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    Is fact or fictional characters?
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    The characters we are playing our fictional. However, real people might used as NPCs to move the story along.

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    All Noah and James are going to do is explore the ship, so I have nothing to add right now that can't be summed up later. Feel free to skip me this round.

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    Shades, it's your turn. No rush of course.

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    It's on my list, I'll see if I can have one up tonight after work!

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    It's up, sorry about the delay!

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    No worries.

    Shades, are you still using Patrick as a character? Because if so, I thought maybe Noah and his grandpa would run into him on their little tour of the ship.

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    I had sort of put him on the shelf, as I didn't have much to do with him, but I can definitely bring him back for some interaction!

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    Sounds good, it'll give Noah and James more interaction too.

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    Cool, I'll post back with him on the next round!

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