said he loved her too. "I know, what's not to love?", she joked, shaking her head. To be honest, that was exactly what Sarah thought about Adam. She was as in love with him now as she had been years ago. Sure, they were older, busier and sometimes too tired to do anything more than kissing each other good night. Still, Sarah felt that they had a happy life.

    To be honest, Sarah hadn't thought too much about the reality show until she stopped to actually read the ad. All that money would be really great. They could rest assured that their kids would have college paid for, and Adam could finally have his dream of having his own restaurant come true.

    When Adam told her about his objections, Sarah nodded. They did make sense, and deserved to be addressed. Still, she thought they should weigh the opportunities against the risks.

    When Adam finished speaking, Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips gently. "Honey. It could mean your dream of having your own restaurant come true, it could mean a better life for the kids... what do you have to lose in just talking to someone and seeing what it's like?".

    After this question, Sarah fell silent. She knew Adam was the breadwinner in the household, but she felt she should also have a say in what happened around the house, and well... couldn't hurt to try and get some more information about the reality show, right? If it didn't work out with his job, he could just not sign up for it.

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    Optimus Prime

    "You had better."

    Adam joked to Sarah when she said she'd make sure their pictures were on the mural as well. He was perfectly find with her taking a million pictures of the kids. It amazed him how fast they grew. It didn't seem that long ago that Ben was a baby. Now he was in school and pretty soon Maggie would be too. His mom wasn't kidding when she told him to enjoy every moment he had with his kids, since kids grew up fast.

    "Well, you are a brat. But you're my brat, so it's good."

    Adam told Sarah in jest. He loved to joke around with her. There was no other woman in the world he'd rather be with then her. He gave her a kiss. She was his best friend, his everything. They might not have tons of money or expensive things, but he thought they had a good life. They had a lot of love in this house and that was more then a lot of people in the world had.

    Adam never saw himself as someone to go on a reality show. He usually made fun of them. After all, most of the shows were fake. Especially those stupid dating ones. He thought the people who went on them wanted to be actors. While the money would be nice, he certainly had no interest in acting.

    "I don't know...."

    Adam replied to Sarah. She did have a point, the money would be nice. But what would the odds be of him actually winning? One in a million, probably. It'd be like the lottery. He was sure millions of people would try out for the show. He'd probably waste his time even trying out. He gave Sarah another kiss and said.

    "Tell you what, I'll think about it. Okay?"

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah smiled and shook her head when Adam joked that she'd better make sure their pictures would be on the mural. She didn't particularly mind if they were not, but it would be nice to have at least one, and one with the whole family. "Yes, sir", she replied with a big grin.

    When Adam said she was a brat, Sarah laughed and shook her head.
    "Well, if I'm your brat, it's definitely good", she replied, pinching Adam's arm gently.

    Just like Adam, Sarah really enjoyed spending time with her husband. They had gotten married when they did because she had gotten pregnant, but Sarah was pretty sure they would have gotten married anyway. They had always gotten along well, and, despite the fact that they were both young, they had their heads and hearts in the right place.

    Since they had gotten married, Sarah had never once regretted her decisions. Adam was a good husband and father, and they had reached a good agreement on what they life would be like. She would have enjoyed working for a while, and it would bring in more money into the house, but then they would have to arrange for child care, which they simply could not afford. Maybe when Maggie went to school she could consider part time or something at home, but for now, she felt it was good for the kids to have at least one parent home with them. They would see about the rest later.

    When Adam said she didn't know about the reality show, Sarah nodded. She didn't want him to feel pressured, but still, she wanted him to at least think about it, and how it could improve life for the children if he got the money. As for herself, Sarah didn't particularly care about the money. But it could help their children's future, and maybe they could even have another one, which Sarah would have liked, but didn't really mention, because she knew they couldn't afford another child.

    When Adam said he would think about it, Sarah nodded. She knew he would come to the best decision for their family, as he always did.
    "Okay, honey. Let me know if you want to talk about this at any time", she replied to his words.

    After these words, Sarah snuggled closer to her husband and caressed his chest gently. While she did so, she kissed her husband's neck a couple times.
    "Hmmm... how dead are you right now?", she asked quietly.

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    Adam Sinclair

    "Good girl."
    Adm replied to Sarah when she said that she'd make sure they'd get a good family photo. He did think that would be important. After all, the kids were only to be little once and already they changed so much since they had been babies. It was amazing to think it and also made him feel old at the same time. It did feel that not long ago that Sarah had told him she was pregnant and they had gotten married. Even if she hadn't gotten pregnant, he would have married her anyway. It just meant that having his dream of being a chef would take longer to achieve. He was okay with that. Although the reality show sounded like a great opportunity, there was some doubt for Adam. What were the odds of being accepted to it? And what were the odds of winning it? He was probably more likely to be struck by lightning or win the lottery.

    "I will."

    Adam replied and gave Sarah a kiss. As his wife cuddled closer and kissed his neck, the show they were watching wasn't holding his attention that much anymore.

    "Hmmm....not very."

    He replied and kissed her again.

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