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    The hotel doctor and the hotel manager

    As soon as Diane was led out of the room, the two men turned their attention to Rich. It was for the best that they would talk alone and find a way to fix that situation.

    While cardiac arrest was highly unlikely for someone young and healthy, it would have to be a sufficient explanation for the sudden death. At least sufficient to prevent the police from showing up to the hotel and asking embarrassing questions.

    Sitting down, the hotel doctor drafted a basic document with the information he would put in the death certificate, leaving gaps for the information he needed from Rich. Once it was written, the man spoke to the manager, who turned his attention to Rich.

    "Now, monsieur, would you please provide Monsieur Hayes's information? His full name, his current age, his date and place of birth and his civil state, if you will", the manager requested politely. "With this, the doctor will be able to have the certificate done and the... proceedings will be able to be started as discreetly as possible".


    Since Colette didn't understand English, she couldn't really tell what was being said between Diane and Paul. She did know it was something very serious, though, and that something bad should have happened. She took a quick peek at the room behind Diane, but couldn't see much, as the hotel manager closed the door before she could understand what had happened.

    Staying silent while the two Americans spoke, Colette waited patiently to make sure she wouldn't interrupt them. Only once she was sure she could speak did the woman directed a question at Paul.

    "Paul... what happened?", she asked quietly. "And would you ask if Madame prefers a room on this same floor, or another?", the girl completed, waiting for Paul to tell her what was happening and what Diane would prefer.

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    Rich Porter

    Rich was glad to see Diane gone. He had enough to deal with, without thinking about Diane right now. This was such a mess. Why the hell did Martin have to die?! He took a seat and watched the doctor draft up a death certificate. Although cardiac arrest did seem unlikely for someone like Martin, Rich agreed it was the best excuse to give. He could try to think of a way to spin it. Because he knew as soon as word got out what happened, he'd have cameras in his face. With reporters all asking what had happened to Martin Hayes.

    "Yes, of course. His full is...was Martin Thomas Hayes. He turned thirty two months ago, actually..."

    Rich said, thinking how ironic that was. He gave Martin's date of birth and the name of his hometown.

    "....He and Diane were married a week ago."

    Would the media try to say she was a 'black widow'? It was possible. And should he let them or should he protect Diane? That Rich wasn't sure about that. Which one would benefit him more, he wondered.

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    Diane Hayes & Paul Westin

    Paul was in shock, he didn't know what to think. Despite how things had ended, he still had a lot of feelings for Martin. He hadn't wanted him dead. He had forgotten Colette was there for a moment. Until she spoke to him in French.


    He told her, apologizing for ignoring her and quietly said.

    ~"He's dead. I'm not sure how, though. I'm sure she doesn't know either."~

    He believed that Diane didn't know how Martin died. He also didn't think Diane had anything to do with it. Why would she? When marrying Martin meant her father's debts were being paid. Him being dead didn't help with that.

    Diane watched them talk, knowing the woman was asking about what happened. She realized that Paul had become friends with the chambermaid. And although they were talking about her, it didn't bother her. She was in too much shock to be bothered by it right now. He turned back to Diane and asked her, in English.

    "Colette would like to know if you want a room on this floor or another."

    Diane thought a moment and said.

    "Could she put me on the same floor Shane is at?"

    She had the sudden urge to see her ex-boyfriend. Paul nodded his head and told Colette the request.

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    Colette shook her head when Paul apologized, indicating that she wasn’t upset. She had understood something serious was happening, so she knew Paul had probably been too preoccupied to speak to her. Still, if she were to help Diane, she needed to know what was going on.

    When Paul told her what had happened, Colette crossed herself.

    ~“This is horrible - may Monsieur rest in peace”~, the young woman murmured. She then nodded when Paul said he was sure Diane didn’t know hot it had happened.

    Despite not really knowing those people, Colette thought Diane wouldn’t be inclined to hurt anyone, let alone her husband. So, even not knowing the true circumstances of the marriage, Colette was sure that Diane had nothing to do with Monsieur’s death as well.

