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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah let out a sigh. "Yeah, I'm not excited about talking to her either. But I'll try Lincoln's philosophy and try the destroying an enemy by making her a friend strategy. Who knows, we can both get something good out of it", she mused, hoping she could at least clear the air. It wasn't a good idea to bicker with other moms, after all. And kids would fight over anything and nothing anyway, and then make peace.

    She nodded when Adam mentioned that his issues didn't give Jack the right to pick a fight with Ben. "Oh, I know, but I can understand him. I used to lash out when my dad passed as well", she remarked. Sarah had lost her father at a young age, and, despite the fact that she now got along just fine with her mother's second husband, she had gone through a rough time. "I can only imagine how much worse it must be for a kid when their father is still around, but doesn't care about them enough to even make a phone call or take them out for lunch".

    Laughing when Adam mentioned that she had a mean right hook, Sarah leaned forward and kissed her husband again.

    "You better remember that if you ever decide to develop a wandering eye", she joked.

    The one reason Sarah could even joke like this was that she was sure Adam wasn't this type of man. He hadn't broken up with her when she had gotten pregnant and basically changed his entire life. He had been at her side even though she would do nothing but cry for the first couple months, before she put herself together and started being a supportive partner. Basically, he had seen her at her worst and never considered another woman, why would he do it now that, while not perfect, their lives were much better?

    Feeling more relaxed and confident about what she was supposed to do, Sarah moved her chair closed to Adam's and rested her head on his shoulder. "Thanks for listening to me, baby", she murmured gently. "Your turn now. Is there anything in your mind?", Sarah asked, as she always did whenever Adam took the time to help her process any concerns - which wasn't rare, as he was basically her best friend as well as her husband and father of her children.

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    Adam Sinclair

    "Yes, hopefully."

    Adam replied to Sarah. He could tell she was not looking forward to her chat today. He didn't blame her and was almost tempted to do the talking himself, except he thought that Jack's mother might respond better to another mother. What happened between the two boys seemed like something that needed to be hashed out between two mothers.

    "Just don't forget I'm just a phone call away if you need to vent. Or if you need me to talk you out of decking her."

    Adam nodded his head when Sarah said she did understand why Jack would act out but it didn't give him any right to pick fights with other kids. Especially their kid.

    "Yeah, that has to be really hard on him. Not being wanted by someone who is supposed to love you unconditionally."

    Adam replied. He was lucky, his father was still alive and happily married to his mother. Although he could see how hard that would be on a kid for a parent to just up and leave. Unlike Sarah's father, Jack's father made a choice. A bad choice. A choice Adam would never do to his own children.

    Adam returned her kiss and joked.

    "Honey, I'd figure you'd just kill me and scattered my body parts around the country if I was ever that stupid."

    Not that he would be. He loved his wife and no interest on leaving her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

    "Any time, babe."

    He told her and said.

    "Not really. I think for me, it'll just be another day. Counting down until the weekend and we can take the kids to the zoo."

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah smiled when Adam reminded her that he was just a phone call away. “I probably will”, she replied regarding needing to vent. “I will refrain from decking her, though, as we’ll probably have the kids around and I don’t want to give them a bad example. Only because of the kids”, she added, shaking her head.

    Once she had relaxed a little, Sarah nodded when Adam commented on a kid not being wanted by someone who should love them unconditionally.

    “I know. It breaks my heart, it really does. I don’t get it. I would fight tooth and nail if anyone even dared to suggest they would take the kids away from me, as I’m sure you would. How can a parent just walk out on their kid like that?”.

    When Adam joked that she would kill him and scatter his body parts around the country if he was ever stupid enough to walk out on their kids, Sarah laughed. “Don’t be silly, I wouldn’t kill you just like that. I would torture you first”, she joked, leaning forward for a kiss and then cuddling as close to Adam as possible, happy to just be in his arms and being able to share her worries with him.

    Hearing Adam say it would just be another day, Sarah nodded. “I’m looking forward to it too”, she admitted.

    After a few more seconds of cuddling, Sarah finally got up and started picking up the table. “I’ll tidy up here and call Jack’s mom, honey. I want to see if I can catch her now and invite her to lunch, and then maybe take the kids out for some fresh air, since I won’t have to take Ben to school anyway”, she spoke while cleaning up, both so Adam would know of her plans and to organize them in her own mind.

    Once she had laid out her basic plans for the morning, Sarah started doing the dishes and turned to Adam with a grin. “And don’t worry, I’ll choose the ugliest mom jeans I can find so nobody will look at me”, she joked.

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    Adam Sinclair

    Adam would always be there for Sarah. Even if she just needed to vent about something. That's what spouses were for. He smiled at his wife.

    "That's good, dear. Because you do want to set a good example for both kids."

    He told her, trusting that she could handle the boy's mother. Even if she needed to remind herself that decking the mom wouldn't solve anything. He nodded his head to Sarah. He knew she felt the same way he did about their kids. He loved both of them with all his heart and soul. He'd fight for them, he'd die for them. He sure as hell would never leave them by choice.

