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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah laughed when Adam said he didn't need to bribe her with burgers. When he kissed her neck, Sarah sighed and pinched Adam's arm, feeling a bit hot under the collar, as she did every time he kissed her that way. "You have a point, baby", she admitted with another sigh, smiling and looking into Adam's eyes. She had to admit just being around him made her happy, even though they had been together for a while. Sarah felt that she would never get tired of Adam. Her hope was that they would grow old together.

    For now, though, she was busy with making sure Adam's audition would go down well. Even if he didn't get a spot in the show, she wanted him to make a good impression. Who knew, maybe he could get some extra gigs, appearing on commercials for something.

    When Adam said it was probably a little bit of both - on him not cutting it as a model or her wanting him for herself, Sarah laughed and wrapped her arms around him. "The latter is definitely true", she stated with a grin.

    As he agreed on getting ready for bed, Sarah kissed Adam's neck and nodded. "Good thing you know I'm always right", she replied with a grin. "Come on, baby. I'll give you a shower and a back rub before bed. You deserve it".

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    Adam Sinclair

    Adam grinned at Sarah's reaction to his kiss.

    "Of course, I do. I know all your weak spots."

    He said with a wink. There was no other woman he could dream of being with. He wanted no one else. His plan was to grow old with her. To sit on the front porch in rocking chairs and watch the grandkids play in their front yard. He wanted enough money that they didn't have to worry about money, but as long as he had his family with him, Adam was happy.

    "Good, because I don't want anyone else."

    He told her and nodded his head.

    "Yes, I do deserve it Having to be try all those clothes today. That was just awful."

    Adam joked as he followed his wife.

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah couldn't help but laugh at her husband's words. It was true. He knew every one of her weak spots. And didn't bother her at all.

    "Yeah, yeah, last time you tried my weak spots, you got me knocked up", she joked, rolling her eyes. "So don't even start". If she were to be honest, she would love to have at least one more kid. She knew they couldn't afford it, though, so she was very careful about making sure they would stick to the two - fortunately healthy and good - kids they had, even if it made her a little sad every time someone had a baby.

    Shaking her head, Sarah pushed these thoughts aside and smiled at Adam. He was just the best husband she could want, and all she wanted was for them to be together forever.

    When he mentioned that trying the clothes had been awful, Sarah laughed. "Yeah, I like you better off your clothes anyway", she joked with a wink. "Come on, Mr. Big Shot, let's make sure you won't forget about me when you start getting fan mail", she added, leading Adam to the bathroom and, true to her word, giving him a shower and a back rub before leading him to their bedroom and sitting in bed. "Honey. A bit more serious now. If this thing doesn't work out, you won't let it get to you, right?", she asked, her voice quiet. "I want it to work, of course, and I really, really believe you have what it takes. But I just don't want to see you heartbroken and resenting your job over this".

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    Adam Sinclair

    "Hey, now, that was lots of fun. And worth it."

    Adam told Sarah with a smile. He did think both their kids were worth it. He'd love for them to have more kids. He'd have an entire house full of kids, if they could afford it. But they couldn't. They could barely afford the two that they had. It wouldn't be right to bring more kids into the world. Not until they were better off financially.

    "I like you better that way too."

    He told with a laugh and groaned.

    "Fan mail? Please. They probably won't let my ugly mug on tv."

    Being on a game show, it was a long shot. Yes, he could cook. He could cook very well. He had customers that would only eat at the restaurant if they knew he was cooking. They would call ahead and ask if he was there. But he doubted he would make it through the audition. Millions of people would probably try out and there were very few spots. He was more likely to get struck by lighting then to be on the show, let alone, win it all. Still, that would be nice. He and Sarah wouldn't have to worry about money if he did, he thought as he followed her into the shower.

    Afterwards, he sat next to her in bed and replied.

    "It'll be fine. My odds of getting selected are slim. I'm not a Michelin Star chef."

    He wasn't putting himself down, but trying to stay realistic.

    "But I'll try my best and if that's not enough, it's okay. We have a good life and I have a good job."
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    Sarah Sinclair

    "True on both counts." Sarah agreed with a grin. Sure, their first kid had been a somewhat scary surprise, but they had made it work, and she wouldn't trade her kids for the world. They weren't rich at all, but they had their needs met, and even some wants with some saving up here and there. And she would love more kids, but things were tight enough with the two they had. If they wanted to be able to send their kids to college some day, they would have to be content with the two at home and live vicariously through friends who had younger kids.

    "Of course you do."

    She laughed when he groaned about her fan mail comment.

    "Come on, if you don't trust your own face trust my taste. You're hot." She laughed again and leaned closer to kiss Adam's lips. "And you've got what it takes, baby. I know you do." Sure, she wasn't sure things would work out, but she was sure that Adam was handsome and talented. If someone deserved a spot, it was definitely Adam. And she really hoped he would get on, so they could provide their kids with a better life.