    Once she had asked Paul the question about where Madame would like her room, Colette fell silent and waited for him to transmit the question and then the answer back to her. She really wished she could offer Madame some comfort, but the language barrier just made it impossible.

    When Paul transmitted her the request Diane had made, Colette nodded.

    ~“Does Madame know which floor? Or, if not, Monsieur’s full name, so I can find out?”~, she asked, waiting for Paul to translate her question to Diane.

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    Diane Hayes & Paul Westin

    Paul smiled sadly, glad that Colette wasn't upset with him. It was hard to believe that Martin was dead, though. He wasn't sure what to think. Martin had been a huge part of his life and now he was gone. It didn't seem real. Martin kept in good shape. Rich made him go to the doctor every month. How could this happen? It made him think of the letter. But he didn't say that. Bringing it up in the hallway of the hotel would be a horrible idea.

    He nodded his head when Colette crossed herself. He hoped that Martin found peace. Peace he didn't have in life. Perhaps, if there was an afterlife, Martin could be who he was meant to be. Not pretend to be something he wasn't. Diane had no idea what Paul and Colette were saying to each other but she could tell that Colette was taken aback from learning Martin was dead.

    Paul, playing translator, asked Diane.

    "She can but do you know what floor Shane is on?"

    Diane shook her head.

    "No...He didn't tell me."

    "It's okay."

    Paul replied and told Colette, in French.

    ~"She doesn't know the floor. But his name is Shane Malone."~

    Paul didn't need to ask Diane for Shane's last name. He remembered it. He remembered how angry Shane had been that Diane had dumped him for Martin. Which made sense to the other man. After all, Diane and Shane had been pretty in love and she had coldly dumped him. Out of the blue. That would make any man upset. Rich had told him to make sure Shane Malone didn't get any where near Martin or Diane.

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    Colette waited patiently, in silence, for Paul to speak to Diane. The young chambermaid couldn't help but feel out of place there, like an actress walking into the scene at the wrong time, or someone attenting a family meeting without actually being a family member. Still, she knew that she did - at least partially - have a place in that dramatic scene. She was supposed to lead Diane away from there, and out to the floor where the man she wanted to be near was staying. The reasons were none of her business, of course.

    When Paul turned to her and told her the man's name, Colette nodded.

    ~"Very well. I can find out in a minute"~.

    Colette pondered for a moment. She could easily take an elevator and ask at the front desk. But that would take a long time and Richard might find out she was going to lead Diane to the same floor as the man she wanted to see. Since the man seemed to be a controlling jerk, she was pretty sure he wouldn't like that.

    Making up her mind - she would help Madame, and screw that rude pig -, Colette turned to Paul. ~"Would you mind if I used the telephone in your room? I can find out faster this way"~, she requested, hoping they could just get Madame settled before the rude jerk came out of the poor Monsieur's room.

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    Diane Hayes & Paul Westin

    Paul felt like he was in the middle. Until, very recently, Martin Hayes had been a huge part of his life. He had worked for Martin, as his bodyguard, for years. And they had also been lovers for about the same amount of time. Paul had truly he loved Martin. And he had believed the feeling had been mutual. He knew what American society thought of their type of love, though. He knew they could never go public about it. It was okay, though. He hadn't cared when Rich set Martin up on dates, especially around movie premieres, with pretty women. Or that he had arranged the marriage between Martin and Diane. Paul knew that was business and thought what he and Martin had was real. It wasn't until coming to Paris, that he realized that Martin hadn't felt the same.

    But still...Martin was dead and...That was hard for Paul to take in. It didn't feel real. No matter how angry he had been at Martin the last time they talked, he didn't want him dead. And then there was the letter...He couldn't help but think who ever sent that letter to him was involved. They had to be. Paul knew, just like Rich did, that Martin was in great health. He worked out everyday and saw a doctor for check ups every month. Whatever way Rich tried to have the hotel's doctor spin it, he didn't just drop dead to an undiscovered health problem.

    Paul also felt bad for Colette, who was now stuck in the middle too. Poor thing, she wouldn't even had been involved in any of this if Rich hadn't been so rude to her that the day they had arrived. Paul nodded his head to her.

