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    Star Wars:Clone Wars Campaign

    Star Wars:Clone Wars Campaign

    Two years after the first battle on Genosis,the Clone Wars raged on.Heavy losses,Jedi falling day by day,the Seperatist movement led by Count Dooku and his droid armies seemed increasingly triumphant.On the Republic Capital of Coruscant,a Jedi wages an inner struggle....

    *Lan Mahl*

    The Jedi meditated. The 3 day long battle with the Seperatists back on Bespin had been hard. The weary Jedi was emotionally and physically exausted and the return trip to the Temple on Coruscant was a welcome time for meditation. Masters Windu and Yoda were not expected until later this evening,and Mahl had time to think about the report he regretfully had to present. Digging deep into the force,he let the liquid warm of it overtake him and he quickly calmed his thoughts.

    (Edited to make it more clear on where we've started the campaign )
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    *Rhysati Skyant

    In Nightstar's cantina, near the outskirts of the capital, a lone hooded figure hunkers over a glass of juma juice.
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    *Lan Mahl*

    The report took longer then Mahl expected.By the time he was through,the Jedi was weary again,and as he bowed to his Masters and bid them goodnight,his mind had already began to wander back to the losses of the battle.Walking down the hallways of the temple,he sadly realized that many Jedi would never walk here again.

    Although there had been casualties all during this war,Bespin seemed the worst.As if the battle was just a Jedi trap,the point of the battle was distraction,division and attack.And as the battle raged,Mahl,and several others,felt a shadow not felt before.Not quite Sith,but close enough that it worried the Jedi all through the battle.

    As Mahl climbed aboard a transport shuttle, he swore internally to discover what this new threat was,and,in a sense,avenge his fallen comrades.He knew this was not the Jedi way,attachment to others was prohibited and thoughts of anger and rage lead to the Darkside,but this was something he must do.

    As the shuttle landed in Coruscant Center,Mahl headed to a local tavern to eat.
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    Rhysati Skyant

    Rhys closed her eyes and leaned her head back, her hood softly slipping back to reveal a silky mass of blonde hair. With surgeon-like accuracy, she carefully peeled back the non-Force sounds and auras about the noisy cantina. There, she thought, as a smug smile curved her lips. Like a strong baritone in a symphony of soft altos, Rhys sensed the Jedi storming her way. He is young and has not learned the gift of jedi stealth, she chuckled to her self. If he were my prey, she mused as she pulled out a pack of Pazaak and began playing solitaire, he would most certainly be dead soon. She began to concentrate on her game, shielding her subconscience with a steely bombardment of trivial information. For even if the Jedi couldn't shield his presence, he still may be able to sense her thoughts from afar.
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    *Lan Mahl*

    Shortly after the war had begun,Mahl had discovered that being among people outside the temple gave him a different perspective on why they were fighting. He now found himself more and more enjoying the population and frequent trips inner city to catch a meal.

    As he entered the tavern,he waved to the barkeep,and sat at his favorite table in the corner,and ordered a tea from the service droid.Distracted by thoughts of the battle,he failed to notice the dark figure at the farthest table from him.

    After finishing his tea and having some correlian noodles,he sat back in his chair and watched the crowd.Opening his mind to their thoughts and emotions,he listened in the force. As he opened up more to the force,he caught it.A flicker of shadow.A cold current of evil.He looked around the tavern.It was here,somewhere.The presence he felt on Bespin was actually here,and he had been to distracted to notice it imediately.
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    Master Mahl had ordered him to remain behind and study, but Jaron sensed something was troubling Mahl. *So, covering his face and sticking to the shadows, he followed Mahl to the Tavern. *He was good at sneaking around having learned techniques to avoid his masters when he was studying before he was apprenticed to first Master Luwan and then Master Mahl.

