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    Me thinks Kellen and Esther will have a little puppy love going. Until the iceberg sinks it.

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    Poor kids.

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    All right, finally caught up, as this was the last one. XD
    Patrick is back, with a different last name and a much more mischievous disposition. Someone needs to get in trouble, right?

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    I'm thinking that Patrick could walk the elder Anderson's dog around and get himself into some mischief.

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    I'm not sure he needs a lot of help getting into shenanigans, but hey, he's up for it!

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    I thought the dog could give Patrick more access to First Class. He can be Noah's dog walker.
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    Great idea for Patrick, maybe not so great for everyone else.

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    In today's terms, $5 in the 1910's would be almost $130. A pretty good deal for walking a dog.

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    Definitely. The poor kid's jaw will drop

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