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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah had just come back home with the kids when Adam's voice mail reached her phone. Locking the door, she told the kids to take off their shoes and leave them by the door and go play, before sitting on the couch to hear the message.

    After hearing it and making a note on her planner - Sarah still trusted paper planners more than she trusted electronic ones -, Sarah pressed to send back a voice mail, so Adam could hear it whenever he had a break.

    "Hey, honey. Just got home with the kiddos. Everything went pretty smoothly. The boys made up and played together a little, while Jack's mom and I chatted. She has been pretty stressed out, and I can't blame her, but we left in friendly terms. We'll probably go out for coffee, or she'll come here, some time next week, so she can vent a little. 2 is perfectly fine by me, I'm looking forward to doing this. I love you, baby".

    Once she sent her message, Sarah sighed and took a look around her. She wasn't really complaining. She had a good enough life for someone who had gotten pregnant on a slip-up and without a plan. They had a home, their kids were healthy and happy, and Adam was a great husband. But still, she really hoped he wouldn't have to work that much and had more time for the family.

    If only he would be picked for this reality show, this dream might be within reach, Sarah thought, picking up her planning and starting to make some notes. Everything had to be just perfect for the audition video.

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    Adam Sinclair

    The one thing that was aggravating about his job, was that Adam played phone tag a lot with his wife. He could only call her on his breaks and often he had to leave messages for her. It was okay, he just missed talking to her. He listened to her message on his last break and left one back.

    "I'm glad everything went well. It's good the boys are becoming friends and it sounds like Jack's mom needs a friend in you too."

    He was glad that things had worked out well for Sarah's visit. Turning a bad moment into a friendship was a good thing. Life was better off when people were nice to each other.

    "And two it is. I'll let Carrie know. I love you too. See in you soon."

    He told her. Happy his shift was almost over. When he had left his message, he had about two hours left. It had been a long day and Carrie had spent a lot of their free time talking to him about the audition tape.

    "We need to go shopping."

    Carrie told him as they walked to her car. She had insisted on taking him home since they got off at the same time.

    "For what?"

    Adam asked.

    "A nice shirt and pants for the audition tape."

    "Sarah and I have to pay the mortgage this week. After groceries, I don't have enough left over to go clothes shopping."

    Adam rarely bought himself many things. It was bills, groceries, and things for the kids. That was all more important then anything for him. Carrie smiled.

    "That's fine, I'll buy it for you."

    "No, Carrie, you don't have to."

    "I insist. You have to look nice for the tape."


    "But nothing. Once you become rich and famous, you can pay me back."

    Carrie replied with a smile, a smile that Adam knew meant she would not take no for an answer. They drove to J.C Penney to get some clothes. Carrie insisted on buying two shirts. One for the tape and another to wear to the audition itself and a nice pair of black pants. He would look like nice. Like he was camera ready. Carrie drove him home and Adam said as they walked in.

    "Honey, I'm home."

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah would love to be able to talk to Adam in real time more often during his work shifts as well. Sometimes, she just really needed to ask a question, or even hear his voice. Still, Sarah knew it was what it was, and Adam worked that hard for their family, until she could find something herself when Maggie started going to school. That was something in her plans, and Sarah hoped she would find a decent enough job so that Adam could find something a bit less stressful.

    As always, Sarah was busy when Adam send her his message, but she listened to it as soon as possible in between chores. "Hopefully, everyone will become friends", she replied to his words about Jack's mom. "I'll be waiting for you at home so we can talk over the little details. Love you, baby", Sarah completed, finishing with an I love you as she always did.

    Once she had sent her message, Sarah went back to working around the house. While she was pretty good at keeping the place tidy, Sarah still wanted to give it a good cleaning. It wasn't always easy to keep the house spotless when you had two young children, after all. While the children were good and did their best to behave, they were still children, after all. Still, she would have to make the house look as good as it possibly could, and hope for the best.

    As Adam's shift came to a close - she always kept track -, Sarah started getting restless as time went by and her husband didn't show up. Had he decided to walk home? Had something happened? Sarah picked up her phone to call a few times, and then convinced herself to wait and that everything was all right.