    ~"Yes, that would make more sense."~

    When she asked if she could use his room's phone. He turned to Diane.

    "While Colette finds out, let's head into my room. In case Rich comes out and sees you standing here, talking to me."

    Diane, who felt like she was in a daze, nodded her head.

    "That's a good idea. He'd be pissed if he knew I told you."

    She wasn't in the mood to deal with Rich right now. Everything was going to be hush hush and she was sure he didn't want her talking to Paul or Colette. He wouldn't want many people knowing what was going on until he was ready to face a camera. Paul room was still next to Martin and Diane's. He hadn't switched rooms after their last fight. He opened the door for the ladies and told Diane that Colette thought it would be faster to use his phone to find out what floor Shane was on. Diane agreed and sat down on the bed. Wondering what the hell she was going to do now.

    It all felt like a terrible nightmare. Marrying Martin was supposed to solve all her problems, now it only made them worse.

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    Colette felt really bad for Diane, and also a bit confused. She had never been in the middle of anything so dramatic. Sure, people she knew had died before - a grandmother, one of her grandfathers, and an aunt had died in childbirth when she was a child. But all of that could be easily explained. Now, this current death couldn't, and, despite the fact that it wasn't anyone Colette had been close to, it was still shocking.

    Still, that was not the time to think about her personal feelings, Colette told herself. She was supposed to help poor Madame in any way she could, and that was what she was about to do.

    With a soft sigh, Colette followed Paul and Diane into his room, and took the phone, calling the front desk. She had a quick conversation with someone, that ended with a quick merci beaucoup, and turned to Paul.

    ~"Can you please tell Madame that I have found out where Monsieur is, and there is a free room in the same floor?"~, she requested, looking at Diane with an expression that tried to translate her sympathy beyond the language barrier.

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    Diane Hayes & Paul Westin

    Everything felt like a nightmare. Diane had no idea what she was supposed to do. She was supposed to be a grieving widow but she had barely knew Martin. She had only started to begin to see the real man behind the mask before he died. What she had seen...It had scared her. She wasn't sure how she was going to handle all the cameras in her face when the news broke. It was hard enough to 'date' Martin Hayes. Thankfully, then, Martin had handled the press. Telling her to stand by his side and look pretty. But to be his widow...She didn't know if she could handle it and she wasn't sure if Rich would be there for her or not. She had worked for him long enough to know he always looked out for himself. First and foremost. He'd throw her under a bus if it suited his interests.

    Diane looked over at Paul and felt bad for him. He had loved Martin, like she never would have. She reached over and squeezed his hand.

    "I'm sorry, Paul. I know you loved him."

    Paul squeezed her hand back and gave her a sad smile.

    "I did and thank you."

    He hadn't liked the man Martin was at the end, but still had loved him. Their breakup had been too fresh for him to be pass that yet. And now he'd have to move forward with lots of questions he could never ask Martin. He nodded his head to Colette and told Diane what she had said.

    "...Please tell her I'd like the room. And thank you."

    Diane said and Paul relayed the message. Diane had no desire to stay on this floor. Not with Martin dead. She'd never be able to sleep in that bed again. She wanted to see Shane. She knew she should let him go but...She needed him right now. Hopefully he'd still have her.

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    Colette + The Two Ladies

    Colette felt sad for Madame, and for the whole situation. She felt bad that poor Monsieur had died in his honeymoon. It should have been a happy time, and now the poor gentleman was gone. At least he hadn't suffered, apparently, she thought.

    Shaking her had, the chambermaid nodded when Paul relayed the message and motioned for Diane to follow her, knowing that the other woman didn't understand French.

    Colette pressed the button for an elevator, and led Diane in, pressing for the floor the woman had requested. Once they got to the floor, another elevator stopped there as well. Two older ladies stepped out of it with another chambermaid, and the woman led her to one of the vacant rooms. Colette didn't bother giving them more than a minute of attention, before leading Diane to the other room.

    Unlocking the door, she gestured for the woman to get in and sighed, trying to remember the words the manager had taught her in English to tell the guests.

    "If Madame needs anything, call the front desk", she finally said in a broken English, hoping she had gotten the words right.

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