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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Sanborn
    Quote Originally Posted by Bard
    Cyan (how this is different than blue? Dunno, but Lucasart said so, so here it is)
    Cyan is more of a light blue.

    This is blue
    This is cyan
    Ah, that makes sense. *Thanks for the color clarification.
    Btw: glad you're feeling better, Jas. *My mum had the same thing done last Christmas, ironically in the same place.
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    I know I haven't finished the lightsaber crystal info, but I finally found a list and description of some of the force powers:

    Force Sight – allows a jedi to see using the force. *Sentient glow from within, showing their current light/dark/neutral alignment.

    Force Storm – an extreme form of force lightening is one of the ultimate manifestations of dark side power. The user channels the Force into a devastating electrical attack on all enemies within range, inflicting much more than mere physical pain. Force Storm wounds a target psychically, tearing at a Jedi's mental bond with the Force and rendering him unable to fully utilize his powers.

    Battle Meditation -- a rare and powerful skill that allows a Jedi to influence the outcome of battle. The Jedi visualizes the conflict in his mind as he wishes it fought, and projects this image to both sides, inspiring his own troops while demoralizing the enemy. Employed in one-on-one skirmishes or across the entire battlefield, Battle Meditation can turn the tide when needed most.

    Force Crush -- With a single gesture, Force Crush allows a character to summon the dark side of the Force, heave an opponent into the air and telekinetically shatter his body. This attack easily bypasses any armor or conventional defense, leaving the unfortunate victim a quivering, bloody wreck. If the opponent is especially tough, he may fight off some of the effects by sheer strength of will, but this power usually kills any lesser being it strikes.

    Force Fury -- Sith Marauders are trained to feed upon their own hatred, filling themselves with the essence of the dark side until they erupt in a terrifying rage. While in this horrifying state, they slaughter all nearby foes with homicidal abandon, their power and fury multiplying with every kill.

    Force jump -- what you see Obi Wan and Ani do in ROTS3

    Force deflection -- the ability to deflect another's force powers directed at you and your party, provided the user isn't stronger than you.

    Force wave -- a universal power that allows you to telekinetically push or throw opponents, like Yoda did to the Empirial guards and Darth Sidious in the destruction of the Senate scene.
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    Above is Goerge's ship the Space Phinx. Note the I guess bay doors that open to let the Extra set of guns deplore and defend from attacks from behind. Or add extra fire power if they attack in the front. It rotets and can give it a 360 defance. And rotet up and down 70 to 70 angel up and down. I'll put it's stats latter still working on it. Thanx for youre *time.
    I'm am Dislexic this is as good as the spelling gets.

    Isaiah 5:20-24

    Check out cool wrestling web sight below.

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    well since there hasn't been a post in here for a few years..... POST FOR ME! HAHAHAHA
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    I love star wars...I can't wait for SWTOR
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    I heard that they're going to add a thing for space combat where it's like Star Fox, shooting all sorts of crap and moving foward! SWEETNESS!
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    I'm not so stoked for the new Force Unleashed game though....
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    I didn't think the first one was that good...it was fun...for the first playthrough...
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    The EXTREME force powers was a cool idea but I think they could have been done SOOO much better.... kind of underwhelming I thought....
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    -Hums the canteena song-
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