    When Adam finally came in, Sarah sighed and went up to her husband, giving him a quick welcome home kiss. "You're late", she murmured, not in an accusatory tone, but merely concerned. "Is everything all right?".

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    Adam Sinclair

    It would be nice to talk to Sarah in real time, not just back and forth through messages, but that generally wasn't how things worked. He was busy at work and she was busy taking care of the kids and the house. But it was okay, they made it work. It just made value the time he did get to spend with her even more.

    He did come home later then she would expect, but that's because he found out Carrie was a perfection when it came to clothing choices. Everything had to be perfect. While he would have just picked up something that looked nice and left, Carrie was very insistent he try things on to see what looked best. He honestly didn't like feeling like a model but he didn't argue with his friend either. She was kind enough to drive him back and forth to work, never asking or expecting gas money, and to help with the audition tape. He could suck it up and be a model for one night.

    "I'm sorry. Everything's fine. Carrie took me shopping. For the audition stuff."

    He showed Sarah the bag and the clothes Carrie picked out.

    "She told me to pay her back later."

    He added, in case Sarah was worried about the money.

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    Sarah Sinclair


    Sarah wasn't upset that Adam was home later. She was just worried that something might have happened and he might not have been able to talk to her. While Sarah wasn't generally a worrier, it wasn't like her husband to just come home later and not call or text her. He was home now, though, so everything was fine.

    Sarah shook her head and rolled her eyes when Adam said Carrie had taken him shopping. "Just admit you're banging her", she replied. Her intonation and expression made it clear she wasn't serious. Sarah trusted Adam 100%, and also knew Carrie was not this kind of person.

    After her words, Sarah gave Adam a kiss and then took a look at the clothes. "Carrie's got a great taste", she commented, nodding when Adam said she had told him to pay her back later. "Sounds like her. We really need to do something nice for Carrie, she's been an angel to us", she stated, not for the first time.

    "Can you try and do some detective work and find out what she likes?", Sarah requested while examining the clothes more attentively. "Also, go try them on, I want to see you looking all handsome. And no, you can't get out of it. Go. It's your punishment for coming home late".

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    Adam Sinclair

    Adam realized he should have called but he hadn't thought of it. Carrie had dumped the shopping after work on him suddenly and he hadn't realized how deeply into shopping she truly was. Adam was the type of person who went in a store, got what he wanted, and left. Carrie, though, could shop for hours.

    "Now, if I admit that then you and Chris will finally kill me and run off to the Bahamas together."

    Chris was Carrie's husband and a good friend to Adam. Chris worked was foreman in factory and thus why Carrie was better off financially then he was. Although they didn't act better then others. And Adam liked the couple very much. He knew Sarah was joking and joked with her in turn. He returned her kiss and showed her the clothes Carrie had picked out.

    "Yeah, she does."

    Adam had to admit the clothes were nicer. Much nicer then he would have picked out for himself or could be able to afford. He nodded is head.

    "Yeah, we definitely will."

    Carrie was a true friend. She did so much for his family and didn't expect anything in return. She always told him he deserved better then to just be a cook at their little restaurant.

    "I will definitely ask Chris because she'll never tell me."

    Knowing Carrie, she'd tell he owed her nothing in return. Any time he tried to give her money for gas, she gave it back to him. He pouted at her.

    "So, now I have to be your personal model too? Not fair, Carrie made me try on more clothes then I even own."

    He said but took the bag into the bathroom. He changed into a dark blue shirt that Carrie said brought out his eyes and black pants. Over acting like a runway model, he said.

    "What you think? Does it make my butt look big?"

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah laughed when Adam said she and Chris would kill him and run off to the Bahamas together if he admitted he was banging Carrie. "I'm gonna kill Chris. He wasn't supposed to tell you about the plan!", she joked back, wearing her best faux-indignant expression before laughing again. "You can live for now, until we come up with a new plan".

    Despite feeling grateful to Carrie, Sarah felt a bit guilty. Carrie did so much for them, she couldn't really figure out what to do. Sure, Carrie said they had nothing to repay her for, but Sarah knew they owed their friend more than money could ever pay for.

    "Yes, please, do ask Chris. We'll figure something out, and I want to give her something she'll treasure. She has been another mother for us", Sarah replied to Adam's. Carrie was someone she valued deeply, and considered very close to being a part of the family.