    When Adam said he wasn't a Michelin Star chef, Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and let her head rest on his back. "That's because you're not working for one of the big names. I'm sure you'd be if you were." She let out a sigh and nibbled on her lower lip. "Sometimes... I wonder how far you'd have gone if you hadn't married me and... settled."

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    Adam Sinclair

    Adam was glad Sarah agreed with him. He thought their kids were more then worth it. Even if he never got to become a world famous chef, that was okay. As long as his kids were happy and healthy, that was enough for him.

    "Maybe to you."

    He replied with a laugh when Sarah said he was hot. He knew his wife thought he was and that's was fine with him. He didn't have any aspirations of being some dream boat on a reality show. That type of attention was not anything he desired.

    "There's only one woman in the world I care if she thinks I'm hot and I'm looking at her."

    Adam told Sarah with a wink and gave her a kiss. He knew she believed in him and that made him feel good. It was true he wasn't working for a big name chef, he had a good job but it wasn't a restaurant that was world famous. But that was okay, it gave him enough money to pay their bills.

    "Don't think that. I didn't settle. You are everything I've ever wanted. I wouldn't trade what we have for any amount of money in the world."

    He didn't see himself as settling. He loved his life, did he wished he had more money? Of course, but who didn't wish that? He loved Sarah and he loved their children. He couldn't imagine his life without them in it.

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    Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah thought their family was the best thing that could have happened in their lives, indeed. She considered herself very blessed. Sure, they weren't rich, but their kids were healthy, and her own health hadn't suffered much with either pregnancy. Despite everything, she knew they were very lucky, and things could have gone differently and caused a lot of problems.

    "Well, I'll be okay with the idea of nobody else thinking you're hot," she replied to his comment with a wink. If she were to be honest, Sarah wasn't really jealous. Not because she didn't think any other woman would be interested in Adam, but because she was pretty sure he wouldn't risk all he had - a marriage and a home - for some pretty face out there. She felt the same, of course. No other man would have her interested as long as she had Adam with her.

    "I like the way you think." She replied when he said he only cared if she thought he was hot.

    Hearing him say he hadn't settled made her feel a bit better, and she nodded, giving Adam a long kiss. "Thanks so much, baby. You have no idea how much this means to me."

    After her words, Sarah kissed Adam again and finally settled down in bed. "Let's sleep, baby. I love you, and I know you'll do great. Good night, future super star."

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    Adam Sinclair

    One of the reasons Adam and Sarah were able to build a life together, was they deep down, wanted the same things. Money was nice but it wasn't everything. They both had wanted a family, they had just had their first kid sooner then either had been prepared for. But that was okay, Adam would never regret that. They were very lucky in life, he thought. He had a good, reliable job. They had a roof over their heads, food, and happy kids. There were too many people who didn't have any of that.

    "I'm sure you would."

    Adam replied with a smirk, he knew Sarah was joking. She had no reason to ever feel jealous anyway. He only had eyes for her.

    "You're welcome, babe. Any time."

    He replied to her, happy he had eased her fears. He agreed they should get some sleep, he wrapped his arm around her.

    "I love you too. Good night, Mrs Future Superstar."

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    Sarah Sinclair & the kids

    Sarah did feel a bit insecure about their life every now and then. She knew they should have planned better. If they had, Adam would have had more time to build a career and they would be living a much more comfortable life. Otherwise, though, they wouldn't have exactly the kids they had, and she couldn't see her life without them now, so it was all okay.

    When he smirked and told her he knew she would like it if nobody else thought he was hot, she laughed. "Yeah, I don't wanna have to punch anyone for looking at my man." That wasn't like her at all, and Sarah felt that this kind of behavior was for people who didn't trust their partners. Both her and Adam had dealt with interest from other people before, but it had never really been anything other than some passing thing nothing had come of, since they were pretty solid in their relationship.

    Letting Adam wrap his arm around her, Sarah shifted to a more comfortable position and kissed his lips, closing her eyes and falling asleep almost right away.

    As she usually did, Sarah slept pretty well, tired after a long day. Other than waking up quickly when one of the kids got up for something, she pretty much slept through the night, and made a point of waking up before Adam, to make breakfast along with the kids - she loved having them help and it was valuable training for them - and give him a break, since he'd had a long day.

    Once food was ready, Sarah decided going to wake him up with the kids would be a good thing - they didn't get this chance often, so she took the kids into the room, and Maggie was the first to slip on the bed and pinch Adam softly. "Wake up, daddy!" her voice sounded as soon as she was pretty sure she'd seen him stir in bed. "We've made breakfast for you!"

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