    He almost gave himself away when Mahl looked back as he got out of the transport. *But a quick duck into the seat saved him. *He didn't think his master would like him sneaking around. *And yet, he couldn't shake the feeling that Mahl was walking into danger. *A minor use of the force along with a friendly smile kept the tavern owner from approaching him and drawing attention to himself. *Even in a place such as Coruscant, Twi'lek's attracted attention. *His only other saving grace was that he was male and not female. *Female Twi'lek's were popular for their appearance. *Even a moderately successful businessman could appear impressive with a female Twi'lek by his side.

    Finding a booth that allowed him a view of his master, Jaron ordered a drink and watched, wary for trouble.
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    High above Coruscant a light freighter/scout ship remains in orbit awaiting landing orders, in it's forward mounted cockpet a pair of glowing red eyes stare at the com sensor, trying to get a better handle on the way the port athourity on this world. Giving a little sigh, the pilot pushes the 'send' button once again, "Coruscant space control, this is the Vermillion Dragoon, once again requesting permission to land."

    The text on the screen did not change as a voice comes out, "This is Coruscant Space Control and we have not made any more progress on your landing permit if you would be so kind as to wait a few more minutes..."

    Letting out an exausted sigh, the owner of the glowing eyes looks down and sighs, "It has been over two hours with the previous shift. May I ask what is taking so long, we have been in this ship for quite a while and the air is getting quite stale."

    "Er, sir," The space traffic controler mutters, "The make and model of your ship is unknown to our databases, and we have not clarified your business contact, Mr..."

    "My name is Jeriaz'Heis'Sabosen," He says leaning over a bit wearily, "Though most of your kind call me Azheis, and please, just let us land somewhere to vent this air. We will not exit the ship if you are worried about the spread of disease, but I believe we have waited long enough." Putting the thrusters on the ship on, the Vermillion Dragoon starts to angle towards the planet.

    Letting out a sigh the space traffic controler gives him an incoming vector and bay to dock in. On the other hand he puts out an all points bulliten to law enforcement near the dock. "This is Space Traffic Control calling all Customs Agents, Inspectors, or other people with proper inspection clearance, we have a suspicious ship docking at bay D528. Unknown craft type, unknown pilot, we aren't even certain what species is on board. Could be a possible smuggler or Sepratist Insergent. Repeat, Military police, members of the Jedi Order, or Customs Agents in the area, the inspection of the ship at D528 is high priority threat."
    *****Hodge Podge of Characters*****
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    Duke; Farie Lord
    Jeriaz'Heis'Sabosen; Chiss 'art dealer'
    ...and what ever else I come up with.
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    *Lan Mahl*

    Gazing around,Mahl tried to see the shadow with his eyes as well as the Force. Rising from his chair,left hand on the hilt of his saber,he searched the room.His stance made many occupants uneasy,and they quickly left the tavern.Several remained,including one that not suprisingly looked suspiciously like his new padawan learner,but Mahl could not lock onto the darkness he felt a moment before.
    He strolled over to Jaron,who tried to shrink into his cloak and failed,and placed his hand on the Twi'lek's shoulder.

    "come,my Padawan,we must report this to the council."

    Impressed with the young one's ability to hide his presence,Mahl smiled and said

    "I seem to have a few things to learn from you,apparently."

    It amused Mahl to learn that Twi'lek blush,and he patted Jaron on his shoulder as they left.
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    In the back of the Dragoon there is music. A melencoly humming mostly. Strangely its not being played by any device but by a strange looking humaniod. The man has charcoal black skin, a beaklike nose, and a tail. He sits at a work bench fiddling with a couple of robotic parts. Around him, placed in a pattern are other devices. As the ship begins to descend he looks up.

    "Well, that went faster then expected. I wonder if thats a good thing or not."
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    Jaron tried to shrink into his cloak as his master approached him. *He didn't think Mahl would find him. *Then his face blushed at the compliment given by Mahl. *Perhaps Mahl wouldn't discipline him for disobeying after all. *Following Mahl, he strolled out of the tavern, light bouncing off his blue skin making it glow.

    "Master, what's going on?"
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