    When Adam asked if he had to be her personal model, Sarah laughed. "Well, of course. I'm the one who can ruin your nights by sleeping in jeans", she joked, waiting for Adam to go change into one of his new outfits.

    Sarah couldn't help but laugh when Adam came out of the bathroom walking like a runway model. "It does, but that's not a bad thing", she replied to his question with a wink. "You look amazing, and this shirt makes your eye color really pop out. I think you should wear it for the video".

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    Adam Sinclair

    Adam laughed with Sarah. They had a good relationship, not only did he still think Sarah was the most beautiful woman in the world, he considered her his best friend. Someone he could joke around with easily.

    "You should know I can easily bribe him by making him my famous burgers."

    Adam said with a wink and then breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief.

    "Oh, good. I like living."

    Adam did feel guilty at times about all the things Carrie did for them. She was nice and asked for nothing in return. She wouldn't take money, no matter how times Adam tried to offer her it. She'd tell him to spend what money he had on Sarah and the kids. He nodded his head.

    "I will and she definitely is."

    Carrie was definitely family to Adam. Since the moment he meant her, they bonded. He was sure they'd be in each other's lives for the rest of their respective lives. When she said how he could ruin his night, he sighed again.

    "Fine! I'll go."

    He said and was glad that she enjoyed the runway model walk. He felt silly doing it and he'd have only done it with her. No one else. He smiled when she said he should wear it for the video.

    "I'm glad you like it."

    It was a nice shirt, he could wear it for their anniversary date.

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah rolled her eyes and sighed when Adam said he could bribe Carrie’s husband by making his famous burgers. “Damn. To be fair, you can bribe me with your burgers any time too”, she replied, shaking her head and laughing.

    When Adam said he liked living, Sarah smiled. “Well, I’ll let you live. For those burgers”, she joked. To be honest, Sarah couldn’t imagine her life without Adam. Apart from the fact that he supported the family so she could be home with the kids, Adam was her best friend. He had been by her side since they started dating, and married her when she got pregnant with Ben, without even thinking twice, and for that, Sarah was incredibly grateful. She knew his life would have been a lot easier right now if he had not. But, lucky for her and Ben, he had never considered asking her to get rid of their baby.

    Focusing back on the present and future, Sarah started thinking about what they could do for Carrie. She was an amazing friend to them, and a great person in general, and Sarah would love to give her something to show her appreciation. While the budget was tight, it would be much worse if Carrie wasn’t around helping them as much as she did.

    Hopefully, they would figure something out with her husband to show Carrie how much they loved and appreciated her. Sarah was even willing to pick up some freelancing work if needed, as long as they could do something and not break the bank.

    When Adam said he’d go change, Sarah grinned and sat herself down on the couch as comfortably as she could. This would be priceless.

    Once Adam had finished his runway walk, Sarah got up and kissed him. “Also… keep your day job, honey. You really wouldn’t cut it as a runway model. Or you would but I’m selfish and want to keep your handsome good looks for myself. You pick”, she joked with another kiss.

    Despite the fact that it had been fun to make Adam model, Sarah was sure he was tired after a long day’s work, so she decided it was time to call it a night. “How about a shower and bed now, honey? Big day ahead tomorrow, after all”.

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    Adam Sinclair

    "Sarah, I don't need to bribe you with burgers. All I need to do is this..."

    Adam kissed her neck, just the way she liked it. He gave her a wink and pretended to be relieved that she'd still let him live because of those famous burgers. He couldn't imagine his life without her either. While getting pregnant with Ben when they did hadn't been in their plans, he wouldn't trade a single thing that they did. Even if he thought auditioning for the cooking show did seem a little silly. He was sure the producers would find him boring, but he thought he'd humor Carrie and Sarah by doing it. He learned long enough, it wasn't always worth it to argue with the women in your life.

    "Hmmm...it's probably a little bit of both."

    He told her and returned her kiss. He had no desire to be a model and he didn't see himself as attractive enough for someone to want to put on magazine covers and billboards anyway. He nodded his head in agreement about they should get ready for bed.

    "Yeah, you're right. As usual."

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