Sarah Sinclair

Sarah had just come back home with the kids when Adam's voice mail reached her phone. Locking the door, she told the kids to take off their shoes and leave them by the door and go play, before sitting on the couch to hear the message.

After hearing it and making a note on her planner - Sarah still trusted paper planners more than she trusted electronic ones -, Sarah pressed to send back a voice mail, so Adam could hear it whenever he had a break.

"Hey, honey. Just got home with the kiddos. Everything went pretty smoothly. The boys made up and played together a little, while Jack's mom and I chatted. She has been pretty stressed out, and I can't blame her, but we left in friendly terms. We'll probably go out for coffee, or she'll come here, some time next week, so she can vent a little. 2 is perfectly fine by me, I'm looking forward to doing this. I love you, baby".

Once she sent her message, Sarah sighed and took a look around her. She wasn't really complaining. She had a good enough life for someone who had gotten pregnant on a slip-up and without a plan. They had a home, their kids were healthy and happy, and Adam was a great husband. But still, she really hoped he wouldn't have to work that much and had more time for the family.

If only he would be picked for this reality show, this dream might be within reach, Sarah thought, picking up her planning and starting to make some notes. Everything had to be just perfect for the audition video.