    "I don't either. And you're right, I would. Just like I know you would too."

    He sadly shook his head.

    "I wish I knew but I guess we're just too good of parents to even imagine doing that."

    When they began to joke about her killing him, Adam laughed.

    "You would do that."

    He returned her kiss and enjoyed holding her for a few more minutes. That wouldn't last much longer. He had to get to work and she had a meeting she wasn't looking forward too. Adam nodded his head at her plans.

    "Sounds like you got a good plan. Although even wearing those jeans still make you the hottest mom I know."

    He told her with a wink. Sarah could wear a potato sack and he'd still think she was attractive. Since he had met her, Adam only had eyes for her.

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah was extremely grateful for Adam's willingness to listen to her. And of course, she was always there for him and their children as well. That was what made them a strong family, in Sarah's opinion.

    Despite her comments about decking Jack's mother, Sarah wasn't violent at all. She could say those things, but she wouldn't hurt a fly. She had never even spanked one of the kids, as she believed there were other forms of discipline. She would if needed, though. But for now, it had never been needed with either one of their children. They seemed to be doing a good job raising Ben and Maggie.

    After some playful banter with Adam, Sarah had finished picking up the table. She couldn't help but laugh when he said she would be hot even wearing mom jeans. "Well... You have seen me looking worse - twice, when I was bigger than this house", she joked, walking close to Adam and kissing his lips.

    "All right, move your butt, you've gotta go to work", she whispered before stepping back. "I've gotta make my phone call and all that fun stuff".

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    Adam Sinclair

    Adam was always more then willing to listen to his wife. Even if he couldn't always offer a solution or make the problems go way. And he knew if the situation was reversed, Sarah would do the same for him. They were a good team, he thought. He also knew that Sarah wouldn't really hurt Jack's mother. No matter how much she might dream of it.

    Adam gave her a kiss and told her.

    "That was never the worst. You were even more beautiful as you waddled down the street."

    He told her with a wink and knew he had to finish getting ready for work. Everyone had things they needed to do. Going to the zoo would be fun for everyone.

    "Have fun, love you."

    He told her, giving his family and hugs one last time before he headed out the door. Adam started to walk to work but he only got a few blocks when he was picked up his co-worker, Carrie.

    "Get in the car, Adam."

    "You know I'm perfectly capable of walking."

    He replied but Carrie wouldn't take no for an answer. As they drove to work, she asked him.

    "Hey, can I ask you something?"

    "Sure, anything."

    He replied. Although he got confused quickly when she asked.

    "What's your social security number?"

    "Ummm...why would you need that?"

    "For the application."

    Carrie replied and Adam frowned at her.

    "What application?"

    "The one for 'Search for America's Next Top Chef'."

    Naming the show that he and Sarah had seen a commercial for.

    "Carrie, what are you doing?"

    "I'm going to submit an application for you. Oh, we'll need a good head shot too. Really highlight those blue eyes of yours."

    Carrie said as she pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant they worked at. Adam shook his head.

    "Carrie, I'm not trying out for that."

    "Why not? You're a great chef."

    "Because I won't make the cut. It would be a waste of time. Plus, I don't have the money to travel to-"

    "I can help you with that."

    Carrie said, cutting him off when Adam objected to having to travel the larger city for the auditions.

    "Plus, think of all the things you, Sarah, and the kids could do with the money if you win."

    "It's a big if."

    Adam said and his friend replied.

    "But it's worth it. Plus, you won't know if you try."

    "You sound like Sarah."

    "Sarah's a smart woman. You should do it. Now, tell me your social or I'll just call Sarah."

    Carrie said and Adam had known her long enough to know she meant it. He sighed and told her what she wanted to know to fill out the job application.

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah couldn't put in words how much better she felt knowing that she could always count on Adam. While he couldn't always solve the issues that bothered her, simply knowing he was there to listen and let her talk through things. That was usually enough to help Sarah relax and figure out what she should do about most issues.

    When Adam kissed her, Sarah happily kissing him back, letting out a happy sigh after the kiss.

    His comment on her being more beautiful as she waddled down the street made Sarah laugh. "Sure, thanks for humoring me", she joked, winking back at Adam.

    "I love you too, baby", she replied to his words, finishing off in the kitchen and stopping to give Adam a big hug and a kiss before letting him get out for work. As soon as Adam was gone, Sarah told the kids to go play quietly in the living room and went into her and Adam's bedroom, bracing herself to make the dreaded phone call.

    Sitting on the bed, Sarah checked the list for the numbers of the other mothers. Finding the number of Jack's mother, Sarah took a deep breath and called the woman.

    "Hello? Mrs. Baker?", she murmured, confirming that she was talking to the right woman before starting. "It's Mrs. Sinclair. Yes, Benjamin's mother", she identified herself, feeling a bit nervous.

