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    Sarah Sinclair

    "That I am", Sarah replied with a smile when Adam said she was a good girl. After these words, Sarah showed her best faux smug expression before carrying on. "That's why you married me", she joked, shaking her head afterwards. She knew exactly why Adam had married her, at least when he did. At first, this knowledge would bother Sarah every now and then. Now, though, she had come to terms with it, and come to believe that they would have gotten married at some point anyway. They were just so good together, Sarah thought it would be a crime if she and Adam hadn't ended up together. They wouldn't have the amazing companionship they had shared in the last years, and their beautiful children. Now, after so long, Sarah couldn't imagine her life with anyone else, or any other way. And now, they had a chance at a better life. That is, if Adam would only consider applying for the reality show, and if Lady Luck decided to smile upon them. Who knew? Sarah really hoped for it, as Adam really deserved to get his dream of having his own restaurant. He would still work hard, but he would be working for himself, and, having his own business, he would be able to have the kids around every now and then, even if he wouldn't have too much time to actually be with them.

    "Good", she replied when Adam said he would let her know if he wanted to talk. Sarah knew he would make the best decision for the family, so she didn't insist. He had to make the best decision for himself as well.

    Hearing Adam say he wasn't very dead made Sarah smile. She was sure he knew what she had in mind. It wasn't as though he didn't know her well enough to practically read her mind. "Hmmm... good... I could use some attention", she replied, resting her head on Adam's shoulder. "Only if you want to, though, honey. I don't want you to be too tired in the morning".

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    Adam Sinclair

    "Well, that and you're smoking hot."

    Adam told Sarah with a grin. To him, she was the most beautiful girl alive. Of course, he didn't marry her just for her looks. He married her because he loved her. He couldn't picture his life without her. Even if she hadn't gotten pregnant with Ben when she did, he would still married her. It was okay his own dreams had been put on hold. He loved the life he had created with Sarah and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Not even his own restaurant.

    "Sarah, my love, that's what coffee is for."

    Adam told her with a wink.

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah laughed when Adam said she was smoking hot. She didn't feel anywhere close to smoking hot right now, but it was fun to play along. "Well, that I am... you're a lucky man", Sarah joked with a grin. She sighed after this joke, feeling happy to just be there with her husband. The kids were asleep and safe, they were all home, what more could she want? "You're not too bad either", she completed, almost as an afterthought.

    When Adam mentioned coffee, Sarah laughed again and kissed his lips.

    "Well... I'll make you the strongest cup of coffee you have ever had in the morning, then", she joked, standing up and offering Adam her hand so they could go into their bedroom. As fun as fooling around on the couch sounded, after all, Sarah didn't want to risk having this conversation with her children right now, so the bedroom, behind a closed door, was a safer choice. "Come on", she whispered, winking at Adam. "Before someone decides to wake up".

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    Adam Sinclair

    To him, Sarah was smoking hot, even if she didn't think it herself. He found her more attractive in her pjs then any Hollywood actress or super model.

    "Baby, I know I am and I'm glad you think so. Even if I am an ogre."

    Adam said with a grin and took her hand. The kids were fast asleep and they had a rare moment to themselves. They might as well enjoy it.

    "You know how to treat me well."

    He replied when Sarah said she'd make him a strong cup of coffee. He might need it but he certainly would not regret this. He didn't have to be told twice they'd better get to their room before one their kids woke up. Adam agreed with his wife about heading back to their room and happily showed her how much he loved her.

    The next morning

    Adam was tired the next morning, but he certainly had no regrets. He made breakfast for the family, pancakes and bacon.

    "Kids, what do you think about going to the zoo sometime?"

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah knew full well how much Adam loved her, and how attracted he was to her, even when wearing pjs or one of his old T-shirts. It was one of the things that made her so happy and relaxed in their marriage, to the point where she didn't really understand the concept of jealousy when it came to their relationship. Why would she even be jealous if she trusted her husband, right?

    When Adam mentioned him being an ogre, Sarah couldn't help but laughing, squeezing his hand when he took it. "I'm a kindly princess", she joked in a near whisper, just so she wouldn't run the risk of waking one of the children up.

    "That I do", she replied when he said she knew how to treat him well, happy to have some couple time tonight. Once they had enjoyed themselves enough, Sarah snuggled up into Adam's arms, as usual, and slept like baby until her alarm went off.

    The next morning

    Sarah had woken up early as usual and woken her husband and children up before getting into a shower to truly wake up and slipping into shorts and T-shirt to meet the kids for breakfast, since she wouldn't have to drive Ben to school today. She planned on meeting up with Jack's mother later today, but that didn't have to happen this early. Maybe she could even catch the woman for lunch and talk to her about her son's behavior - even though she felt it wouldn't go down too well.

    True to her word, Sarah made Adam a strong cup of coffee while he took care of breakfast, and helped the kids settle down on the table.

    Once everyone was settled, Sarah turned to the kids to see their reaction to Adam's question. Ben's eyes lit up right away. He could still remember the last time they had been to the zoo. He had always been wanting to go back, but hadn't asked, because he knew mom and dad didn't always have the time. Maggie, who had never been to the zoo, had been asking mom to go for months, so it was obvious she was delighted as she clapped her hands happily, causing her mother to laugh a bit.

