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    Le grand hotel (with Sojourn)

    Le grand hotel (with Sojourn)

    All right, twin, finally moved this one too and added my post as well.
    It was fun to go back to the beginning and see how this story has actually taken its own direction, almost on its own. XD
    I'll carry another one tomorrow, maybe two, depending on how busy the day happens to be.

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    Awesome. No rush on the other three.

    I'll repost my character bios, though.

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    The Actor

    Name: Martin Hayes
    Age: 30 years old
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other: Diane Hayes, wife. Paul Westin, ex lover.
    Profession: Actor
    Family: Cassandra Hayes, single mother. Martin was an only child.

    Misc: Martin Hayes is a very famous movie actor back in the 1920's. He was discovered busing tables by his agent, Rich Porter. Martin could act and has all American looks. He is highly in demand and has made lots of money thanks to his agent. Women want him and men want to be him.

    However, Martin has a secret. He is actually gay but his secret can never come out. During his time period homosexuality was highly looked down upon. If he was outed, he'd lose everything. In an effort to hide his secret, his agent arranged him to marry Diane, Rich's secretary. Although it is a marriage for show only and Martin isn't always the nice guy he pretends to be in the movies and to the public.
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    The Wife

    Name: Diane Hayes, ne้ Simcox
    Age: 24 years old
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other: Martin Hayes, husband, Shane Malone, ex boyfriend
    Profession: Former Secretary,
    Family: Walter and Barbara Simcox, only child

    Misc: Until her marriage to Martin, Diane worked as a secretary for his agent, Rich Porter. Diane's father has always had gambling problems. Walter could never see a card game he could resist and always ends up owing lots of money to the mafia. Diane works hard and sends her parents as much money as she can to help them out. Rich made her be a personal assistant, offering her "side" jobs, by running personal errands for him and for her willing to help keep his secrets.

    Although very in love with Shane, she dumped him when Martin and Rich offered her a great deal of money and a guarantee that Martin would always help pay her father's gambling debts in exchange for a sham marriage. She was okay with the arrangement, knowing that Martin would only love her in front a camera, until the suggestion of children was brought up.

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    The Agent

    Name: Rich Porter
    Age: 45 years old
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other: Mary Porter, legal wife, Raquel Porter, thinks she's his wife but isn't legally
    Profession: Agent
    Family: Rich Porter has two families with two different women:

    Mary is the mother of his teen age sons, Matthew and Christopher
    Raquel is the mother of his young twin daughters, Anna and Belle

    Misc: Rich Porter was a man who was struggling as an agent in Hollywood until he saw him, Martin Hayes. Martin was his ticket to the big leagues. Giving him the life he had always dreamed about. Which means, he will let nothing or no one ruin that life. Rich is also a giant asshole and narcissist. He thinks very highly of himself and thinks most people are beneath him. Instead, of being grateful for his success and remembering the little people, Rich thinks that people should just bend to his every command.

    While he already has two families, he still carries on affairs. He thinks any woman he wants to sleep with should be honored he chose her. Since his star client is gay and has no sexual interest in his female co-stars, Rich often sleeps with them himself. Telling them it would further their careers. Although if any young woman thinks she can upstage Martin, he fires them instantly. And if any would be actress tells him no, he makes it his mission to ruin her life. He doesn't let any one cross him.
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    When "Haunted House, Haunted Lives" gets it's OOC, I'll post Shane and Paul's bios. They're more NPCs here.

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    Awesome. I didn't post mine because all of mine are basically NPC's for this, and I wouldn't keep track. XD

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    I only posted Rich with the Italian Lady. I figured I'd hold off on the Martin reveal until their scene is done.

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    Awesome, I'll post with her then on my next so the grand discovery can be made.

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    Sounds good to me. Rich will have a panic attack in my next post then.

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