    "Yes... it's about the fight. First of all, I'm really sorry about it. You know how kids are".

    Hearing that the woman on the other side seemed more receptive than she had expected relaxed Sarah a bit more, and she dropped the formal intonation a bit. "Yeah, boys. But still doesn't make it right. Can we grab lunch together? I'd really like to clear the air, and talk a little about all of it. Please?".

    Sarah could feel that the woman was a bit reluctant. "Oh, no, don't worry. You don't need a sitter. We can go to a kid friendly place, okay? It's even better, I'd like the kids to be there as well. Maybe they could make up? Okay, sure. Mc Donald's is great. What's the one closest to you? All right, I'll be there at about noon. Deal? Okay. Thanks, Mrs. Baker, I appreciate it. See you then".

    Once the call was over, Sarah took a moment to collect herself and sat down to write a new article on what happened when kids fought at school, doing her best not to mention any identifying information. It was her job, after all, and it was always good to write with the events fresh in her mind. Once the post was done, Sarah sat down to play with the kids for a while, taking a pause to text Adam so he would know what was up when he could. 'Talked to Jack's mom. We'll meet up at Mc D's for lunch, so the kids can play while we talk and iron out the issues. She seemed pretty receptive, so I'm hoping things will be all right. Love you, baby'.

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    Adam Sinclair

    "Any time, babe."

    Adam replied to Sarah with a wink. Although he had meant it. He had found her beautiful, even when she was pregnant. How could he not? She had been carrying his children. He told her and his family bye and headed off to his day.

    Which didn't turn out quite the way he expected. Carrie was not going to allow him to say no to doing the application. In fact, once they pulled into their place of employment's parking lot, she was filling it out with him. She had went online and printed it off.

    "...All right, now sign here."


    Adam replied and signed his name.

    "You know this is silly. I probably won't even get picked."

    He added and she said.

    "You won't know unless you try. Now, all we have left to is record a five minute video about you."


    Adam said, not liking that idea. Carrie rolled her eyes at him.

    "Well, why would they put you on TV if you don't look good on camera? The app says you can do anything that showcases you...Hmmm...Oh, I know! We should film it in your house. With Sarah and kids. People love the working man trying to make a better life for his family story."

    Adam replied.

    "I suppose you're right. Maggie and Ben might think it's fun too."

    Adam said, not really liking the idea but realizing Carrie wasn't going to take no for an answer. He figured he'd just be wasting a little bit of his time humoring her.

    "That's the spirit!"

    Carrie replied with a grin and Adam said he'd ask Sarah when she thought it would be a good time for them to make an audition tape. Adam checked his phone before his shifted started and smiled seeing his wife's text. He was glad to her that Jack's mom was willing to talk. He replied.

    Glad to hear it. Hopefully you'll make a new friend out of this. I love you too.

    Then he thought a moment and sent a second text.

    And Carrie wants to know when she can come over to help me make an audition tape for that cooking show. She thinks if we're all in it, it will look good to the producers.

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah was sitting on the floor, folding laundry, when her phone beeped with a message from Adam. Stopping what she was doing, Sarah read both texts and pondered for a moment. After a while, she sent a voice message, as it was easier to do with her hands busy.

    “Hey, baby, and hi, Carrie”, she greeted. “Give me a day to make sure everything will be decent around the house. So maybe tomorrow? Let me know what time, so I’m sure to be home, gotta do some grocery shopping, but I can work around the audition. Have a nice day, you two!”.

    After listening to her message again, Sarah sent it and went back to work, happy to know that Adam was actually considering auditioning. If they didn’t select him, nothing was lost, and they would just carry on with their lives, with her taking a part time job as soon as Maggie was in Elementary, to help with the expenses in a more effective way. But if Adam did get selected, Sarah thought, even if he didn’t win it would still open doors, and he could eventually have his own restaurant.

    Feeling excited and optimistic about the future, Sarah finished folding the laundry, put everything away and started getting everything ready for their outing. It seemed like things today were working out much better than she had anticipated.

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    Adam Sinclair

    Adam wasn't as sure as Carrie was that he should be on the cooking show. Yes, he loved to cook. He had been studying to become a chef Sarah had gotten pregnant. It was his dream to be a chef and own his own restaurant. However, he didn't have much desire to be on camera. Reality TV....He was sure a lot of it was staged and there wasn't much reality in it. But Carrie could be pretty stubborn and he knew that Sarah thought he should try out for the show. He figured he'd humor the two women and that nothing would come of it. Maybe the kids could have fun with the audition tape.

    Adam got Sarah's message about two hours after she sent it. He talked to Carrie and sent her a voice mail back.

    "Hey, honey. Hope your trip to McDonald's went well. Carrie said tomorrow is fine. She'll be over around 2. Have a nice day too. Love you."

    He spent the rest of his shift working, figuring that until his children were grown, he'd never be able to leave this restaurant.

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