    As soon as that moment of surprised passed, both kids started asking questions at once.

    "Can we really go, Dad? When are we going? Are you coming too? Can we have a picnic? I wanna see the lions, and the bats, can we?", they asked, too excited to breathe between questions.

    Laughing, Sarah leaned over to Adam and kissed him. "You got them excited, they're your ​kids now", she joked.

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    Adam Sinclair

    Adam was glad that Sarah knew she had no reason to jealous. There was no other woman in the world he wanted but her. She was definitely his princess. He loved the life they had created together. They might not be super rich or have tons of material things, but they had a good life and great kids. He couldn't ask for much more. Well, maybe some more money so they didn't worry as much about the bills. But money always went faster then it came.

    The next morning, Adam smiled seeing the kids' reaction to his suggestion abut going to the zoo. They quickly started their questions, which he tried to answer.

    "Yes, we can all go. This weekend, I'm going to be off work. I think a picnic will be nice. We can see all those animals and more."

    Feeling a little breath himself as he tried to keep up with them. He laughed and returned Sarah's question.

    "I guess so."

    Although he didn't mind them being all excited. It made him excited himself to see how happy they were at the idea of going to the zoo.

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah couldn't help but smile as well, seeing the kids so happy and excited. That alone made life worth living, and made everything they had lived through equally worth it. They had a happy family, good and healthy kids, and their needs met. Sure, they weren't rich - and probably would never be -, but they had so much more than other people did, especially in this economy.

    When Adam seemed a bit out of breath after answering the questions their kids had, Sarah laughed and leaned closer for a kiss. "You were great, though", she murmured gently, happy to let him take over and be more involved whenever he could.

    As the kids calmed down and went back to eating breakfast, Sarah sighed happily. Their kids were so amazing, they deserved to have fun.

    Turning back to Adam, she picked up her own coffee and took a long sip before speaking. "I'm going out to talk to Jack's mom, and try to clear the air, you know, all that stuff you do when your kids fight, but we should all be home at lunch time, honey", she informed Adam, as she always did. "Will you need a ride today?", Sarah asked, so she could make sure to plan her day accordingly.

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    Adam Sinclair

    Seeing how excited his kids were, made Adam smile as well. While he certainly wished he had more money, who didn't? Adam definitely would not trade what he had for any amount of the money in the world. His little family was happy and healthy. That alone was more then what a lot of people had. He was sure they would have lots of fun at the zoo. Even if they might be a little on money for the rest of the week spoiling the kids there.

    Adam smiled at his wife.

    "Thanks. I do try."

    He told Sarah with a smile and returned her kiss. He finished up cooking his and Sarah's breakfast, he always fed the kids first, and joined his wife at the table. He nodded his head to her.

    "Talking to her sounds like a good idea."

    When Sarah asked him about a ride, he replied.

    "I can walk, it's no deal if you aren't home in time to take me. I think talking to Jack's mom would be more important."

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah smiled and sighed happily looking at her family. While they had started off on a rough way - with Ben having been unplanned and all -, they were in a much better place now. Sure, they were not rich, and Sarah suspected they would never be. But that wasn't a problem for Sarah. They had a home, food on the table, and healthy kids. With her odd jobs here and there, she managed to put some money into savings as well as make some pocket money for smaller expenses, and they were living decently. That was all she wanted for now.

    When Adam joined her at the table, Sarah kissed him again and sighed. "Kids, can you go in the living room and play there while dad and I eat breakfast, please?", she asked, waiting for the kids to leave before turning her attention back to Adam.

    "I really don't want the headache of talking to that woman, she's a certified bitch. But on the other hand, I feel half bad for her. The kid's dad simply up and left with another woman one day, apparently doesn't even bother paying child support", she commented, shaking her head.

    "The kid has a lot of issues stemming from that, for what I've gathered. So, I'm pretty much torn between punching her too and offering a friendly ear for when she needs".

    Sarah tried her eggs with a soft "mmm", like she always did when she liked something, before smiling at Adam.

    "I think we both know which option my bleeding heart will choose, don't we?", she joked at her own expense.

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    Adam Sinclair

    Things didn't always work out the way you thought. Ben hadn't been planned, he had been a pleasant surprise, but Adam wouldn't have thing any other way. He truly loved his family. He just wished he could give them more. But Sarah and the kids seemed happy. And that should be enough.

    Adam returned Sarah's kiss and nodded his head when they were able to talk alone.

    "I don't envy you but I can see why she'd act like that."

    Jack's father had left her and didn't help at all with the boy. Adam could understand why that would be hard. That type of life was something Sarah would never have to worry about. Adam didn't want anyone but her and he'd never abandon his kids. He took a bite of food and said.

    "And the kid is probably having a lot of issues with his dad leaving. Not that it gave him the right to pick a fight with our son."

    He smiled when Sarah said what her options were.

    "Oh, we do. But you still have a mean right hook if you need to use it."

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